22Bet Partners Program

The 22Bet partners program has emerged as a frontrunner in online casino marketing for several reasons.  The scheme works on behalf of some big developers and gaming brands. It also offers a competitive rate of commission for anyone promoting their products.

You can click here to join the program and become a partner.

Here’s our complete guide to 22Bet’s affiliate scheme, and why we think it is a brand worth paying attention to.

Who Are 22Bet?

22Bet Casino is a popular mid-range gaming site. It offers players a large variety of casino emulations and well-known slots brands to dig into. With the casino growing more popular with online gamers, it was only a matter of time before the brand had an affiliate scheme.

So, the 22Bet partners program allows marketers to promote their main site and all the games they cover. There is a wide variety of developers for you to promote to the masses!

22Bet also runs a very popular sportsbook and live casino, both of which you can also choose to promote through the affiliate scheme.  Where are your visitors and readers most likely to make deposits?  Take a look and weigh up your options.

Games and Features

22Bet’s affiliate scheme allows partners to take full advantage of their games catalogue. You can market their best features to a world of potential punters.  You will need to make sure you promote the site and its games on a regular basis to ensure that people deposit there. It’s a system that many of the best casino websites use to promote their games.

The more deposits that take place, the more money you could stand to make each month.  That’s because you get a fair cut of the profit.  This scales upwards depending on how many depositors you transfer to the site. So it is well worth keeping your marketing hat on.

Sites Covered

As mentioned, the only site covered by the 22Bet partners program at the moment is 22Bet itself.  This is pretty obvious!

Make sure to take a look at the range of games and developers on board before you sign up. Then you can ensure that you are happy with what the casino has to offer to your visitors.  You can also promote the brand’s sportsbook, live casino and BetGames service. Lots of the top sports betting sites work with affiliates so it’s worth checking these out too.

You could promote 22Bet Casino through your website or blog. If you prefer, you could even plug their games through your social media channels.

However you wish to reach your audience, always make sure to take on 22Bet’s leading marketing pack and software. This ensures you keep close tabs on how everything is performing.

Earnings and Commission

At last – the really juicy bit! It’s always a good idea to check out potential earnings and commission from affiliate schemes before you register.  At 22Bet, the sliding scale of revenue is pretty competitive. You should read up on the small print so that you are completely comfortable with what to expect.

22Bet operates a basic rate of 30%, according to their terms and conditions. But this will only apply to what the company refers to as your chosen ‘priority group’.  This means you will also earn commission for other sites in the same range at 20%.

For example, if you choose to promote the sportsbook, you’ll earn 30% commission on clicker deposits through there. But, if they choose to sign up and deposit at the casino, too, you’ll get 20% commission through there, too.

Earnings from gambling affiliate programs can vary depending on sites you work with. Some of the best bingo sites offer better potential commission than others.

Payment Options

Sadly, it is not too obvious through the program’s main page what you can expect from banking on the scheme.  So we would advise you take a closer look or contact 22Bet for more details.

Some sources suggest that you can use Skrill and Neteller at least. It’s also suggested on-site that you will need to have amassed a minimum of €250 before you can withdraw.  The moral of this story is, of course, to read everything carefully, and twice over!

Other Affiliate Schemes

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Join the Affiliate Program

If you’d like to know more about the 22Bet partner program, it is at least simple for you to sign up and find out more.  Take a look at the main site and fill out a few details to get started.

However, do make sure to do some homework and find out what other people think of the scheme before you try it for yourself.  22Bet works with several brilliant games developers. So we have little doubt you’ll have much of an issue getting started and making some serious passive cash on the side.