Best Website Brokers

When it comes time to sell your website, it’s generally a good idea to look for a top website broker.

Website brokers can help you to get your online store up and moving for the best rates, and to make sure that those looking to buy your business are genuinely invested in what you have to offer.

In this guide, we will be taking a look at the top online business website brokers available. We have made a point of analysing each website broker in this list so that you can get a firm idea of what they offer in the buying and selling process.

Top Website Brokers

From our research, the best website brokers in June 2022 are:

  1. Empire Flippers
  2. Flippa UK
  3. Odys Global
  4. Website Properties
  5. Fe International
  6. Website Closers
  7. We Sell Your Site
  8. Acquisitions Direct

What is a Website Broker?

A website broker is an online service which aids in selling businesses to the right bidders.

If you want to put online businesses up for sale, approaching website brokers is a great idea. These companies are not only adept at selling websites to broad audiences, but they also know their markets like nobody else.


The best website broker service will have reliable connections to sellers and companies who can help you to get the asking price you are looking for.

Online business brokers make profits, of course, but they genuinely care about making sure that both buyers and sellers get the deals they deserve.

If you want to sell your business website, the best thing to do is reach out to an online expert selling websites around the clock.

Take a look not just at their sales techniques, but at their reviews, the power they wield, and how much they demand from you – in line with how much you get back in return!

Our Top Picks

Here is our complete list of the best website brokers available to buy and sell with right now.

We’ve made sure to test and analyse their services ourselves, as well as to see what the general public consensus is on their current running.

Whether you have one or more e-commerce website that you need to flip or sell at short notice, these brokers will help you get site after site selling with ease.


ODYS stands for Our Domains Your SEO, and this broker has quickly become one of the leading names in the industry. Not only do they have a fantastic reputation for some of the strongest links in various spheres and markets, but they offer some of the most careful customer care in the business. This goes for whether you’d like to buy or sell business assets or websites online!

ODYS generally has thousands of top domains and websites for sale at any given time, meaning that from buying and selling standpoints, they tend to run a fantastic game.

ODYS specialises in tapping into niches and markets that might otherwise go unnoticed out in the open, or even by those who are looking to buy websites and domains that rank highly. ODYS offers up niche relevant websites and expired domains at phenomenally reasonable prices.

They offer a manually-picked approach to domain and website sourcing, meaning that if you are keen to sell your website and you’re in a specific niche or nook, ODYS may well be the best team for you to call.


Empire Flippers

Empire Flippers is a significant name in the website brokers’ industry, and for a good reason. This Delaware based firm offers a global approach to flipping the best online businesses, and they have built up a firm reputation as one of the safest marketplaces on the web right now.

You only have to take a look at some of their stats for business website sales to see how much of a splash they make. They’ve sold more than $100 million in business websites alone thus far.

When selling websites with Empire Flippers, you immediately benefit from tailored, expert advice to help dig deep into your niche. As a buyer, you will find Empire Flippers is one of the best websites for finding an online business or two at an incredible value.


Flippa is famously one of the easiest website broker services available for you to get into right now. It’s ideal for buyers and sellers alike, with protections available for those who want to sell websites to a receptive audience or two.

Flippa will help you to reach out for more than just a quick sale. They can tailor your experience to your needs if you are a new business, an established brand, or even if you are selling up the bare bones of your domain. There is a lot of flexibility here.

Flippa brings in a substantial amount of traffic, too, meaning that if you are having trouble getting websites moving elsewhere, you may well find the passing niche audiences you’re looking for here. Seriously – it’s worth selling websites here purely for the ease of use.

FE International

FE International is a professional service which offers a special connection and flip over ratio. They advise having been able to sell hundreds of businesses with a success margin of at least 94%. That’s a pretty appealing statistic.

FE International will appeal to buyers and sellers alike thanks to its global approach. They are amongst the best website brokers purely for the fact that they are so intricate. Their brokers’ data is amongst the tightest and therefore best online, and only pre-qualified buyers can apply.

Therefore, if you want to sell your site to a niche audience with an exclusive appeal, FE may be the best website brokers to approach right now.

Website Closers

When it comes to selling your website, you will likely need to look for website brokers such as Website Closers, who can help to broaden your scope if you’re in the tech or digital game.

This enormous database of online businesses will get you up close and personal with investors keen to find the next big thing in tech or digital marketing.

They specialise in niche appeal, meaning that you don’t have to be an established or even household name to make your mark. They’ve helped to sell SEO experts and sale operators all over the world.

Choose Website Closers if you are looking for the best website brokers to help you reach out to the tech sphere. It’s one which is always growing, so it’s worth tapping into ASAP.

We Sell Your Site

This entrepreneurial powerhouse recently celebrated 15 years in business, and since that time, they’ve made more than $100 million as established website brokers for their sellers. Therefore, you’re in safe hands if you have a website that’s worth flipping.

What’s interesting about WSYS is the fact that they will actively help you get your website up to scratch and ready to sell, too. Therefore, if you’re worrying that you are wandering blindly into a sale, this is a business who will support you from start to finish.

This is a great website broker if you are new to the idea, or if you have a new website and want to push for max value.

Acquisitions Direct

Last but certainly not least, we have to recommend Acquisitions Direct purely for its influence on the website brokers you’ve already read about in this list. Acquisitions Direct has been in the business and website broker industry for almost 20 years.

In that time, they’ve helped to sell hundreds of great value firms.

They have a reasonably unmatched knowledge base when it comes to their niches and specialisms, with e-commerce being one of the main focuses.

Therefore, if you have an online store business and need strong links to the right buyers, sell your business with Acquisitions Direct as a priority.


Buying and selling websites online is, in and of itself, big business! The above brokers offer their specialities and niche appeal, meaning, that whether you choose Empire Flippers or ODYS, you’ll be sure to find the links that bring you the best deals.

Consider the above to be your best shots and getting your website sold to the masses.

All Domain Brokers

Here is a list of all the domain brokers to buy and sell digital assets online: