Acquisitions Direct Review

Are you in the market to sell an online business or e-commerce platform? It may be worth contacting experts at internet brokers, such as those who run Acquisitions Direct.

In this review of Acquisitions Direct, we will be taking a look at what the company offers, how they can help you to sell your business, and what the online website sales process entails.

Acquisitions Direct is a well-loved company of brokers who help business owners reach out to niche buyers. Keep reading our review, and we will fill you in on all the essential details you need to know.

Who is Acquisitions Direct?

Acquisitions Direct is a leading name in online business and website broking. They have been a part of the internet brokerage sphere since 2002.

This makes them one of the longest-standing companies of their kind online. As such, this level of experience will surely give you the confidence to sell your brand with them!

They have helped to sell more than 350 different businesses online since their inception. Precision Acquisitions Direct is also proud to advise that they handle sales from $100,000 up to $20 million.

Therefore, whether you have a small website or a larger company that you’d like to sell, they will have the tools and the expertise to make sure you meet with the right buyers.

The team focuses mainly on e-commerce, but you can also rely on them to help you with other business sales, including those relating to Amazon FBA, SaaS and more. They have an impressive closing rate of 86% and focus on online businesses.

Their years of experience, coupled with their refreshingly simple process, has helped to influence many positive Acquisitions Direct reviews over the years. Why not take a look at what other business sellers and buyers have to say about their services before you take a closer look?

Acquisitions Direct has been listed in multiple leading publications and has helped to sell big businesses in health, home and garden and printing spheres. Therefore, they are likely to be one of the most diverse and flexible website brokers working for you today.

Can Acquisitions Direct Help Me Sell My Business?

Yes! Acquisitions Direct supports clients on both side of the chain, meaning that they can help to line up deals between verified buyers and talented businesses and their owners.

  • Acquisitions Direct runs a ten-step program which starts with a simple interview and a free fact-finding process. This means that they can take the time to learn about what you do, the value you are looking for, and who you are likely to want to sell to.
  • They will agree on a listing with you, and closely working with your company and your expectations of the process, will market everything for you. This means that Acquisitions Direct manages everything for you from the get-go. Don’t worry, however, as you will always be calling the shots.
  • They will prepare due diligence with you, qualify prospective buyers, and will prepare all the relevant legal and sales documentation you need to have to hand.
  • Acquisitions Direct also offers what they refer to as transitional support. This means that, even though the process officially ends with the closing of a sale and the agreement and signing of contracts, they will help all parties involved in moving to the next stage of business growth.

Please take a look at the Acquisitions Direct service for buyers, too.

There is a simple qualification process expected of you; however, this is to ensure that all parties involved in the process can be confident that everything is above board. As a seller, you will likely be thankful for this!

What are Acquisitions Direct Fees?

Acquisitions Direct runs on a performance-based model. This means that they will only take payment from you, at an agreed cut and rate, once your business sells.

This means that you will be able to set a flexible rate with the company if your business sells based on your asking price, or if you want to take a lower offer.

They offer a free process up to the point of a sale taking place. However, Precision Acquisitions Direct provides an exclusive service to sellers and buyers, which means you must always make sure that you qualify for the process on both sides – whether you are a buyer or a seller.

You can find out more about Acquisitions Direct’s fees and rates by contacting their team directly, and by filling out their online valuation form. This is the quickest way for you to start finding out more about the overall cost of your sale.

As you are working with a team that focuses on performance-based systems, this means that your fees will vary depending on how much you sell your business or website for.

Therefore, always make sure to keep up to speed with rates set by Acquisitions Direct before you get started.

Contact Acquisitions Direct

Want to know more about what Acquisitions Direct has to offer, or want to contact the team? Use the following options:

Do also keep in mind that you can contact the team through their web form, which is well worth completing if you’d like to set up a valuation.


Precision Acquisitions Direct is one of the oldest names in the internet broker business. It doesn’t necessarily follow that oldest means best, but this company has more experience than most in helping to tailor brilliant website sales on both sides of the process.

Therefore, whether you are keen to start selling your business online, or are looking to pick up a new site to run a passive income through, Acquisitions Direct is going to be one of your best allies.

Do take a closer look at what they have to offer and continue reading reviews on the site – you could be sitting on a goldmine and not realise it!

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