Anderson Brookes Insolvency Review

Are you looking for specialist insolvency advice and support? Anderson Brookes Ltd may be able to help.

Offering expert debt guidance for families, individuals, and business owners, they are a long-running firm with the power to offer you a range of debt relief services.

They may even be able to help stop legal action and related pressures on you from pursuant debtors.

In this Anderson Brookes Review, we will look carefully at how the company operates, as well as into ways in which the company could help to relieve you of debts you might owe to multiple companies and creditors.

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Don’t ever let debt get you down – reach out to experienced debt advisors who know how to help people get back on the straight and narrow with top debt advice.

Debt Help Company

Are you looking for help from a local debt company? Anderson Brookes Ltd is popular with many people thanks to the sheer number of solutions they offer.

Whether you are struggling with mounting debts and pressures at home or are swimming in arrears through your business or limited company, it never hurts to reach out to debt experts.

  • Some of the reasons you might want or need to reach out to Anderson Brookes might include:
  • Support and guidance with mounting energy debts at home
  • Threats of bankruptcy or liquidation at work
  • Multiple creditors are threatening you with legal action and rising interest rates
  • Your credit score or business profile is suffering as a result of mounting debts and losses.

In any case, this company will take the time to discuss your situation with you.

The experienced company works with company directors, individual people, self-employed people and entrepreneurs. The fact is many people struggle with debt each and every day.

There is no need to worry about the debt you owe – providing you get in touch with an expert such as Anderson Brookes Ltd who can help you find comfortable, long-term solutions and relief orders.

Whether you are struggling to pay back your mortgage or hefty credit card fees, there’s never any good reason to try and go it alone. Make sure to call the company for tailored care and guidance.

Debt Solutions

Anderson Brookes stands apart from many local debt relief advisors in that they offer a huge array of services and support.

They can help with personal debts such as credit card bills, unpaid loans and more besides. They can also help businesses of all shapes and sizes.

If you’re worrying that your company is coming under threat of bailiff or legal action, it’s time to look at the various options Anderson Brookes could support you with.

Some of the leading debt solutions Anderson Brookes offers at this time might include:

  • IVAs, or Individual Voluntary Arrangements. These debt consolidation options may help you to roll multiple debts with multiple creditors into simple monthly sums.
  • Debt Relief Order, or DRO Advice. These arrangements will allow you to freeze or pause debt activity while you regain financial footing. Anderson Brookes offers minimal advice on this route, making recommendations for local companies and services.
  • Debt Management Plan Advice. These plans will help you to understand what goes into debt management, and how you can feasibly relieve yourself from a financial hole in the months to come. Please note that Anderson Brookes themselves do not set up Debt Management Plans personally.
  • Bankruptcy and Liquidation. These processes are seen as drastic options for individuals and companies. These debt relief options are never explored by Anderson Brookes until all other routes are explored.

Therefore, as you can see, the company offers up a variety of different ways to explore and relieve yourself from debt.

Whether you owe money to council services, HMRC or otherwise, Anderson Brookes Ltd will be able to offer you invaluable support.

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Anderson Brookes Overview

Anderson Brookes, as a limited company, works as insolvency practitioners for individuals, sole traders and other limited companies operating in England and Wales.

They have been operating as debt advisors since 2001, and in that time, they have built up a reputation as a leading name in a variety of debt relief routes and guidance. They are pleased to offer free consultations before anything is agreed.

They are fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and have two licenced insolvency practitioners on-board their team. They are based in Bolton, Lancashire, but welcome clients from all over the country.

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It’s possible to contact Anderson Brookes Ltd through their website directly, as well as through their dedicated helpline.

They specialise in helping people with County Court judgments, as well as those who may be struggling with debt owed to HM Revenue and Customs.

Anderson Brookes Contact Details

Want to get in touch with Anderson Brookes Insolvency Practitioners Ltd? Here is full contact information to help you:

  • Address: 4th Floor, Churchgate House, Churchgate, Bolton, BL1 1HL

  • Telephone Number: 0800 1804 933
  • Website:
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Social Media: LinkedIn Profile
  • Full Company Registration Number: 4213701
  • Insolvency Company Registration Number: 10324159
  • Financial Services Registration Number: 08660228
  • Full Company Data Protection Registration Number: Z5595675
  • Company Data Protection Registration Number: ZA201949
  • Financial Services Data Protection Registration Number: ZA123471
  • Insolvency Practitioner Licences: Laura J Prescott (15010) and Brendan P Hogan (13030)

Final Thoughts About Anderson Brookes

Anderson Brookes is a fully-fledged financial advice company, offering services to individuals and businesses alike.

While their main lines reside in IVAs and general insolvency advice, they have full IP licencing and are well-regarded in their local Bolton.

The hard-working team at Anderson Brookes will take the time to look into your circumstances and will recommend ways in which you can potentially relieve yourself from nuisance debt moving forward.

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If you’re struggling to balance debt to several creditors or services, make sure to get in touch with Anderson Brookes. The company has two decades of dedicated experience in the debt support and resolution trade.

Therefore, you can rely on them to offer you a relief path or option likely to benefit you in the long run. Don’t ever suffer with debt on your own – call the experts for help.

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