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Canopies UK Overview

Canopies UK is a designing, installing, and manufacturing canopy company with over 30 years of experience. After installing thousands of different canopies all across the nation, this company is definitely one you can trust!

Canopies UK is known to use incredibly high-quality materials to ensure that your desired canopy will last and be super sturdy. This specific company is determined to ensure that customer satisfaction is the main priority and they will 100% be designed how you want it.

They offer a range of developed designs for various places such as schools, housing, offices, and even hospitals. Whatever you’re looking for… Canopies UK should be able to deliver!

Services Offered by Canopies UK

Canopies UK offers the following services:

Outdoor dining canopies

In the UK, the weather is constantly uncertain, however, dining out is always busy! You wouldn’t want to turn customers away from your restaurant, so why not have a look at the outdoor dining canopies that Canopies UK has in store. Not only do they protect you from unpredictable forecasts, but they also can give the wow factor and really rejuvenate your outdoor seating.

Whether it is a pub, bar, or restaurant- ensuring outdoor seating is so crucial in the UK, but it’s even more crucial for the seating to be covered so that the capacity can stay large.

Dining canopies can be free-standing, meaning that they do not have to be attached or supported to any other structures. They can also be wall-mounted though, so whatever your situation is, it is more than likely that Canopies UK can do it for you!

GRP Door Canopies

Door canopies are incredibly popular for properties in the UK, they can make your home looking from simple to standing out! Door canopies have been completed over 50,000 times in lots of different styles and sizes by Canopies UK.

There are four different types of GRP door canopy designs to choose from such as:

  • Hipped door canopies- providing optimum protection from mainly rain.
  • Lean-to-door canopies- a practical way of creating shelter.
  • Flat door canopies- effective shelter from heavy rain, sleet, and snow.
  • Apex door canopies- bringing a traditional, elegant, yet effective design to properties.

The GRP canopies can also be completed very quickly and they do not need to be painted. They are provided with a fast fit service.

Playground Shelters

Giving students from nurseries all the way to college an outdoor learning environment, playground shelters are brilliant as the pupils can learn and play all year round in different weather.

Canopies UK has installed playground shelters for over 5,000 different schools! Ofsted reports have shown that outdoor learning is critical so that children can have a good curriculum, having a playground shelter can provide good Ofsted reports as outdoor learning would be accessible through every season.

One benefit of having a playground shelter is it can protect you from all different types of weather forecasts, such as strong winds, hail, and even strong UV rays. They can be wall-mounted or free-standing, therefore, they are suitable in many different ways.

Car park Canopies

To ensure that you don’t get drenched in the rain, having a car park canopy can be incredibly beneficial. They can not only protect you from the weather, but they can also look very stylish and make the building look much more expensive.

Whether it’s in Summer, Winter, Spring, or Autumn, car park canopies are so handy for protecting your can and you whilst walking to and getting in your car. They can be incredibly beneficial to hospitals for the ambulances when escorting patients in and out of the vehicle.

Canopies UK Contact Details

To get in touch with Canopies UK, here are some of their contact details:

Canopies UK Reviews

Canopies UK has received multiple positive reviews from various schools over the years they have worked, here are some of them:

Greenslade Primary School said:

We had two very hard-working installers fir a canopy into our nursery grounds, so that the children can have an outside play area in all weathers. They were very polite and flexible in overcoming a couple of problems that cropped up. We would definitely recommend Canopies UK to others.

Cottingham High School stated:

We would recommend Canopies UK to other schools. The new canopy looks great and the team who installed it was very professional.

Weston Park Primary School reviewed to say:

Our primary school has used Canopies UK a couple of times now. The service we received was highly professional. We would not hesitate to use them again.


Canopies UK truly are canopy pioneers as over the last 30 years of being in the canopy trade, they have completed so many high-quality jobs. As seen in this review for Canopies UK, it is undoubtedly clear that they are a very professional team that constructs a large variety of canopies for various spaces across the UK.

They are mainly based in commercial work for their canopies, supplying for a lot of hospitality sectors and education. Their work is always done spotlessly as the reviews state, the work has lasted for exceedingly long times as they are done to the highest standards with the best materials. They will always put the customer’s satisfaction first.

Canopies UK classifies themselves as a family, this way it shows they all work together. This ensures that there are positive reviews for the workers as they all get on so well together.

Here is a review that an employee stated about working at Canopies UK:

We love our job at Canopies UK because it gives us the opportunity to have a positive impact on people’s lives and make a difference. I go home knowing we have given 100%.

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