BigWin Affiliate Program

The BigWin affiliate program might just offer you the chance you’re looking for when claiming some lucrative passive income.  The brand is well-known for running a series of mid-sized gaming and casino sites. All of these have popular visitor bases. Therefore, by working as an affiliate marketer, you could convert clicks into cash on a regular basis.

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But what is it about the BigWin program that’s so appealing?  Is it the commission rates?  The range of sites covered?  How easy is it to get started, and to make a regular income?  Let’s take a closer look, and see if it’s worth you getting involved.

How Does the BigWin Affiliates Program Work?

The BigWin affiliate program works on the basis that you deliver new players to casinos and gaming sites.  You do this by promoting certain brands through your website or blog. The more players who sign up through your click, and who play regularly, the more money you could claim back in commission.

Commission comes from how much money your clickers and players put into the sites you’ve advertised for.  We’ll cover this in a little more detail below.  The percentage of commission you get to will also change depending on the number of players you help to sign up. Find out more about gambling affiliate programs to see what’s available from different brands.

So, the more people who click on your links, the more money you could make on a passive basis.  That’s why it pays to market often, and to keep producing quality, relevant content!

BigWin Affiliate Sites

BigWin affiliate sites may be well-known by plenty of people in the online gaming community.  The brands owned by the parent company are mid-sized. While not huge global brands, they still offer a lot of choice and chances for players to win big.  This, of course, is going to be very appealing to anyone wanting to give your link a good click.

They deal with some of the best UK bingo sites and top slots brands with a great range of features.

While these sites may not be the biggest around, they do have solid reputations, great games and brilliant software on-board.  Take a closer look and see what you think!

What is the Commission Like?

The commission is something you should be looking at before you sign up for any affiliate programs or schemes.  On the whole, BigWin’s commission scale is very competitive. There is a possibility for you to earn up to 50% on any money that players put into the sites you plug.

But, it’s all based on how many players you convert.  For example, up to nine players converted will earn you 30% commission.  There’s 35% revenue due back on up to 19 players, 40% on up to0 29, 45% on up to 39, and a huge 50% on over 40 players converted.

With some bigger affiliate schemes expecting you to convert hundreds of people for less than 50%, this is a very attractive scale indeed.

You can find affiliate programs from some of the most popular betting sites and top online casinos as well if you’d like to promote these too.

Their Payment Options

Of course, it also makes sense to make sure your preferred payment methods are covered.  BigWin offers you a choice of platforms, from Neteller and bank transfers to Skrill. Do be aware that the minimum threshold for payment will be £100 for Neteller and Skrill, and £200 for bank transfers.  Money normally arrives quickly, in just a few days.

However, do be careful with extra fees. BigWin charges 15% on top of all payments made to cover admin costs.  For a lot of people, this is a fair enough compromise given the flexible commission scale.

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How to Get Involved

Simply head straight to BigWin’s affiliate portal and fill out a few details to get started with an affiliate manager.  The competitive scale of pay should be enough to entice you. Though as always, do be careful with any terms and conditions which may come attached.  It makes sense to be cautious when starting an affiliate program for the first time.

Who’s to say? With regular content and links, you could be earning serious money by becoming a BigWin partner.  Take a closer look and see what you think!

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