BoyleSports Affiliate Program

Boylesports is a very popular gaming and betting brand. It is well-known both online and offline. So, it was only ever going to be a matter of time before a Boylesports affiliate program emerged.

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This particular program lets you promote and market the Boylesports casino brand. So you will be partnering with one casino and gaming lounge for the entirety of your campaign with them.

This isn’t a bad thing, Boylesports is a recognisable brand. So many people may be keen to try out the casino offerings they present to their online audience.

What’s more, the casino already has a strong core of users and fans, so your potential for passive revenue could be huge. You’ll never know unless you sign up, get started and find out!

Who Are Boylesports Affiliates?

Boylesports Affiliates is a scheme associated with the popular Boylesports betting brand.  This brand is best known as a sportsbook provider. But, as with many bookmakers and betting brands, they have chosen to move into the world of online gaming in recent times.  They are giving blog owners the chance to make extra money by introducing people to their site.

The scheme works based on how much money the people you refer pay into the Boylesports casino.  The more money they pay in, the more you’ll get back. It’s one of the top casino brands online with plenty of loyal players and new members signing up.

This works on a flat scale, which means that the casino will still get majority revenue share. But, if you continue to promote and introduce new people to the site, there’s nothing to say that your earnings won’t escalate in due course.

Why Sign Up?

There are lots of great reasons for signing up to the Boylesports affiliate program.

  • If you already run a gambling site and oversee regular traffic, you may be able to make a lot of passive income.
  • It’s easy to promote the casino. You will receive a variety of marketing tools to help. But you would otherwise need to write engaging, persuasive copy on why you think the casino is worth registering with.
  • The more people you refer, the more money you stand to make.  So, it pays to keep at it! You never know – you could be making some serious cash on the side by running your website.

However, do also be aware that as with all affiliate schemes, there is no guarantee of any kind of income. You will need to keep an open mind before you get started. What’s more, you should always consult the terms and conditions before you fill in any details.

Potential for Commission

The potential for commission with the Boylesports affiliate program is quite high.  Unlike some affiliate programs, Boylesports sets its commission rate for partners at 30%.

This is pretty competitive in the gambling affiliate industry. It will be refreshing to some people that they won’t have to perform to a certain standard to get access to higher rates. This rate applies to casino gaming, which means any money deposited through there adds to your pot.

Sites Covered

Check out all the sites and games from BoyleSports that are covered by the affiliate platform below.

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Payment Details

You’ll currently be able to cash out with the scheme through your bank wire transfer. You can also do it through other payment methods like a Player Account, Neteller, PayPal or Skrill.

The default threshold for cashing out to an e-wallet is £100, so do make sure you have enough in earnings before you try to take any money away.

The site doesn’t operate on any kind of negative carryover basis, which is a good thing.  This means your potential earnings can keep rolling over without being impeded. You’ll find similar systems to this from most affiliate programs, whether you’re promoting the best bingo sites or top online slots.

More Information

The Boylesports affiliate program is a great little scheme. It lets you partner with one of the biggest names in online betting and gaming.

You should feel pretty confident in promoting a brand of this size. You could well entice and encourage more people than you think to click through and spend money.

Do always make sure to take your time to read how the scheme works. Also check what information the brand will need from you to get started.  In time, you could be making hundreds or even thousands of pounds on a regular basis.

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