Best Mortgage Lead Generation Companies

Are you a mortgage broker that is struggling to bring in a consistent flow of enquiries right now?

You might have tried making posts on Facebook, attending network events or even purchasing low quality leads from vendors that sell you multiple companies.

You are wasting money right now, time and potentially putting your business in a state where it can’t grow to the next level as compared to your competition.

If this is you then its not your fault.

You will understand how to build your business the smart way below.

The Bigger Issue

Most mortgage brokers are great at finding mortgages for their clients – as that is the trade you have studied and perfected.

But generating enquiries can be a struggle and it is very difficult for people to find out about the services you offer.

When it comes to attracting new customers mortgage brokers tend to rely on referrals or recommendations from others which makes scaling a company extremely hard. Especially if your competitors are marketing themselves.

This means they’re never quite sure where they’re next lead is coming from or when it will appear.

To get a more consistent supply of leads some mortgage brokers purchase leads from sites like bark, UPlead, Premium yell listings, or there still advertising on radios and newspapers.

Now the main issue with these sites is you don’t have any exclusivity to these leads.

This tends to mean if you send a proposal or quote into a lead that might mean you’re going up against 10/20 other businesses like yourself.

Now in this example, you had no control over who went got the lead, that same exact lead might have gone to you and 3 of your competitors.

Or in some cases, you might be paying a marketing agency or so-called PPC specialist for a lead and you try to contact them and you don’t hear back from them.

The sad thing is that you’ve ended up paying for what we call a dead lead.

I know this is really frustrating as a business owner especially when your pipeline is empty and you don’t have any new deals to send to your sales team.

In fact, over 80% of business owners I’ve spoken to in the last number of months say this is the biggest bottleneck in their company.

Best Mortgage Lead Generators

Mortgage lead generators understand the importance of conversion and the quality of the leads.

I want to introduce you to a method called LEAD SEGMENTATION that allows businesses to improve conversion.

The segmenting of leads through lead distribution networks allows us to filter leads based on the mortgage brokers specific requirements.

Imagine having enquiries consistently that are converting into sales.

Why Trust a Mortgage Lead Generator?

If you’re a small to medium-size company it’s extremely difficult to be able to market yourself.

Generating leads via SEO, PPC, Facebook Ads or other marketing platform is a professional trade.

It is a professional trade that takes years to learn and a lot of money testing what works.

Just like your profession is finding the best possible interest rates and mortgages to fit your client’s needs.

You should save your time to be doing this and teaming up with the Best Mortgage Lead Generation Companies.

How Lead Generators Get It Right?

How could so many people who fill in leads online not convert into buying customer?

When lead generation companies first start out they concentrate on the number of leads and not the quality.

After attending numerous masterminds all over the world and speaking to the best SEOs in the world you will start to understand the importance of lead segmentation.

Optimising for the buying intent searches and segmenting leads based on best-converting data all helps assist your conversion of leads to sales.

The Offer

OK, so the problem right now is a consistent flow of enquiries because just relying on word of mouth is not a great business model.

We know we have the best mortgage lead generation company and now is the time for you to test the waters.

But we also understand the reservations involved in “Are we going to show a profitable return on investment if purchasing the leads?”.

So for that reason, the offer is going to be a complete no brainer which is a no-risk supply of enquiries for one month.

The mortgage broker pays zero upfront for enquiries and only pays a percentage if any leads turn into a confirmed mortgage.

One Month Trial of Free Leads

No Risk Supply of Enquiries

This works for both parties because it allows the lead generator to see how well you are at closing deals.

And it works for you because you literally have no investment to folk out upfront.

What Are The Options?

You have 3 options available.

Do Nothing

You do absolutely nothing and your business doesn’t grow.

Your competitors will dominate and take their business onto another level.

The referrals from existing clients can keep you busy enough to pay the bills.

Generate Your Own Leads

You can try and generate your own leads.

But you will need a large investment in marketing expenditure to get this to work.

Plus once you have learned the trade you then still need to understand how to split the leads out to send to the best broker for the specific enquiry.

You will need to be able to create a landing page that converts with the ability to run daily, weekly and monthly split tests making sure the conversion rate of that page is the highest that it can possibly be (some tools to run split tests are AB Tasty, Google Analytics, Hotjar and a few others).

Create a funnel you’ll then need to use Unbounce, click funnels or WordPress. On top of all of this, you’re also going to need to know to feed traffic into the funnel.

I see a lot of business nowadays go and blow £20,000 on a website but they just have a pretty website they aren’t marketing that website which is just so stupid, that’s the equivalent of going out and buying a Ferrari without an engine if you aren’t marketing the site in any way how are you expecting to get more leads & sales.

Hire The Experts

Hiring the experts gives you the time to improve your sales strategies.

If you hire a mortgage lead generation company you can demand the type of leads you want.

If the conversion does not work out you can pause or cancel any contracts easily.

Final Thoughts

You just need to ask yourself whether you want to grow your career.

You see in my experience there are two types of business people.

  • Those who don’t jump on things when the opportunity presents itself and doesn’t take the action required to get the results.
  • And those when an opportunity is presented jump on it take that action and get the results that they are looking to achieve.

And since you’re still here to the end of this article I’m going to assume your one of those people who do take action on things.

If I’m right and you’re still with me then I’m ready to jump on a call with you and discuss your problems as a business owner.

Find Out The Best Solution for Mortgage Leads

Enquire Now

So that we can grow your business as a team to achieve those goals you have in your mind for your company. Only you can decide.


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