Best Video Production Companies

A video is a great marketing strategy to get your business out there in the digital world. Adding videos to your website or app is a unique approach to make your business stand out. Hiring a video production business allows you to focus on growing your brand rather than figuring out video editing software or sound engineering.

Video production agencies allow you to fill in the blanks with what you want and how you want it to feel by providing excellent video production services. This overview of the best video production firms discusses how the best in the industry put their experience to work for your company’s success.

Video production companies offer content that can be pretty beneficial to your company. Finding a companion who meets your requirements, on the other hand, can be difficult. Hire expert production businesses to help you communicate messages that stand out. We have selected the best Video Production Companies in the UK based on the latest in-depth reviews.

Best Video Production Companies 2022

From our research, here are the Best Video Production Companies:


PromoPixa Logo

PromoPixa are our leading video production company, working with clients across the country to produce and edit videos for companies of all sizes.

This organisation work with both commercial and domestic clients, so no matter what your industry is, PromoPixa can help create the perfect video for you.

We reviewed PromoPixa in detail here, so make sure to have a read of our full review if you are interested in finding out any more about this organisation.


Showreel Logo

At number 2 we have Showreel, again, another nationwide business operating for businesses across the United Kingdom to carry out their video services.

Showreel can work with companies in any industry, taking time to understand your business in detail and create the perfect video for you.

You can have a read of our Showreel review here, explaining more about what they offer as a company.

CreativeJigsaw Film Production

Creative Jigsaw Production Logo

Our 3rd pick for best video production company is Creative Jigsaw Production, working with clients of all types to offer a reliable video production service that people love.

Creative Jigsaw have a really good reputation within the industry, and their fantastic testimonials back that up.

If there’s any more information you’d like to know about Creative Jigsaw, you can have a read of our full review by clicking here.

Kaleidoscope CFA

Kaleidoscope CFA

Kaleidoscope CFA make it in at number 4 of our favourite video production companies, based in Newcastle Upon Tyne and providing film and animation services to their client base.

Kaleidoscope have built up some excellent case studies of work they’ve carried out in the past, with some really compelling and though-provoking work.

Be sure to have a read of our Kaleidoscope CFA review on our site if you would like to find out any more about them.

Leeds Video Production Ltd

Leeds Video Production Logo

Leeds Video Production Ltd make it at #5 on our list of the best video production companies, working for some brilliant clients over the years.

This video production company are based in Leeds, however they’ve travelled across the UK (and Europe!) carrying out their many video services, so they’re plenty experienced too.

If you’d be interested in learning any more about who Leeds Video Production are and what they do, please read our full review of the company.

What is a Video Production Company?

Video production firms use corporate photography and editing to create video content. Some businesses additionally assist with the sale of video-based content or other forms of advertising. These industries are focused on diverse areas for most corporations, such as health care, education, or non-profit organisations.

Video production services usually include:

  • Live-action and animated videos
  • Film and television productions
  • Broadcast video productions
  • Digital marketing and web advertisements
  • Promotional video website content
  • Corporate videos
  • Explainer video content
  • Social media marketing videos
  • Documentaries
  • Educational videos

The content creator must be involved in all three stages of film production, including shooting, editing, and distribution.

How to Choose the Best Video Production Company

When hiring a video production company, what should you look for? A video production company based in the United Kingdom must have all of the following:

Portfolio of Creative Ideas

The top video production companies usually have a collection of previous projects that demonstrates the type of video content they make, their abilities, and their post-production and pre-production services.

Watching films they’ve made will give you an idea of how they think up concepts and put them into action to create visuals compatible with your brand’s voice and image.

Video Strategy

You can hunt for a video production company focused on the projects you’re working on. Whether you require animated video services, motion graphics, corporate video advertisements, promotional videos, training videos, branded videos, explainer videos, or other digital marketing productions, you’ll discover a staff with digital strategy and relevant experience for exactly what you need.


Aside from production quality, you want to deal with a video production agency based in the United Kingdom that goes above and beyond to earn your business. You want a creative director who your marketing manager or marketing director can trust to develop new and innovative ideas to help your company reach its objectives.

Timely Production Process

You want to work with the best video production agencies that are conscientious about meeting deadlines. You don’t want to wind up with marketing video productions that look hastily put together, so you need an animation production staff that knows how to manage time.


When you look at their portfolio, you’ll get a notion of the kind of production budgets they operate with. Video production companies for small business clients are usually far more cost-effective. Nonetheless, make sure that their pricing comes with high-quality work when creating videos.

How Do Video Production Companies Make Money?

Video production businesses have all of the necessary audio-video equipment to create a high-quality video-quality audio-visual production. They also have an expert who has dedicated their career doing voice-overs for television shows and movies and developing and programming screenplays.

Hiring a video production business gives you access to technical expertise and direction that your employees are unlikely to possess. When hiring a video production firm for your company’s video production project, keep in mind that video production businesses create rich content with considerable revenue potential, and that’s what you’re paying for.

Video production services make money by providing significant benefits to organisations, such as a high-quality, professionally produced video that exhibits professionalism and enhances a company’s image. A professional video production business will also be familiar with the most up-to-date video and streaming technologies and distribution platforms.

They earn by making up-to-date, high-quality videos, including brand videos, event videos, interview videos, TV commercials, and advertising videos that could generate leads towards your company. Fortunately, the United Kingdom offers many excellent video production companies to choose from.

Video Production Companies to Avoid

Companies require video material for marketing initiatives, but videos may be used in a variety of ways. You may make an instructional how-to guide or display a video of one of your staff being interviewed.

Whatever your reason for needing video, be careful of the following signs when you begin your search for a video production firm to avoid being stuck with an unreliable and unskilled company.

No Brand Video

Practising what you preach is one of the essential requirements for every firm in any field. If a video production team is dependable, they will also use videos to promote their services. When someone believes in themselves and their abilities, they work for themselves and their clients.

Does not Understand SEO

Some organisations are known for producing excellent videos, but they lack a thorough understanding of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This is a problem because online videos require the proper SEO tactics to enhance site traffic, conversion rates, and search engine rankings.

Outdated Video Marketing Services

Video content must evolve in tandem with technological advancements. It is the responsibility of the producing business to keep up with current technologies. Everything from cameras and lighting to social media platforms and other venues to share video footage falls under this category.

You should look for a new production business if your current one doesn’t understand alternative distribution channels or advanced procedures.

Generic Style for Final Videos

Only if your videos are crafted to reflect your organisation’s specific mission, goals, and brand will they be successful. This can only happen if the organisation pays attention to your demands and tailors its response to them. Avoid video creation companies that employ pre-made content to market your company.

Unreliable Post-production Services

The video-producing business must have a strategy for distributing your content worldwide. They must understand how to optimise the video for YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. They will know how to format the video properly once they have determined where it will be shared.

No Customer Reviews

Testimonials are a valuable resource for learning about a firm. You should look for a more experienced team to deal with if a video production team refuses or cannot show you any feedback.

No Clear Objective

The video’s goal will determine the overall message you develop. You will wind up reshooting scenes or having a confused final video if the production company does not have a purpose in mind. Your final videos must keep a clear message and demonstrate what you want viewers to know and how they should act after watching them.

All Video Production Agencies

Here is the full list of the video production companies we have reviewed:

The top-rated video production company reviews were updated in June 2022.