Best Japanese Knotweed Removal Companies

Weeding out problems like a Japanese knotweed infestation is just as tiresome as any stubborn infestation. There is none more stubborn than removing Japanese knotweed either compared to other foliage and infestations. The majority of management measures take several years to work, and complete eradication of Japanese knotweed is not always attainable. Thankfully, there are a number of amazing businesses that offer professional Japanese knotweed removal services.

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Based on the most recent in-depth reviews, we’ve listed the finest Japanese Knotweed Removal businesses in the UK. It’s critical to eradicate Japanese knotweed as soon as it arises and prevent it from returning. This can all easily be done by professionals, so it may be good to contact one asap.

The easiest strategy to control Japanese knotweed is to prevent it from growing in the first place or to catch it early on when the plants are young. If knotweed has been established, it can be removed, disposed of, and replanted using a variety of removal procedures. The most effective strategy is a combination of strategies, therefore choosing many approaches is a smart idea. Speak with a representative today to learn how to get rid of these invasive plants!

Best Japanese Knotweed Removal Companies 2021

From our research, here is a list of the best Japanese Knotweed Removal companies April 2024:

Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed Logo

Our top pick for Japanese knotweed removal companies in 2024 is Japanese Knotweed themselves. This company operate nationwide, and their specialist identification and removal services are second to none.

The fact that this company can work across the entire country makes them very convenient, as often times clients have to spend unnecessary extra costs on travel for these services.

To learn more about Japanese Knotweed, click through to their website above or read our review of this company.


Japanese Knotweed Solutions

JKSL are another example of a top Japanese knotweed removal company, operating 7 days a week and again working nationwide for their knotweed removal services.

JKSL are an experienced, reliable outfit that offer the full works when it comes to removing Japanese knotweed throughout the United Kingdom.

If you’d like to find out more about JKSL and exactly what they do, have a read of our full review today.

Knotweed Services

Knotweed Services Logo

Knotweed Services are our third choice when it comes to the best Japanese knotweed removal companies, and just like the companies above, this organisation works with both residential and commercial clients to remove their knotweed nationwide.

Their website shows off their average prices per job as well as the latest news regarding the company.

If you’d like to find out more, have a read of our in-depth review of Knotweed Services when you get the chance.

Japanese Knotweed Specialists

Japanese Knotweed Specialists

Japanese Knotweed Specialists offer UK based Japanese knotweed removal and treatment, as well as online help and advice for those wanting to know more about this problem.

Overall, Japanese Knotweed Specialists have had some excellent testimonials from their client base, making them a reputable and reliable brand.

For more information about this specific company, read up about them through our review here.

Japanese Knotweed Control

Japanese Knotweed Control Logo

Our 5th pick for Best Japanese Knotweed Removal companies is Japanese Knotweed Control.

This company are another example of a brilliant knotweed removal company, and they even have an app to help detect Japanese Knotweed which we thought was a fantastic idea.

Be sure to have a read of our detailed review of Japanese Knotweed Control today if you’d like to know any more.

What is a Japanese Knotweed Removal Company?

You don’t want just any eradication business trying to get rid of a highly invasive weed like Japanese knotweed, which can possibly harm a company’s reputation if not handled properly. The best removal firms in the Japanese knotweed industry have at least one Japanese knotweed specialist on the team that has spent years studying the plant and creating the most effective, innovative solutions for eradicating it from residential sites, commercial property, or event a development site.

When developers and commercial property owners first notice Japanese knotweed creeping into the property or before they sell property, usually, the first step is to inspect the area for other invasive weeds along with the Japanese knotweed. Though oftentimes, it’s quite hard to determine which are pests and which are safe, so they enlist the help of specialists or someone from the industry to inspect it. Ignoring it is not an option because it can cause a slew of complications, including structure damage, construction delays, and legal issues if it spreads.

Leading Japanese knotweed removal businesses have invested in their own research and development programs in order to discover new and more effective Japanese knotweed eradication procedures. It’s hard to tame weed that can cause damage to buildings, foundations, concrete, and tarmacadam by exposing and spreading through weak spots.

It’s ideal to stimulate the growth and establishment of native plants after eradicating knotweed. In rare cases, native plants will re-establish themselves without any assistance. After the Japanese knotweed has been removed from your property, it is critical to keep an eye on the area to ensure that it does not re-infest. Specialists do this by examining your site to see how effective your control tactics are and they offer solutions that can best get rid of the problem plant once and for all.

Japanese knotweed Removal Cost

The average cost of removing Japanese Knotweed is between £1,750 and £7,000.

This will vary depending on a variety of factors such as the location in the United Kingdom, the size of the area, the treatment required, and so on.

Before quoting a price to fix the knotweed problem, chartered surveyors will first identify Japanese knotweed.

Identification of Japanese Knotweed

If you’re trying to figure out how to spot Japanese Knotweed, keep an eye out for the following signs:

  • Heart-shaped green leaves.
  • Japanese knotweed can reach a height of 2-3 metres.
  • Stems resembling bamboo with dark red or purple speckles. Canes of mature Japanese Knotweed are hollow, resembling bamboo stems, and easily snapped.
  • Because the leaves grow from the stems, they have a zig-zag pattern.
  • Flowers in a cream and white cluster.

When it comes to identifying Japanese Knotweed, there are a few things to keep an eye out for. During the identification process, our experts know exactly what to look for.

How to Choose the Best Japanese Knotweed Removal Company

It’s a legal need for landowners to be proactive in the control and elimination of it. When researching Japanese knotweed removal firms, look for any patents they may have for novel equipment, gadgets, treatment methods or ways of eliminating the weed, whether in the UK, the US, or elsewhere. If they do have such patents, you can bet they’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to get rid of Japanese knotweed.

The following recommendations are just some things you should note to help you choose the best firm to remove your Japanese knotweed infestation.

Credit Check

  • To choose your favourite Japanese knotweed specialist, remember that properly treating knotweed takes 3-5 years of subsidised treatment and a 10-year guarantee. You require a professional who will stick with you without charging you exorbitant amounts.


  • The first step is to work with a PCA member firm. Use a company that has CHAS, Safe Contractor, and Construction Line accreditation to avoid the bad ones. These certifications reflect high safety standards, which is a sign of a reputable organisation.

Consumer Protection

  • The first thing to look for is proof of public liability insurance, ideally with a limit of £5 million or more. Professional indemnity insurance, similar to that necessary for trading as a Japanese knotweed expert, is required, ideally with a policy of £1 million or more. In addition, the firm must be able to produce insurance-backed guarantees (IBGs) from a reputable insurer, such as GPI Insurance. Finally, you must be confident that your funds will be protected over the 3-5 years of treatment, as some assurances do not begin immediately. The most secure option is to employ a knotweed management plan-linked client-funded account or escrow account.

How Do Japanese Knotweed Removal Companies Make Money?

Eradicating Japanese knotweed is one of the trickiest to do so it’s highly recommended that property owners and customers make a management plan to avoid a knotweed problem or a knotweed return. This is because, as a Japanese knotweed specialist would say, the plant is one of the most invasive plant species in the United Kingdom and quite difficult to completely eradicate. Enlisting the help of a firm with Japanese knotweed expertise is essential to having a healthy site.

The treatments and evaluations by a Japanese knotweed specialist can be quite costly, especially if the problem is worse than you thought or if the firm didn’t do a proper job to control or take out all the weeds. Clients can expect a quick response from a professional service also adds to the price as eliminating this pest should be done as soon as possible. The variations and availability of the services and advice the firms are selling are what’s going to cost you and this is how these firms earn.

Whether your land is residential or commercial, an RICS surveyor will charge between £140 and £240 for a Japanese knotweed survey. Some companies will conduct a free informal Japanese knotweed survey to assist you in determining whether the plant on your site is good or negative.

Japanese knotweed can reduce the value of a home by 5 to 15%. The intensity and the proximity of the knotweed to the home will determine how much a property is devalued so, naturally, the expense of removing the plant and restoring the property to its original worth will likely be the same as the devaluation.

Popular Questions

What is Japanese Knotweed?

Japanese Knotweed (Fallopia japonica) is a fast-growing weed that can grow up to 10cm per day. It has become the most invasive plant species in the United Kingdom. Japanese knotweed has been known to cause significant property damage and, in some cases, mortgage refusal.

How Can You Remove Japanese Knotweed?

Chemical controls are the most effective way to eradicate Japanese knotweed. The best option here is a glyphosate-based weedkiller, but keep in mind that it may take several applications over up to four seasons to completely eradicate Japanese knotweed. It’s best to apply it to cut canes so that the weedkiller can reach the plant’s roots completely.

Can I Treat or Get Rid of Japanese Knotweed Myself?

It is possible to treat Japanese Knotweed yourself, but it is difficult and time-consuming. Because Japanese Knotweed can grow up to 10cm per day, it’s critical to act quickly and effectively when removing it.

How dangerous is Japanese knotweed?

Despite causing property damage, Japanese knotweed is not harmful to humans. After coming into contact with the plant, some people have experienced minor skin irritation. Giant Hogweed, which is a serious human hazard, is frequently confused with Japanese knotweed.

Is Japanese Knotweed Classified As Controlled Waste?

As Japanese Knotweed is an invasive weed in the United Kingdom, it is classified as controlled waste.

The best companies provide an insurance-backed guarantee and hold an Environment Agency-issued waste carriers licence.

Can you mortgage a house with Japanese knotweed?

Lenders are wary of properties affected by Japanese knotweed, but getting a loan isn’t impossible. Because of the risk of harm posed by the plant and potential resale issues, lenders are concerned that a property with knotweed may not be a good asset for a mortgage.

Can You Control Knotweed?

Despite what some companies claim, Japanese knotweed cannot be killed or eradicated solely through herbicides. Herbicide treatment can be used to control it, or excavation can be used to completely remove it from a property. A Herbicide Treatment Program is frequently the most cost-effective method of controlling Japanese knotweed (HTP).

What Is The Property Care Association?

The Property Care Association (PCA) is a UK property care trade association, representing specialists in areas such as damp treatment, domestic ventilation, structural waterproofing, woodworm/timber decay, invasive weed control, and flood restoration.

Japanese Knotweed Removal Companies to Avoid

Whether you’re having commercial properties or you’re one of the real estate agents who are trying to sell a site, it will be necessary to contact services in order to identify the weed, offer knotweed removal, and assess any structural damage the property might have. The price of Japanese Knotweed damage might quickly outstrip the expenditures of repair.

Investing in skilled knotweed removing services is the best way to avoid these charges. But, how’s one to know what to avoid when it comes to picking a service? The following are factors you should look out for:

  • The service and products are overpriced
  • The business does more damage than it should
  • They don’t have much availability
  • They’re difficult to contact or have no website to check out
  • You suspect malicious treatment or behaviour on their end
  • They have no accreditation or insurance backed guarantees.
  • They do not have a head office you could visit or contact.
  • Their experts have little to no knowledge of the weed.

The great thing about this plant is that it can be a controlled waste. Feel free to reach out to a removal service to get more information or advice.

Full List Of Japanese Knotweed Removal Companies

We have compiled a list of Japanese Knotweed Removal Companies below: