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Looking for the right rehabilitation centre for you where you can get the help you need?

When getting help for addiction it is important to ensure you are going to be receiving not just the best detox help but also counselling and psychiatric help. These are massively important to help someone to recover from addiction as the tools you learn can be used after you leave rehab.

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In this article we will be showcasing the best rehabilitation centres in the UK, breaking down who the company is, where the company is based and what makes the company so good. Not only this but you will confident that by reading our page you will find the best rehabilitation company that meets your needs.

Best Rehab Companies 2022

From our research, here is a list of the best Rehab companies June 2022

Addiction Treatment Rehab

Addiction Treatment Rehab Logo

Addiction Treatment Rehab are an extremely reputable rehabilitation centre with an excellent success rate, helping people nationwide to overcome their alcohol, gambling and drug addictions. We rank their services #1 because of their professionalism and attention to detail, and in our opinion, as they’re nationwide, they’re the a great choice if you’re looking for the best rehab centre near me. Find out more about this organisation via our full review of Addiction Treatment Rehab.

Rehabilitation Centre 

Rehabilitation Centre Logo

Rehabilitation Centre are another great rehab company that do tremendous work nationwide, specialising in a multitude of rehabilitation services. This company works closely with its patients to tackle their addictions, and again with a very high success rate, these are a great choice for UK rehab services. To learn more about this organisation, read of review of Rehabilitation Centre here.



An experienced rehab centre with a great reputation, UKAT have several rehabilitation centres scattered across the UK, and have been helping people with many issues for many years now. UKAT even offer 24/7 hour support and 1-year aftercare for their patients as well, which is a great feature of the work they do. For more information about the work they do, why not read our UKAT Review on our site.

Which Rehab 

Which Rehab Logo

Which Rehab are an extremely helpful rehab company that work closely with their patients to help their addictions. They offer detox, rehab, counselling and aftercare services that contribute to their high success rate, and are certainly a rehabilitation company that we would recommend. For more about who Which Rehab are and what they do, why not read through our Which Rehab review here.

Rehab 4 Addiction

Rehab 4 Addiction Logo

Rehab 4 Addiction are at number 5 on our list, and these guys do some great work across the UK helping people to tackle their addictions.

What is a Rehab Company?

A Rehabilitation company provides care and detox services for people who struggle with addiction, this bing alcohol or drugs. These services are vital for people wanting to get out of being in the addiction process.

Rehab companies not only offer detox (getting people off the addiction e.g drugs or alcohol) but also help people psychologically with different therapies and counselling which they can continue once they have left the facility.

How to Choose the Best Rehab Company

It is important to choose the right rehab as if you don’t it may not help you. The key factors to look for are:

  • Reviews from previous patients
  • Training and experience of the staff
  • If the company has been given any awards
  • The success of previous patients.

How Do Rehab Companies Make Money?

Rehab companies make money in different ways, in the UK patients are expected to pay for their own rehabilitation this could cost more that £1,400. However due to the strain on the NHS a lot more private rehabilitation companies are becoming popular this is because of waiting lists to get help.

If people can afford the services they are more likely to go and get help from a private company as they will be helped a lot faster than being on the NHS.

Rehab companies often put their treatment into different sections, these are:

  • Whether the patient will be an inbound or outbound patient- The patient will normally live in the rehab clinic or they will be able to live at home and carry on with daily life, however this can depend on the severity of addiction.
  • Whether the patient can gain the help from the NHS, if the NHS thinks the patients case is severe enough it is possible that their stay at rehab could be funded or semi funded for.
  • The patient pays for the amount of time they are in the facility or using the outbound services. If a patient is using the services for a month they will pay less than another patient who is in the rehab for three months.

Rehab Companies to Avoid

As previously stated, it is imperative to look for the right rehab for you, the reader. This is because everyone is different and some rehabs may work for others but not for you this can be due to the services provided or the therapy given, or even where it is located.

However there should be some things that are red flags, when you are researching rehab companies, make sure you avoid.

Any with bad reviews- This can be a red flag, as if a lot of previous patients are saying that it is not a good place and should be avoided then it probably wont be the best place for you.

The training and experience of the staff- It is important  to make sure that all staff are trained to the right level and they are experienced to deal with every walk of life.

The success rate of the rehab company- it is important to ensure the success rate of the company, as if you go to a successful rehab company they will likely be more able to help you with the addiction and have more tools that can help you in your recovery.

Full List Of  UK Rehab Companies

We have compiled a list of UK Rehab Companies below: