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In today’s highly communicative era, making tactical use of public relations has almost become a necessity. Be it a small business or an established brand, every company feels this challenge to find a suitable PR agency to look after their brand’s image and relations with the media. PR firms come in all shapes and sizes and therefore choosing a suitable one can be daunting.

To help you navigate through this maze and ease into the process, here is a list of the best Leeds PR Agency to consider while identifying a relevant PR firm for your company.

Best PR Agency Companies 2021

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What is a PR Agency Company?

PR firms, as opposed to advertising firms, use editorial coverage to promote businesses or persons. Stories appearing on websites, newspapers, magazines, and television shows are referred to as “earned” or “free” media, as opposed to “paid media” or ads.

PR firms and advertising firms both have the same aim in mind: to promote their clients and make them appear as successful, honest, significant, interesting, or relevant as possible. However, there are many other ways to raise awareness. The majority of individuals are aware that advertising is paid for by the customer and should be treated with caution. Third-party validation is a benefit of articles or TV appearances in reputable media.

How to Choose the Best PR Agency Company

It’s both exhilarating and terrifying to hire a new agency: It’s a big opportunity with a lot riding on it, but you have to fit it in around your main work.

Clients frequently employ companies that are unable to satisfy their continuing requirements. Here are the top factors to consider (some of which may seem contradictory) while looking for a long-term PR agency partner.

  • Knowledge of the Market. Many people believe they require a specialist in their field. Don’t limit yourself in this way. Yes, market knowledge is beneficial, but someone who is well-versed in a particular industry might be reserved, with a firm belief that “this is how things operate.” Good public relations professionals are astute. They may rapidly catch up on a market’s peculiarities. A clever agency that doesn’t yet understand your unique market is preferable than a poor one that does.
  • PR Measurement. This is a critical point. When chatting with potential agencies, inquire about the metrics that will be used to evaluate your campaign. Don’t give them the solutions; instead, listen to what they have to say. DO NOT USE THEM if the agency is still fixated on measuring column inches. You want an agency that is eager to truly measure PR, which includes measuring the metrics that demonstrate you are on track to meet your objectives, such as site traffic, downloads, inquiries, and sales.
  • PR Agency Capabilities. You need your public relations firm to be able to use any of the communication tools at their disposal. You want all of your talents in one place, and we’d argue that they should be in the hands of the individuals who will be managing your account. Your day-to-day team isn’t good enough for you if they can’t handle social or digital media and don’t grasp how PR affects SEO.
  • Company Budget. You will be purchasing the time of high-quality, experienced employees if you go the agency way. Their services will cost you a lot of money. If, on the other hand, a potential agency appears to be more concerned with your PR budget than with your company, warning bells should be screaming since their priorities are completely out of whack!
  • Team Structure. When big agencies pitch, they usually use their sharpest, most senior individuals. After then, more junior employees are left to conduct the day-to-day job as soon as the account is won. Many agencies make their money this way, but it’s a massive rip-off that you shouldn’t accept. So ask a lot of questions about who will be in charge of the day-to-day campaign. Make it a point to meet with them. It’s an important consideration when hiring a public relations firm.

How Do PR Agency Companies Make Money?

On the agency side, competent public relations specialists realize that genuine and lasting outcomes don’t happen overnight. It’s critical to have a well-defined plan. And this approach must be backed up with results-oriented methods. Let us take a look at some of the most important services to look for when hiring a public relations agency.

  • Messaging. A strong public relations team will assist you in developing an appealing and engaging purpose, vision, and goals. They’ll take your competitors into account as well. Mission statements and elevator pitches, business backgrounders, and phrases that best identify with the brand will all be used to convey key ideas. This is a crucial exercise in media relations.
  • Media Relations. A mention in a lifestyle magazine or a TV interview on a local news channel are both exciting outcomes of media relations. Media relations is a time-consuming process where the agency representative can manage reputation. It needs tenacity, inventiveness, and a thorough grasp of how the media works. It is not a fast remedy, but rather a long-term investment.
  • Public Relations Strategy. A competent public relations agency will begin by developing a plan. They’ll examine your strengths and limitations, inquire as to what makes you distinctive, identify the key personas with whom you should communicate, and, most crucially, define what success means to you. They may then apply their knowledge to create a communications strategy that will attract, engage, and produce outcomes. PR agencies that offer public relations services enable businesses use a project and reach wider audiences through leal data and campaigns.
  • Content. Because of the potential that owned content provides, working with a content marketing agency is an essential part of the PR puzzle. While media relations provides press endorsements, which establishes credibility, content marketing allows you to take your brand messaging and turn it into meaningful material that can be shared through your own channels. These channels can include powerful ideas and new ideas that can build brands such as video production to forward commercial objectives through digital marketing. Content marketing aids in the promotion of your product or service, as well as attracting customers and generating leads. In a nutshell, it’s a great complement to media relations since it establishes authority and trust in a client’s field.
  • Social Media Marketing. Social media, like content marketing, provides a controllable platform for a public relations team to develop an audience and spread a message. To select the right social channels through which to build and engage an audience, a competent public relations team will turn to their original strategy and persona identification. Is the audience mostly millennials, or is it primarily B2B? These questions will aid in determining where and how to spend in social media as part of a larger public relations strategy.
  • Event Marketing. Getting people to talk about a product or service is a common goal of public relations. To do so, public relations agencies will examine the advantages of promotional events and experiential marketing possibilities. Experiential marketing is evident at festivals and events such as SXSW and Art Basel. The advantages of such collaborations are numerous. Brands can engage with customers directly, expand their audience, and increase brand loyalty.
  • Influencer Relations. Media relations has evolved to include outreach to social influencers as the social media environment has increased in popularity. For decades, brands and businesses have relied on media relations to establish trust. Today, tried and proven media relations strategies, such as outreach and interaction with influencers, are equally applicable to the social landscape.

PR Agency Companies to Avoid

Bad public relations experiences should not deter you from appreciating the benefits of excellent public relations. Many new clients are apprehensive when they come to us because they have previously been burned by another firm.

Setting clear expectations of a PR agency before you sign on is the greatest approach to alleviate any concern. In this manner, you may avoid being duped by charlatans while still setting realistic expectations for PR components like media coverage, social media engagement, and return on investment.

Media coverage, customer/audience sentiment, social media involvement, winning awards, website traffic, or sales inquiries, or any of the other metrics that may be used to evaluate PR performance, are not guaranteed by PR agents.

A professional PR agency, on the other hand, will be able to assess what you’re marketing, whether it’s a product, a business, your expertise, or a campaign, and give you an estimate of how time-consuming it will be to get traction in your PR and what sort of outcomes you can expect.

A competent public relations firm will strive for results that are useful and significant to your company’s overall goals and marketing objectives. Except in the case of unanticipated events, it should be able to manage expectations and then fulfil or surpass them. Even so, they should handle it in such a way that you are not disappointed.

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