CC Grass Review

CC Grass is the world’s leading artificial grass manufacturer, and they provide the best turf for sports facilities and the like. They have worked with some of the biggest brands and businesses in the world, offering them a sustainable option when it comes to artificial turf.

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They are renowned for providing premier service to all of their clients, working closely with them to ensure that individual needs are met at every stage of the project. You might be surprised to know that CC Grass has the largest manufacturing facilities in the industry, allowing them to create artificial yarn and turf in-house where they can ensure the highest quality possible.

To learn more about this company, keep reading this CC Grass review to see how they could help you.

CC Grass Overview

CC Grass has over 18 years of development and manufacturing experience for its artificial grass, which is why they are the world’s leading provider of these turfs. The artificial grass from this company is made to meet world-class standards, and it has been used by large sporting corporations, including FIFA, World Rugby, and GAA, to name a few.

CC Grass is one of the only seven FIFA Preferred Providers in the world, and they are the only provider in Asia, which is a testament to their quality. This company specifically chooses only the best raw materials which have strong UV stability to ensure that the grass stays fresh and green for years to come.

As the world’s leading provider of artificial grass and turf, the company works with various clients, and the grass and turf can be used for both athletic and landscape purposes. Artificial grass has increased in popularity over the past decade, and it continues to be popular due to the fact it is low maintenance, looks great, and can last a long time.

CC Grass provides sports turfs, including artificial grass for football pitches, hockey pitches, and other professional sports. They work with large sporting corporations as well as government bodies, schools, and various residential addresses across the world.

They work with both large and small projects to ensure that all needs are met, and CC Grass has been trusted with some of the biggest projects in the world when working for FIFA and other sporting competitions.

The company is highly accredited, and their artificial grass is made to the highest safety standards, including DIN, REACH, and RoHS guidelines. The turf factory owned and operated by CC Grass is considered to be one of the best-managed factories in the industry. The factory complies with ISO9001, ISO14001, and various other strict regulations within the industry to ensure the highest health, safety, and quality.

Services Provided By CC Grass

CC Grass is the world’s leading developer of artificial grass, and they also offer an installation service. They have been used by various brands, companies, and even government bodies as well as households to provide safe, durable, and sustainable artificial grass.

Their main service is to provide sports pitches, and they have worked with FIFA, FIH, World Rugby, GAA, and ITF. Their services include:

  • Football turf
  • Hockey turf
  • Rugby turf
  • Tennis turf
  • Padel turf
  • Multi-sport turf
  • Landscape grass

CC Grass has over 18 years of experience in the development of artificial grass and turfs, which is why they are now the world’s leading developers. They work to the highest standards, ensuring their artificial grass stays fresh and green for years to come.

It is made using the best materials and is constructed in-house at the company’s factory, and all synthetic turf that is made by this business contains no lead, no heavy metals, and no harmful chemicals.

CC Grass Contact Details

If you are interested in learning more about the services offered by CC Grass or want to learn more about the company, you can contact them via:

Head Office

European Office

Social Media

CC Grass Reviews

A great way to see whether a company is the best option for you is to look into the reviews left by other clients. CC Grass is a worldwide company, and they have reviews from clients across the globe, and the majority of which are five stars on their social media.

“Five stars: Largest manufacturer of artificial grass, provide the best products with best price”

(Translated) “The best grass maker in the world. Excellent attention, humane, and quality treatment to its workers and suppliers. The best quality and price ratio.”

“Professional in artificial grass”

All reviews from the company’s Facebook page.


In this CC Grass review, we have looked into various aspects of the company and have found it to be a legit provider of artificial grass and sports turfs. This is a world-renowned provider of artificial grass that creates its own products using non-toxic materials, ensuring the highest quality every time.

This company is one of the seven FIFA turf providers across the world, and they are the only provider in Asia. This is a testament to their quality, and it shows how great of a reputation the company has achieved when it comes to global institutions. As well as providing artificial grass for large stadiums and sports grounds, they can also work with households to provide artificial grass landscaping.

Artificial grass is low maintenance, looks great, and lasts a long time which is why it is increasingly popular. CC Grass has almost two decades of experience in developing artificial grass, and this is why they are the world’s leading provider of these lawns.

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