Best Playground Equipment Companies

High-quality playground equipment comes in various shapes and sizes.

The school playground equipment and traditional playground equipment are constantly evolving, as seen in today’s extraordinary play spaces.

All of the top playground manufacturers prioritise safety, quality, and innovation.

Playground equipment companies specialise in creating inclusive play equipment for playgrounds. Commercial playground equipment manufacturers devote significant time and resources to designing, manufacturing, and installing outdoor playground equipment that broadens children’s horizons.

Playground equipment suppliers help encourage imaginative play and physical development in children by providing the perfect playground equipment for outdoor play structures and indoor playground spaces.

We have selected the best Playground Equipment companies in the UK based on the latest in-depth reviews.

Best Playground Equipment Companies 2022

From our research, here is a list of the best Playground Equipment companies June 2022:

1. Pentagon Play

Pentagon Play is an award-winning designer of outdoor learning environments and is trusted by schools and nurseries across the United Kingdom.

PentagonPlay’s head office is based in Cheshire but they have play installation UK teams nationwide.

Regarded as one of the market-leading playground equipment manufacturers it is no surprise they were recently voted in June 2022 to be the number top-rated playground equipment company.

From competitive prices to amazing looking designs of play areas then Pentagon Play are a one-stop-shop for outdoor play area spaces.

Check out our comprehensive review of Pentagon Play that highlights all the services they have to offer schools and the educational sector.

2. Kompan

Kompan are our 2nd pick for best play area equipment companies in the United Kingdom, working across the country offering a variety of different playground equipment for their clients.

This business are very reputable within the industry, with excellent reviews and a long history of operating throughout the UK and across the world.

There’s a reason for their glowing reviews online too, as Kompan’s play equipment design is truly some of the best on the market.

Be sure to have a read of our detailed review of Kompan today to find out more about the work they do.

3. Wicksteed

Wicksteed come in at #3 for our top playground equipment business of 2022, with over a century of excellent work and professionalism in the industry.

Wicksteed, based in Northamptonshire, are a business that have had a great reputation within the play equipment niche, and their experience and longevity in the industry speaks for itself.

This business, like the others we review, work by the British and European Safety Standards, so you can be sure the work they carry out is of the highest standard.

Make sure to read our Wicksteed review here for more information about what they can do.

4. Playdale

Our pick for the 4th best playground equipment company in the UK is Playdale. This organisation are one of the leading play area equipment businesses within the country, and again are highly reputable.

Playdale work at play areas of all shapes and sizes across the country, so regardless of how big or small your playground’s is, they can help.

They even offer a free brochure showcasing all their products, which is great for potential clients.

You can find out more info on this business and who they are one our full review of playdale here.

5. Hags Play

At number 5 for best playground equipment companies, we’ve got Hags Play.

Hags Play build brilliant bespoke play equipment for their UK clients, working with companies throughout the entire country.

Based in Surrey, Hags Play can carry out many different services as well as play equipment as well, so be sure to check that out if you’re interested, too.

But for more on their playground equipment services and what they do, you can read our Hags Play review page.

6. Peak Playgrounds

And finally, at #6 it’s Peak Playgrounds.

Peak Playgrounds are another well-respected play area equipment business based in the United Kingdom, and a company we feel definitely deserves a place in our list.

This business offers many other services beyond play equipment, however the equipment they do offer is great.

With some terrific testimonials on their site and a great brand reputation, Peak Playgrounds are definitely worth a look.

So to know more about everything this company has to offer, read our review of Peak Playgrounds here.

What is a Playground Equipment Company?

A playground equipment company provides items from the best commercial playground equipment manufacturers, so no matter what types of outdoor play equipment you’re looking to buy, they’ll have what you need to build a safe and enjoyable play area.

Their extensive new playground equipment inventory includes anything from complete play systems to individual elements. Traditional items like swing sets, crawl tubes, and slides are popular among customers.

Accessibility alternatives for school playgrounds are also available, allowing anyone to play regardless of size, age, or physical ability.

Another fun option for differentiating your dream playground from other play areas in your neighbourhood is to use themed play park equipment like sports equipment for child development.

You can search for specific colours, measurements, and equipment ideal for active play and outdoor space while looking for commercial playground equipment online.

How to Choose the Best Playground Equipment Company

If you’re seeking the most excellent playground equipment supplier to assist you in creating a fun and safe environment for the children in your neighbourhood, make sure they have the following:

Safety Surfacing

Choose the top commercial playground providers because they design their outdoor play structures to safeguard children and assure their safety while they play. The company must follow government and consumer rules and go through a rigorous certification process to ensure safety.

Their commercial playgrounds must all be tested by local authorities and exceed all safe playground industry requirements.

If they have climbing equipment for outdoor spaces like monkey bars, they must offer safety features such as rubber mulch or rubber tiles and wall coverings.

If you require safety surfacing on your outdoor play areas check out our guide to the best playground surfacing companies in June 2022.

Encourage Children to Have Social Interaction

The benefits of installing an outdoor playground for children’s development are numerous. Children’s physical fitness, coordination, and confidence improve as they learn new physical skills such as running, climbing, leaping, and sliding on playgrounds.

Playgrounds are also excellent locations where your own kids can learn teamwork and cooperation while cultivating friendships, social skills, intellectual development, and imagination.

Wow Factor

Apart from having sports courts, stepping stones, tube slides, and other typical playground products for ordinary spaces, a top playground equipment company must also have a huge product range of unique play equipment like a pirate ship swing set, wacky swing seats, a climbing wall with a twist, a water play corner and more.

Because children spend so much time outside, playground equipment is more crucial than ever. Playgrounds are available in a variety of materials, with a wide range of alternatives to pick from. Backyard playground things are a terrific way to keep kids mentally engaged and physically active in the backyard, especially during the summer, so make sure yours are customised to your child’s preferences.

Engaging Play for Various Age Groups

A playground must be a fun place for everyone. When choosing the best playground equipment company, ensure that their product range covers outdoor playground equipment suitable for both younger children and older children.

One-stop Shop for Playground Solutions

An outdoor play area comes with physical challenges like maintaining playgrounds, so a top playground equipment company must also have the necessary tools needed to keep your dream playground sturdy, neat, and as good as a new playground.

Furthermore, because play is essential for learning in acquiring fundamental knowledge and health and happiness, a good business should have invested in designing, manufacturing, and building playgrounds that expand children’s horizons, whether they are indoor or outdoor.

They locate the most fantastic playground equipment for your location and the children who will be using it. Playgrounds must have cost-effective play structures, themed play sculptures, and environmentally friendly play spaces for children of all grades and abilities. Manufacturers of playground equipment specialise in designs that include inclusive play, large-destination play, and budget-friendly gaming structures.

How Do Playground Equipment Companies Make Money?

Outdoor play and sports equipment companies have a trained and enthusiastic workforce dedicated to offering their customers fun and creative outdoor play and sports equipment. Design, advice, production, installation, and aftercare service are all included in their one-stop shop. These businesses have staff spread around the country to ensure that they can provide installation and delivery services across the UK while maintaining the highest standards.

Some companies have over 600 models in their playground equipment catalogue to pick from. This selection ensures that they offer something for everyone, as each playground is diverse and has varied needs, such as age ranges and abilities, finances, and area sizes. Their catalogues have a huge range, are constantly growing, and are created from excellent quality raw materials found in the United Kingdom.

Play equipment manufacturers offer some of the most extended and most comprehensive product guarantees in the market. Some play equipment businesses have been around long enough to have tried and true solutions and they stand behind the products and methods they employ. Whether you need MUGAs, thermoplastic markings, or artificial glass along with your playground equipment, play equipment suppliers hire professional installers to best suit your project.

To guarantee that your playground project is done to the highest of standards, they use a variety of professional sub-contractors and their in-house teams around the UK. The best playground equipment companies also have a Playground Maintenance and Inspection Department that can look after your equipment for many years after it is installed. They will notify you when your next inspection is due on an annual basis, and they will verify that all checks are conducted to the required levels.

Playground Equipment Companies to Avoid

Various groups have found that some playground equipment is intrinsically unsafe, even if it is in good working order. If you see any of these items on a playground equipment company’s catalogue, avoid buying from the company unless they have the appropriate safety features for them.

If you see these items in public play spaces or holiday parks without any safety surfacing, don’t let your children play with the equipment and notify the local councils. The following items are never suitable for younger children:

  • Animal-shaped swings can cause significant head injuries and possibly death due to their hefty weight and size.
  • Swings on a glider that can support multiple children at once are fundamentally unsafe for kids.
  • If not appropriately handled, the ropes that children can freely swing can unravel, tear, or even form a noose. Jump ropes and other ropes should never be tied to playground equipment by children.
  • Without adequate supervision, exercise rings in the gymnastic style and trapeze bars are dangerous for youngsters to play on.
  • Children easily fall, break bones, and damage their heads on monkey bars, which are popular pieces of playground equipment.
  • Children can fall off trampolines or get entangled in the area between the jumping surface and the frame by accident.

The Association of Play Industry (API) is the premier trade association for the playground industry in the United Kingdom. Leading suppliers of outdoor and indoor sports equipment and flooring to various locations make up the membership. Inquiring into what activities children want to see on their playground is an excellent method to figure out what playground equipment to buy for those activities.

The risk of developing and installing your new play equipment is reduced when you choose a supplier from API’s member list. It allows organisations to select the equipment that the majority of youngsters will desire. This will enable children to choose what they want to see and what they need to do to play in their neighbourhood.

With that said, if a playground company is not a member of this association, it’s best to look the other way towards other more legitimate playground items suppliers, manufacturers, and installers.

Playground Services

Here is a list of services you might require for your playground:


The most popular playground equipment pieces include swings, slides and climbing structures.

Many of the market-leading playground brands now create bespoke designs to suit the educational sector.

Playtime outdoors is an extension of the classroom for outdoor learning while being active.

The top-rated play area equipment manufacturers understand the importance of improving activity and learning during playtimes.

Full List Of Playground Equipment Companies