Brian Ellison Racing Club Review

Are you undecided on whether to join a horse racing syndicate? After reading this review, hopefully, you would have made the right decision to invest in a horse as it could be the best thing you do.

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If your new to the horse racing world, look no further than Brian Ellison Racing Club to show you all the benefits of joining a horse racing syndicate with their great business connections for both new owners and existing ones.

This review is to give you an insight into what Brian Ellison Racing Club has to offer its members and to give all current racehorse owners an unforgettable experience before joining the syndicate.

Brian Ellison Racing Club Overview

Brian and Claire Ellison formed the Brian Ellison Racing Club, a membership-only horse racing club.

Members will get a taste of what it’s like to be a racehorse owner for an annual payment of £249.99, without having to pay the fees usually associated with ownerships.

Members will become one of at least five horse connections, all of whom will be trained by Brian and will wear the club’s white and black diamond colours.

Horses will be able to race all year because Brian trains both flat and national hunt horses.

Receive updates on the Membership Club’s entries and declarations, as well as Brian’s predictions for the horses’ results.

Services Offered By Brian Ellison Racing Club

Here are the services offered by the Brian Ellison Racing Syndicate:

  • Be eligible to apply for race day owners’ entry badges
  • Discounted entry tickets
  • Access to an exclusive area on the Brian Ellison website
  • Updated information on the horses and exclusive offers for Club members
  • Opportunities to meet trainers, staff and the horses during stable visits
  • Social events planned throughout the year for Members

Horses In Training

Here are some horses in training from the Brian Ellison Racing Club:



  • Ben Robinson – Flat Jockey
  • Harry Russell – Apprentice jockey
  • Oakley Brown – Conditional Jockey

Brian Ellison Racing Club Contact Details

Make sure to contact Brian Ellison Racing Club via the following details:

Spring Cottage Stables, Langton Road, Norton, Malton, North Yorkshire. YO17 9PY

Brian Ellison Racing Club Trainers

Here are the horse racing trainers who Brian Ellison Racing Club use:

  • Brian Ellison
  • Jessica Bell

Jessica Bell is a stepdaughter to Brain. Jessica has been assisting Brian with horse training since she was a child. In Brian’s absence, she takes over the reins and does an excellent job.

Brian Ellison Racing Club Reviews

Brian Ellison Racing Club has had some amazing reviews, here are a couple:

“Brian has a great mix of ambition, competitiveness, work ethic and skill. He’s easy going when it comes to running plans and when the big days come he knows how to enjoy them!”

“Brain is a great horseman and nice honest person! Hes gave us the best experience as promised”


Overall, Brian Ellison Racing Club is an amazing horse racing syndicate with plenty of victories and friendly trainers. Brians idea is to help make wonderful memories for friends and family and to give them the best experience possible.

Brian’s family have a passion for horses and are all part of the team. This family treats and trains the horses very well and makes both their members and horses feel very loved.

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