Baylis Landscape Contractors Review

Baylis Landscape Contractors is a professional and experienced landscaper business based in the South East of the UK. This landscape construction company has over three generations of experience in the industry, which is why they are one of the leading businesses in this field. It is a family-owned business that offers personal care to its clients to ensure that all needs are met and the best solutions are created as a team.

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This company operates conveniently outside of Kent and serves London and the surrounding South East, where they have helped hundreds of clients over the years. This well-placed company can serve a range of clients across the South East of the UK and works closely with their clients to ensure the best service possible, no matter what the need may be.

This Baylis Landscape Contractors review is going to help you learn more about the company and the services they offer.

Baylis Landscape Contractors Overview

Baylis Landscape Contractors is currently working through its third generation, and this is a family-run company that operates in the South East of the country. With all of this experience, the company is a leading name in the field of landscape construction, and they serve various locations, including Kent, London, the Home Counties, and the wider South East.

This company works closely with clients and operates now from newly-built offices in Gravesend. This is also where the company runs their workshops and nursey, which is where they can create stunning landscapes to suit every need. Baylis Landscape Contractors provides high-quality landscape services and works with local builders, local authorities, and other sectors to provide a great all-around service.

They have worked with various clients such as local councils, schools, and private estates to provide high-quality landscapes that can be appreciated and enjoyed. The team at Baylis Landscape Contractors prides itself on being highly experienced and flexible enough to work with all needs. The company can offer high-quality landscape services at cost-effective prices, which is why they are a leading name in the industry.

Services Offered By Baylis Landscape Contractors

Baylis Landscape Contractors provides a good range of services within the field of landscape construction. They have worked with hundreds of clients across the South East of the country, ranging from local authorities to schools and even private estates.

To understand the services that are on offer at Baylis Landscape Contractors, we can look into the different departments of the company, these are:

  • Soft landscaping
  • Hard landscaping
  • Sports
  • Playgrounds
  • Fencing and netting
  • Active leisure facilities
  • Vegetation management

The company works to oversee the complete landscape construction project, providing three generations of experience and expertise to ensure the smoothest process possible. The company has an expert team that will work closely with clients from the design and development to the construction part of the plan.

Baylis Landscape Contractors Contact Details

If you are interested in the services offered by Baylis Landscape Contractors and want to learn more about the company, you can contact them via:

Baylis Landscape Contractors Reviews

Customer reviews can be a great source of information when researching a company like Baylis Landscape Contractors. This can be a good way to learn more about the services on offer and how the company operates.

On their Facebook page, Baylis Landscape Contractors has five-star reviews from previous customers.

“Would recommend their services to anybody.”

– Private Customer (Facebook)

The company is also accredited by the British Association of Landscape Industries.


Baylis Landscape Contractors is a leading landscape contractor in the South East, and this family-run business has been in operation for three generations. As a family-run business, this company works closely with its clients and operates locally in the South East of the country to provide high-standard landscaping services.

They operate in various fields in this industry, providing not only the installation and design of landscapes but also ongoing maintenance to help keep these spaces safe and attractive for all to enjoy. The company has worked with various clients, including local authorities, schools, and even private estates, to provide high-standard landscapes.

This is a legit business that works in various fields, relying on three generations of experience and local contractors who have a wealth of knowledge to provide the highest standard of service to all.

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