Bingham Ground Services Review

Bingham Ground Services are a UK-based surfacing material and installation company that has been operating for many years. This Bingham Ground Services review will break down what they do, who they are, and whether their customers have been walking away happy with the results.

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Bingham Ground Services Overview

Bingham Ground Services were established in 2005 to fill a gap in the market – the need for a surfacing and ground company that also paid attention to its customers more than the average business. Since then, the company has expanded, along with its list of offered services.

The company’s main focus is to provide whatever their clients need while paying attention to their limitations, requirements, and the environment around them. This includes keeping a clear understanding of their clients’ financial limits or preferences when planning out a new project.

Bingham Ground Services have worked with many different companies and organisations over the years, with work ranging from schools and sports clubs to domestic gardens and residential shared spaces. All of their completed projects have been tailored to what their clients wanted most.

They are also an authorised installer of Notts Sport Systems and have partnered with multiple other companies in the past to expand their range of products and services in various different ways.

Services Offered By Bingham Ground Services

As a surfacing company, most of what Bingham Ground Services offers will be tied to the construction and installation of different surfaced spaces. However, the range of these surfaces gives them a long list of different services, options and bespoke projects to offer to their clients.

Bingham Ground Services offer the following services, alongside several others:

Multi-Use Games Areas (MUGAs)

MUGAs are meant to be shared, multi-purpose spaces that can support a wide range of different sports, whether that is football, tennis, or some highly specific non-standard exercise routine. Whatever the case, a MUGA incorporates multiple sports pitches into one single design.

This means that a football pitch can also be turned into a set of tennis courts, have the required markings to play rugby, or potentially even get used as a running track. While the materials are not specific to a certain sport type, they can be used for almost anything without issue.

MUGAs are also very varied in colour and can be set up as extremely vibrant spaces that have a lot to offer. Not only does a good MUGA save on space by condensing multiple sports areas into one, but they can also be a lot more practical for shared, publically accessible exercise facilities.

Cricket Grounds

Bingham Ground Services offer cricket spaces. This can be an entire pitch of material, a single bowling strip to cut down on how much has to be changed, or even a net-covered practice area that is meant to help new players get used to bowling and hitting.

Since cricket only needs a certain amount of space for the ball to roll before it gets hit, these grounds can consist of a single artificial grass strip on a normal grass field, which can be significantly cheaper. However, many clients prefer to get an entire square space installed for better grass consistency.

Playground Surfaces

While sports are often the main focus of surfacing projects, playgrounds rely on them just as often since children can very easily hurt themselves if they fall onto a hard surface from too high up. Bingham Ground Services are fully trained in the installation of protective playground surfacing.

Not only can these surfaces be installed as safety measures, but the company offers to work with clients to create the exact designs that they want. This makes it extremely easy to add fun visuals or exercise markings onto the surface, even across multiple flooring types and materials.

The end result is a protective, shock-absorbing surface that can keep children safer when they fall from the critical fall height (the highest walkable point in the playground). The materials they use are far more durable than many other options and still offer good protection from sudden slips.

Indoor Flooring

Bingham Ground Services offers some indoor flooring for sports use, making it easier to actually play sports in wider spaces. These are not just regular flooring but provide proper support and protection to players, regardless of the sport.

Since each indoor space is different, this work is almost always bespoke. This means that clients may be able to talk with Bingham Ground Services and ask for specific designs, materials or surface properties that normally would not be an option, making it easier to customise the end result.

Artificial Lawns

While artificial grass is already a part of Bingham Ground Services’ offerings, their services also include the installation of these lawns as a residential project. These can be a good replacement for existing outdoor spaces in areas that can’t grow or support normal lawns properly.

This grass is installed on top of a sub-base (usually stone) after the area is cleared, with whatever drainage and other features or additions are needed. Once in place, it is secured with a timber edge, then brushed with dry sand to offer even longer life than artificial grass would ordinarily have.

Grass Matting

Bingham Ground Services can also provide specialist mats that can be placed on top of existing grass, preventing erosion on both natural and artificial turf areas. They have the extra benefit of being shock-absorbing and responsive, as well as leaving holes to drain water or let seeds grow in dirt.

These mats are very versatile and can fit into a number of different niches, but even when used on normal earth, they can stop high-traffic areas from being turned into sludge by constant foot traffic.

Wet Pour Cleaning

If you need to get wet pour surfaces cleaned, Bingham Ground Services can offer that, using all of their experience to clean out unwanted bacteria and debris that might have gotten into the rubber or similar material options. This cleaning process is extremely thorough and machine-based.

With the high-power pressure washer machines that the company owns, they can blast away blockages, opening up blocked drainage areas and keeping the space clean. This is available for any wet pour surface, regardless of the material involved.

Play Equipment

Bingham Ground Services have partnered with A E Evans to offer a wide variety of playground equipment, all of which can be installed on top of existing surfaces or as a brand new playground project. Each of them is safety-checked and build to last, even in bad weather conditions.

All of this equipment can be used to construct a great playground, but clients are able to approach it from a bespoke position. This makes it easier to decide which pieces of equipment are needed, where they should go, and what kind of modifications might be needed to the finished equipment.

Bingham Ground Services Contact Details

  • Bingham Ground Services Address – 28 Main St, Sutton on Trent, Newark NG23 6PF
  • Bingham Ground Services Phone number – 01777 871019
  • Bingham Ground Services Email Address – [email protected]
  • Bingham Ground Services Facebook –
  • Bingham Ground Services Twitter –
  • Bingham Ground Services LinkedIn –

Bingham Ground Services Reviews

Bingham Ground Services have managed to earn quite a few reviews, although some are just non-text star ratings on sites like Facebook or Bark. The majority of Bingham Ground Services reviews are extremely positive, with their profile on both of those sites having a solid five stars.

Marian Walters, via Facebook, says:

“I highly recommend this company. Very professional and do a fantastic job. Attention to detail. A great job.”

Tim Beer adds more, with:

“A great service from start to finish. Always like dealing with people who deliver what they promise and a pleasure to deal with. Would definitely fully recommend.”

Mo Dunleavy was pleased too:

“Their attention to detail was faultless. Such a nice group of polite & friendly lads, a credit to your business. Would definitely recommend.”

Sam Martin said:

“A very easy process to get them booked. Samples provided. Workmen arrived on time, were friendly and did a cracking job. I love my grass. I would definitely recommend Bingham ground services!”


This Bingham Ground Services review can’t cover everything the company has to offer or all of the review posts, but they are definitely a great option for getting your surfacing issues and needs resolved. Their list of services is quite extensive and varied, with many ways to customise the work.

If you want to know more about what the company offers, use the Bingham Ground Services contact details up above. The best way to learn more about Bingham Ground Services services is to ask them yourself, especially if you want to know about a specific bespoke project or niche requirement.

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