Chelsea Thoroughbreds Review

Chelsea thoroughbreds were founded in Chelsea, London who manage various named partnerships and syndicates, who collate modest groups of similar-minded people to be apart in the ownership of racehorses.

Would you like to be a part of one of the UK’s most prestigious horse race owner clubs?

Together, founders Richard Morecombe and James Ramsden combine their wealth of experience and involvement in all aspects of horse racing to this unique business venture.

New to the world of race horsing? Look no further than Chelsea Thoroughbreds to introduce you to all the benefits of horse racing with their impressive business connections for both existing and new owners.

This review is to give you an insight as to what Chelsea Thoroughbreds has to offer and to give all current racehorse owners and anyone new to the sport an overview before joining the club.

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Who Are The Best

Chelsea Thoroughbreds are a five star London based racehorse ownership club that put you the owner at the heart of everything they do.

Chelsea thoroughbreds Overview

Why should you be a part of Chelsea Thoroughbreds?

At Chelsea Thoroughbreds, they are proud of their ability to connect with their owners not only on race days but throughout the year, including all relevant information about your horse and your ownership experience. Phone calls, emails, images and videos are an important priority to ensure owners have constant updates on their horse’s progress.

Don’t miss the annual virtual yearling parade lunch for the chance to visit the horses before full training prior to owning them, along with their regular events and gatherings which enhance the ownership experience.

Chelsea Thoroughbreds owners will have exclusive access to their horses at the trainer’s yard along with unique hospitality including exclusive owner badges on race days and the full race day experience from an owners perspective.

Services Offered By Chelsea Thoroughbreds

Here are the services offered by the Chelsea Thoroughbred Syndicate:

  • Manage different named racing partnerships & syndicates.
  • Bring together groups of like-minded people to share ownership of racehorses.
  • Offer a share price range from £5,000 to £15,000 with a much lower cost the following year(s).
  • Commit to using trainers who all have all built their reputations by either using their own know-how or being steered by professionals & experts that they have all built relationships with over time.
  • Offer a ‘club base’ in The Sydney Arms, just off the King’s Road in the heart of Chelsea, London.
  • Offer a very professional & personal level of service so that gives you the ownership experience we would want for ourselves.
  • Annual yearling parade.
  • Consistent email contact with owners.
  • Owners badges for all 10% shareholders.

Horses In Training

Here are some horses in training from the Chelsea Thoroughbreds Racing Club:

  • SAM COOKE – Trained by Ralph Beckett
  • BRIAN EPSTEIN – Trained by Richard Hannon
  • THE CINCINNATI KID – Charm Spirit Colt trained by Richard Hannon
  • OWNEY MADDEN – Oasis Dream Colt trained by Martyn Meade
  • THELMA TODD – Australia Filly trained by Michael Bell
  • DUTCH SCHULTZ – Golden Horn Colt trained by Ralph Beckett
  • TOMMY DE VITO – Dandy Man Colt trained by Charlie hills
  • RICK BLAINE – Ruler of the World Colt trained by Andrew Balding
  • NEVILE CHAMBERLAIN – Shalaa Colt trained by Martyn Meade
  • WILLIAM BLIGH – Territories Colt trained by Ralph Beckett
  • GUSTAV HOLST – Sea the Stars Colt trained by Richard Hannon
  • ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE – Oasis Dream Colt trained by Charlie Hills
  • SIR EDWARD ELGAR – No Nay Never Colt trained by John Gosden
  • NATASHA ROMANOVA – Cable Bay Filly trained by Michael Bell

Chelsea Thoroughbreds Contact Details

Make sure to contact Chelsea Thoroughbreds via the following details:

Chelsea Thoroughbreds Ltd,
117 Sydney Street,

Chelsea Thoroughbreds Trainers

Here are the horse racing trainers who Chelsea Thoroughbreds use:


Chelsea Thoroughbreds Reviews

When looking to find the Chelsea Thoroughbreds Reviews to see previous experiences with the racehorse ownership syndicate we struggled to find many online.

The reviews we did find were generally positive which is always great to check.

The testimonials and reviews from previous owners are very important to check because knowing the syndicate manager is nice to deal with is key.


If you are new to owning a racehorse we would recommend against purchasing the two-year-olds or three-year-olds because the older horses from the horses in training sales is less risky.

The return on investment from the two years olds and the three-year-olds can be much higher. But with higher reward comes higher risk and we generally recommend if joining Chelsea Thoroughbreds to start with the older horses.

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For more details telephone 07788 888 777 where James Ramsden or Richard Morecombe can assist you if based in the London SW3 area.

Chelsea Thoroughbreds Alternatives

If you feel Chelsea Thoroughbreds are not the right horse racing club to meet your standards, check out the Chelsea Thoroughbreds Alternatives: