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Looking to promote your memorable, quality, and polished video? Doing it yourself is technically possible, but it can often be more tedious than it sounds. If your business or brand is new to video marketing, you’re probably thinking about how to do this in May 2024.

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You can create and promote engaging videos with the help of a video marketing agency. Video marketing services help you target the appropriate consumers & the best video marketing services can even give your video to the right channels to boost your profile to get you more views & interaction from the audience.

You might be interested in learning more about video marketing companies especially if you don’t have the time to get started with this strong digital marketing approach. We have selected the best Video Marketing agencies in the UK based on the latest in-depth reviews so, read on to find out more details about what services these video marketing agencies provide, and how can they aid your company in May 2024

Best Video Marketing Companies 2024

From our research, here is a list of the best online Video Marketing services in May 2024:

Video Veggie

Video Veggie Logo

Video Veggie are without a doubt our best pick of the bunch when it comes to video marketing services. These guys not only guarantee rankings for keywords in YouTube, but ensure to do it in an organic, Google friendly manor. There’s 4 packages available at Video Veggie to suit all budgets and business types, and to find our more about the services they offer, check out our in-depth review of Video Veggie.

Video Veggie also have a video explaining their service in more detail below, so if that can also be a great place to find out more.

Overall, Video Veggie’s unique and highly effective service is definitely enough for us to place them right at the top of our list of video marketing companies for 2024

Promo SEO Video 

PromoSEO Logo

PromoSEO are another example of an excellent video marketing company that work with clients of all sizes to achieve their goals. PromoSEO’s video department are known to be a reliable service, working in numerous industries and providing consistent video rankings in YouTube. To learn more about PromoSEO Video, check out our review of their services.

We’ve also reviewed this company on this video below, so feel free to give that a quick watch if you are interested.

Overall, we’d place PromoSEO at #2 on our list, because these guys are a tremendous video marketing outfit with bags of experience.

Hurricane Media

Hurricane Media Logo

Hurricane Media are an experienced outfit that specialise in video marketing. Their work is probably more tailored towards larger clients, and have some excellent case studies of their work on their website. Hurricane are based in London, but have had several overseas clients over the years as a result of the nature of their work. To learn more about Hurricane Media and the work they do, take a look at our full review of Hurricane today.


Solve Logo

Solve focus on a wide variety of SEO services, and are another example of a good video marketing company. The team at Solve do some tremendous work in the digital marketing world, and with video it’s no exception. These guys are more of an all-in-one marketing team however, which is why they are positioned slightly lower in our list. To learn more about Solve, give our full review a read.


Opace Logo

Based in Birmingham, Opace are a full service marketing agency that also carry out video marketing for their services. Again, further down the list due to the fact that they’re more of an all-in-one brand. We’d definitely have them as one of our best in the industry though, so to find out more about Opace, why not read our review on their company.

What is a Video Marketing Company?

Businesses can profit greatly from video production services. A well-produced, high-quality film indicates professionalism and can help a company’s image. A professional video production business will also be familiar with the most up-to-date video and streaming technologies, as well as distribution platforms.

A video marketing agency can help you shoot your video, assess the market, and help you figure out who you should be targeting your video to. That’s all part of the video marketing strategy which most video marketing agencies offer. The best video marketing agencies can also assist with editing so that you end up with a top-notch, professional video that you’ll be proud to show off.

One thing is certain as digital and content marketing evolves: video marketing has firmly established itself in the environment. More people are watching videos than ever before and now, thanks to all the consumers getting on the video watching trend, you can earn money with videos. With the help of a video marketing agency, you can make a product video on your business’ website or profile which can boost conversions by as much as 80%. Depending on your objectives, the video company can place your video on the most appropriate channels so you can get the most views, interactions, and sales.

Video marketing is this century’s best, surest, and quickest way to gain more customers and with the help of a video marketing agency, you don’t have to worry about the nitty-gritty of advertising and publicising your product or service. Leave it up to them to make your ad as creative and relevant as possible!

How to Choose the Best Video Marketing Company

We understand how important each decision is for your brand, whether you’re a little business or a household name. So, here are some things to note when choosing the video marketing company for you:

  • What are their notable projects?
  • Who were their past clients and do they have any feedback?
  • What industries have they served?
  • How are they on professionalism?
  • What is their working timeline and does it work for you?
  • How much do they charge?

Before you take on your first video project, you’ll have to figure out how much you’re willing to spend. So, before choosing a video advertising company, it may be worthwhile to scout for the best companies that can cater to your needs and your budget.

Each video production company tries their best to deliver results and now you know what to ask and what to look for when scouting for the online video marketing company that gives you the best video marketing strategy possible, you can go ahead and confidently find the right video marketing company that suits you!

How Do Video Marketing Companies Make Money?

There are five ways that companies can directly make cash from an audience group, namely these:

1. Advertising/sponsorship

2. Conference and events

3. Premium content

4. Donations

5. Subscriptions

These marketing videos made by professional video production companies can be charged by the hour or by the project. Finding and keeping clients is crucial to make money as well as gain traction and become one of the top video marketing agencies. The next greatest customers are those who will refer you to their friends and coworkers. That is why it is critical to establish a positive client relationship from the start so the money stream can keep steady while you create videos and video campaigns or video content.

Video Marketing Companies to Avoid

As a business, you have to remember that your potential consumers and viewers are highly subjective. They’ll judge the quality of your video and compare it to the quality of your company. Since everyone can shoot a video with a smartphone these days, you’ll need to select a company that stands out and provides high-quality work within your budget. With that in mind, here are some notable things to avoid:

  • The lack of digital strategy applied and lack of knowledge in marketing channels.
  • Avoid videos that are too focused on direct selling or have improper selling points. That is not conducive to effective internet marketing and isn’t how effective video marketing works.
  • If the advantage of the product is not clear or the company can’t understand how to best boost your business, then they are not the right video marketing agency for you.
  • A company that gives marketing services yet cannot give entertaining videos that correctly show your branding or simply make a video for the sake of making a video, then steer clear of them.
  • Marketing services that give an overwhelming amount of information are not effective and should be avoided.
  • One great and undervalued marketing tool is using an optimal video length. Companies that can do this are the ones you should go for.

Full List Of Video Marketing Companies

We have compiled a list of Video Marketing Companies below: