Best Electric Gate Companies

Outdoor security cameras and driveway alarms will notify you of visitors on your property, but they will not prevent trespassing or solicitation. And, while a gate will alleviate this problem, manually opening and closing one is simply not practical nor deemed that safe either. With the push of a button, an automatic gate opener opens and closes a gate.

For the Best Electric Gate Company in the UK

Check out Automated Access

In this Best Electric Gates companies review, we’ll highlight why it’s essentially better to have an electric gate in your home and why it may be beneficial for you to work with a company who can install these for you.

With one of these quality automatic gate openers, you can have control over who enters your property. Automatic gate openers work with swing-door & slide-open gates, & have powerful motors that open & close the gates instantly. Control them using garage door remotes, keypads, & smart gadgets.

This guide will go through the different features to look for while shopping for the best automatic gate opener, as well as some of the top models available and what company traits help them stand out from their competition and why you should even consider them. We have selected the best [Insert Industry] companies in the UK based on the latest in-depth reviews.

Best Electric Gates Companies 2021

From our research, here is a list of the best Electrics Gate companies October 2021:

Automated Access

Automated Access Logo

Automated Access are our #1 pick for electric gate companies in the UK, able to install electric gates, bollards, barriers, blockers, school gates and more.

This company work on both domestic and commercial jobs of all sizes, so no matter what a client’s requirements, Automated Access can help.

To learn more about why Automated Access are our go to electric gates company for 2021, have a read of our review of their business on our site.

The Electric Gate Company

The Electric Gate Company Logo

The Electric Gate Company are 2nd on our list of electric gate specialists, and this company have vast experience operating in the South of England to install their hand-made electric gates.

Again, working with both domestic and commercial clients, The Electric Gate Company offer electric gates that are bespoke to their client, and have been doing so for over 25 years.

Be sure to read up about The Electric Gate Company by taking a look at our review here, where we take a further look at the brand.


EasyGates Logo

EasyGates are 3rd on our list of electric gate companies, and this outfit are known to offer a very wide range of services, from electric gates to accessories such as remotes, home automation, intercoms, CCTV and more.

EasyGates’ website is filled with positive testimonials from their clients, and all of their prices/offers can be found on their website.

To learn even more about EasyGates, why not check out our full review of EasyGates today.

Complete Gate Automation

Complete Gate Automation Logo

At number 4 on our list of electric gate companies, we have Complete Gate Automation. This business covers the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Bristol and Bath with their services.

They don’t just install electric gates either, they also service and repair electric gates in both domestically and commercially too.

We reviewed Complete Gate Automation on our site, so please feel free to have a read up if you are interested in finding out more.

The Electric Gate Shop

The Electric Gate Shop Logo

The Electric Gate Shop comes in at number 5 of our list of best electric gate shop companies, based in Yorkshire. This company offer complete kits for their electric gates, so there are no hidden fees or costs in what they offer.

They also supply many other products too, including barriers, hardware & locks, remotes and more.

Be sure to have a read of our Electric Gate Shop review to learn more.

What is an Electric Gate Company?

Automatic gates are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners because they provide additional protection and security for their families while also being a handy and cost-effective home security choice. Furthermore, they are available in a range of patterns and styles to complement the home’s and landscape’s decor. But, installing this can often be difficult to do, not to mention tedious. Good thing there are tons of great electric gate openers and installation experts who can work with you, your needs, and your budget.

Most automatic gates have access control systems and can be combined with a door phone or intercom entry system which provides users with the security of recognising guests before granting admission. The huge range of electric gate operator options are chosen for their dependability, and for residential and commercial properties, most companies or gate automation experts offer advanced features and options for electric gates to resist severe winds, such as slowing and courtesy light outputs, which are common on most automation systems. Adding such a system to your property is one step closer to making it more secure.

But, since this is electronic, it’s natural that customers worry about buying a secure system that stays secure even throughout a power failure. This can be discussed with the company you decide to work with before the gate is even installed or before you decide which electric gate kits to get.

Whether you choose a remote control single swing gate, a wrought iron gate with underground gate motors or any other kind of automated gates you may be interested in, these electric gate companies can surely help you find a system that fits the safety and security needs of your room, home or business. You can find a system that offers easy installation and that can easily open and grant you fast access without sliding open at off-hours and signal burglars or thieves to come in.

You can check out the vast choice of aboveground and underground gate automation systems – each come with detailed installation instructions and free technical support. Replacement remote controls for all sorts of gate automation systems are also usually available so you won’t have to worry. Intercom door phones, including stainless steel anti-vandal wireless and hardwired intercoms, are available for entry. CAME, BFT, FAAC, Nice, Ditec, Saimatic, Chamberlain, Proteco, DEA, Telcoma, electronic gates, sliding gates, and underground gates all have replacement actuators, motors, and control boxes.

If you have any questions, concerns, or clarifications, you should get in touch with an electric gate company today!

How to Choose the Best Electric Gate Company

While gate size and weight capacities are vital considerations when purchasing an automatic gate opener, other features such as power source and remote controls are also important. Continue reading to learn more about these crucial aspects.

Reliable Quality

When it comes to choosing safe electric gates is finding a company that offers reliable quality. This includes everything from their products to their installation and maintenance. Their products need to offer smooth, accessible yet easy to close gates as well as safe and secure features. You should look for a company that has systems that has a long operating life and requires little maintenance.

Multiple Applications

Several companies offer an option where you can order online. These are for those DIY customers and companies who offer this make sure that their gates are easy to install and suitable for all varieties of single swing gates, including steel, wood, vinyl, and panel, tube, and chain-link driveway gates. Residential, courtyard, pasture, farm, and ranch are examples of typical use. Simple DIY installation with basic tools, no additional welding, and no high-voltage electrical connection. For your convenience, complete mounting hardware and easy-to-follow instructions are included. It only takes a few hours to complete the installation.

Great Customer Service

It’s completely understandable that customers may have a ton of questions and concerns when choosing a product that can help with the overall safety of their property. So, it’s imperative to look for electric gate companies that offer great customer service. This has to do with giving a fair warranty, lifetime tech support, and possibly even a free return and exchange policy. Customer Support is more than just helping you find a suitable gate opener; it also provides you with comprehensive system solutions. They can offer high-quality aid for those customers who need it so simply contact them to see what products they can supply you and if it fits your needs.

How Do Electric Gate Companies Make Money?

Security is no light matter. If you want to make your home safer and more secure, consider installing a gate opener. By installing one in your home, you’ll be able to improve privacy and safeguard it from intruders. Gate openers come in a variety of styles, including automatic, sliding, and swinging. If you’re looking to buy a gate opener, you might be overwhelmed by the variety of alternatives available.

These companies profit from a customer’s need for safety. Opening and closing your gate and door are more than just simple actions since this directly concerns the overall security of your property or home. So, whatever your needs may be, these electric gate companies can find the best solution to cater to your needs and wants. Their prices may vary on the offer, location, or quality of the gate and or motor. It won’t take too long to find someone who can cater to you home and budget without sacrificing the safety and reliability of the product you choose.

Electric Gate Companies to Avoid

Since gates these days can be automated and electric, they can be handled with just a single push of a button or device. With that being said, companies who provide services or products like this should give you top-quality gates that can withstand anything from a power outage to a break in. It can be tricky to find a company that offers you this level of security, but at the very least, you should note the things to avoid when it comes to choosing an electric gate company, like these factors listed below:

  • They have no regard for your budget
  • The company does not offer maintenance checks or assessments
  • Improper installation
  • Bad reviews
  • The company doesn’t offer much variation offers
  • They do not understand your needs or requirements

Full List Of Best Electric Gate Companies

We have compiled a list of Electric Gate Companies below: