Best Moveable Wall Companies

Modular walls provide significant benefits such as flexibility and the ability to quickly add – or remove – private offices, quiet workplaces, training rooms, or private meeting space, as well as the ability to regulate noise if personnel or work demands change. They are also reusable and don’t generate any waste, functioning as high-quality solutions.

For the Best Moveable Wall Company in the UK

Check out Moveable Partition Walls

When classified as furniture and equipment, modular wall systems may potentially provide tax benefits. While they may be more expensive upfront than permanent barriers, their extended lifespan and environmental benefits make them a wise investment for many firms. Read about the different best Moveable Wall Companies in the UK today.

Best Moveable Wall Companies 2021

From our research, here is a list of the best [INSERT INDUSTRY] companies February 2024:

Movable Partition Walls

Movable Partition Walls Logo

Movable partition walls are our top pick for best moveable wall companies in the UK.  This business works nationwide, and install a massive range of moveable walls, including office, glass, concertina, acoustic and more.

Their glowing online reputation and ability to install across the country is what gives them their place at the top of our list.

If you are interested in learning more about this company, simply visit their website on the link above, or you can read our review of Movable Partition Walls on our site.

Glazed Partitioning

Glazed Partitioning Logo

Glazed Partitioning are in at our 2nd best moveable wall companied based in the United Kingdom. Like Movable Partition Walls, this company also work nationwide offering a wide range of different walls to choose from.

Glazed Partitioning have decades of experience within the field, and have some terrific testimonials from their clients too.

If Glazed Partitioning sound like the company for you, be sure to check out their website above, or you can read our review for more.

Movable Wall Servicing

Movable Wall Servicing Logo

At #3, we have Movable Wall Servicing. This organisation leads the way in servicing movable walls, but can also install a large variety of different walls across the country, too.

Movable Wall Servicing’s price guarantee is another very attractive feature of this company, as many other competitors simply can not offer this.

For more about Movable Wall Servicing and their services, check out their website above or feel free to take a look at our in-depth review of this company.

Acoustic Panels

Acoustic Panels Logo

Acoustic Panels are our 4th favourite moveable wall business, offering their very own online shop to help customers choose which panels they’d like.

This company also have a wide range of walls to pick from, but largely focus on acoustic panels hence the name.

These guys, like everyone on the list, have a good reputation within the industry.  For more information, have a look at our full review of this brand.

Style Partitions

Style Partitions Logo

And finally, at number 5 we have Style Partitions, another great moveable wall brand.

Style Partitions have a big selection available to them, from moveable walls, folding walls, skyfold walls, glass partitions and more.

Again, to find out more about Style Partitions and what they do, feel free to read up about them in our full review.

What is a Moveable Wall Company?

Movable walls, also known as operable walls, demountable walls, or sliding walls, are floor-to-ceiling barriers or panels that may be moved to modify the layout of a room. The goal of moveable walls is to divide a large room into several smaller sections with little effort. They can separate a huge conference facility into smaller seminar rooms or divide a school hall into different multi-purpose zones for simultaneous physical activity. When not in use, the partitions are folded, relocated, or hidden in a space-saving way.

Companies that offer moveable walls, modular or demountable walls, can be entirely disassembled, relocated, and rebuilt in a matter of hours without generating any trash, providing your company with the flexibility it needs to expand and adapt at any time.

How to Choose the Best Moveable Wall Company

Moveable wall systems are likely to be a one-time investment, but there are a few technical details to consider. We have included some of the most important factors to consider here to assist you in making the best selection possible.

  • Operable Partitions. Manually or electrically controlled moveable walls are available. An electrical system is more costly, but it allows you to open or close a room with little more than a switch flip. A manual method needs a bit more work, but it gives you more options for how the panels are kept when the wall is opened. The expense of maintaining manual walls is likewise cheaper.
  • The Visual Design. This will be determined by the environment surrounding the movable wall. The good thing is that you have a lot of options. This implies the moveable walls should be able to match the rest of the room’s finish. Alternatively, you may transform the walls into a focal point by printing something unique on them.
  • Acoustic Movable Walls Control. As standard, premium movable operable walls provide exceptional sound attenuation and acoustic integrity. Building Additions’ movable walls provide improved acoustic performance of Rw 59db. This is powerful enough to drown out yelling! When considering acoustics, look at how the top and bottom of the moveable wall system are sealed. It’s also important to think about the room’s overall atmosphere.
  • The Room To Be Partitioned. The ceiling’s ability to suspend the movable wall is the most important factor to consider. If it can’t support the load, you’ll have to use a floor track system and won’t be able to use electrical operation. If the space is too high or too wide, the same thing happens.

How Do Moveable Wall Companies Make Money?

Some moveable walls are fixed in place. When they are not in use, they are retracted in place. Others are only in place for a limited time and are removed, relocated, and reinstalled as needed.

There are two types of movable walls: modular and unitised. Modular walls are provided in pieces and need on-site assembly. Unitised walls are provided semi-assembled and may be installed more quickly.

Manually controlled walls are generally more costly than electrically operated walls or room dividers. This alternative may be selected if frequent transfers are necessary and the ceiling can sustain the electric system. Manually operated walls might be utilised in areas where the ceiling and wall supports aren’t strong enough to sustain the weight of an electric system.

When not in use, vertical folding walls drop into compartments in ceiling spaces. They don’t take up any floor space since they retract into the ceiling. Vertical folding walls are usually powered by electricity and require less structural support than horizontal folding barriers. Horizontal moveable walls are more popular, and they may come with more customisation choices, such as glass, wood, and a variety of other materials. Some even incorporate technology, allowing walls to operate as smart surfaces for commercial tasks.

Moveable Wall Companies to Avoid

Modular systems provide flexibility, numerous considerations must be considered to minimise obstacles and potential issues. Consider how long you will be at your current location before deciding on a modular system. Some of the common things to avoid when working with Moveable Wall Companies include problems with the power supply, decor, and the time it can take away from your business.

For the first problem, when it comes to electricity distribution, there are numerous options. Access floor systems are a great option, but they may be costly. Ceiling plenums will also function, but if the system does not have ceiling to floor coverage, a sea of electricity poles can result. Alternatively, a core and drill technique can support both full-sized walls and cubicles or half-walls by piercing the slab to run electricity beneath. Early in the design stages of your project, make sure to consider your furniture layout.

As for the walls contrasting with the decor, today’s suppliers provide a wide range of finish options from which to pick. Some even provide custom paintings to match your office’s colours. Even in rooms in the building’s centre, glass panels may be incorporated into your design to give character to your office space while also providing natural daylight and outside vistas. These panels are readily separated from their neighbouring panels and reattached in their new place. Prices might vary greatly, so do your homework.

Last, despite the fact that there are many types of moveable wall systems, ranging from modular walls to demountable systems that need a more specialised approach to alter office layouts, the basic concept remains the same – the mobile walls snap into place with no effort. A mobile wall system can deconstruct, relocate, and reassemble a private office suite in less than a day, considerably less time than drywall.


Although movable wall solutions are more expensive upfront than standard drywall construction, the difference is usually made up when you alter your area. They may boost productivity, give a more flexible work environment, assist regulate acoustics, and when paired with elevated floor access, create an organic approach to workplace design that maximises your workplace’s ability to respond to organisational change.

Full List Of Moveable Wall Companies

We have compiled a list of moveable wall companies below: