Clarke Bell Licensed Insolvency Practitioner Review

Are you worried about the future of your business? Clarke Bell can help you understand insolvency!

Clark Bell Licensed Insolvency Practitioner has been in business since 1994. They have extensive experience dealing with all aspects of business insolvency.

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Learn more about these licensed insolvency practitioners and how they can assist you in this Clarke Bell Licensed Insolvency Practitioner Review.

Clarke Bell Licensed Insolvency Practitioner Overview

Clarke Bell Licensed Insolvency Practitioners is a Manchester-based firm that specialises in insolvency. They can assist with Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation, Company Voluntary Arrangements, and Administrations, among other corporate insolvency remedies. They will listen carefully to your issues and address them directly.

An MVL is likely to be your best option if you want to close your solvent firm in the most tax-effective way possible while also taking advantage of entrepreneurs’ relief. They can assist you with the process of Members’ Voluntary Liquidation.

Services Offered By Clarke Bell Licensed Insolvency Practitioner

Clarke Bell Licensed Insolvency Practitioner has many services that can help you protect the assets of the company. Learn more about these services in the following section.

Company Debt

Company Debt Solutions

  • Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation (CVL). If your bankrupt company needs to be liquidated, and you care about your firm’s future commercial reputation, a Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation is a considerably superior option (CVL). Clarke Bell’s helpful staff will walk you through every step of the procedure. In most circumstances, face-to-face meetings are unnecessary, and you may ‘attend’ the meeting from the convenience of your workplace. Directors may be required to meet with the Liquidator in certain situations, and failing to do so may be considered an infraction and/or grounds for disqualification.
  • Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA). Clarke Bell is a team of Licensed Insolvency Practitioners and seasoned CVA professionals providing practical solutions to business financial difficulties and debt for many years in Manchester and across the UK. Even in the most difficult or complex circumstances, their team of CVA professionals is always sympathetic to your position, tackling your problem front on. If you have increasing debts and want assistance postponing or decreasing payments, a CVA may be a good option for you. Clarke Bell can assist you with this and has extensive experience assisting comparable businesses in achieving similar goals. This design might be used as a stand-alone process or as a way out of treatment.
  • Pre-Pack Administration. You can perform a pre-pack admin if your company suffers major cash flow issues. There are various options for dealing with the situation, such as Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation (CVL) and Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA), to mention a few. Pre-packaged insolvency is a type of bankruptcy in which a reorganisation plan is agreed upon before a firm declares bankruptcy.
  • Business Rescue. Clarke Bell will assess your situation and provide advice tailored to your needs. Their company rescue specialists have seen hundreds of situations and can tell you that they will do all necessary to get your firm back on track. We will assist you from the minute you contact Clarke Bell, providing firm rescue, restructuring, and recovery assistance based on our many years of expertise. You might be able to keep your firm afloat if you act quickly.
  •  Moratorium COVID-19. Companies that have been thrown off balance due to the Covid-19 issue now have a new remedy to assist them in surviving these trying times thanks to the Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act 2020. These are a welcome endeavour for assisting a strong organisation in overcoming the significant challenges posed by the coronavirus epidemic. It’s vital to remember that this technique is intended for a solid business, not a ‘zombie’ business. The government does not want the procedure to be utilised by a firm that has no prospect of avoiding failure since it is not meant to be used to simply postpone entering a formal bankruptcy proceeding.

Company Concern

  • Creditor Pressure. It’s critical to keep in touch with all of your creditors while you try to work out a payment plan when you’re under a lot of creditor pressure. This is challenging since you must simultaneously devote time to vital company tasks and maybe firefighting difficulties elsewhere. Allow Clarke Bell to take care of all communication lines between your creditors and your business, relieving you of stress and labour.
  • Increased Overheads. Clarke Bell understands that many businesses are experiencing financial difficulties, but this does not indicate that yours is doomed. Many options exist that you may not have considered. Clarke Bell’s skilled specialists can provide a free consultation and advise on your company’s best course of action. After that, these company rescue solutions can be implemented. The staff will handle your company’s financial difficulties competently and legally, as well as give continuing help if needed.
  • Cash Flow Problems. Every year, many organisations require some restructuring, particularly when they need to confront a loss of profitability. The main thing to remember is not to wait until it’s too late and to handle any cash flow issues as soon as possible before they get out of hand. Their team of experts has a plethora of expertise dealing with cash flow issues and assisting businesses in resolving financial issues. They can assist you in identifying trouble areas and directing you down the path to recovery.
  • HMRC Debt. If your company is having trouble paying VAT or PAYE taxes, you should know that HMRC will often take aggressive measures to recover the cash, including hiring a debt collector. This is a very serious problem, and many business owners believe they have no choice except to liquidate their companies. This is far from the case since you have a variety of additional possibilities based on your circumstances.
  • Winding Up Petition. It can be tough to deal with a winding-up petition, but neglecting to do so swiftly and properly might cause it to grow out of hand. If one of your creditor’s files for bankruptcy, the remainder of your creditors are likely to increase their claims. As a result, the pressure will only worsen as time goes on. Regardless of whether the winding-up petition is successful, you must get expert assistance and legal guidance throughout the process. If the petition is approved, your firm will be wound up to pay outstanding obligations; this may be a lengthy and complicated procedure. Therefore professional help is recommended.
  • Unpaid Invoices. The answer to solving your bills problem is to confront the issue straight on. Clarke Bell’s experienced and skilled personnel can assist you with business rescue solutions that are targeted to your specific business situation, allowing you to obtain professional advice on how to get your company’s finances back on track. This might entail filing a county claim form and possibly going to court, but this seldom happens in their experience. Negotiating with customers is also an element of a business solution. It allows the parties to engage in a formal agreement in which specified portions of the debt are paid off over time. Clarke Bell, a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner, will also provide expert advice on various options.
  • Poor Trading Conditions. Clarke Bell can assess a business’s status and deliver efficient business rescue services. We can help you with debt and cash flow challenges. Formal agreements may be created to block your creditors from phoning you and demanding payment, allowing you to reclaim control of your company. Clarke Bell has a lot of knowledge and expertise, so you can rely on our staff to provide you with honest advice and the best practices, workable solution for your business, no matter what condition it’s in.

Closing Your Solvent Company

  • Members’ Voluntary Liquidation (MVL). A solvent firm can be closed in a variety of ways. Depending on the amount of cash in your business, a Members Voluntary Liquidation (MVL) may be the most tax-efficient option and save you thousands of pounds. The monies to be dispersed are subject to Capital Gains Tax rather than Income Tax when employing an MVL. If you qualify for Business Asset Disposal Relief (previously known as Entrepreneur’s Relief), your distributions will be taxed at a 10% marginal rate. This indicates that the company’s director(s) may save a lot of money on taxes. After 35 days from the date of Liquidation, Clarke Bell intends to disperse the company’s assets.
  • Business Asset Disposal Relief/Entrepreneurs’ Relief.

Getting Funds for Your Business

  • Looking to raise finances for your company? If you are going to sell or close your firm, Business Asset Disposition Relief / Entrepreneurs’ Relief can help you save a lot of money on your taxes. Entrepreneurs who sell all or part of their firm can pay just 10% Capital Gains Tax (CGT) on earnings throughout their business’s existence under the plan. If you’re thinking about selling your firm shortly, see a competent accountant or tax consultant to make sure you get the most out of Business Asset Disposition Relief / Entrepreneurs’Relief while still meeting your legal tax requirements.
  • Types of financial support available. Clarke Bell has worked with far too many directors who did not ask themselves this question before receiving additional monies as Licensed Insolvency Practitioners. Things grew worse for some of them as a result. Their business had been failing so badly that the fresh cash just served to postpone the day when they would have to close owing to insolvency. Their commercial obligations had grown, and in many cases, they were experiencing extra difficulties due to the personal guarantees that the directors were required to take out to acquire the new finance. In many circumstances, it is preferable to deal with the struggling firm through a legal insolvency procedure and then invest the new cash in a new company free of previous business obligations.

For Accountants

  • Solvent Liquidations (MVLs). The MVL Portal will allow you to view, upload, and preserve all case-related paperwork. It will also send out electronic updates (by email and/or text message) on the case’s progress, including when the stockholders anticipate their money. You will be given login information so that you can examine all of the MVL cases that your business is working on. You and your staff will be able to access an overview of all your firm’s Clarke Bell cases with this login.
  • Insolvent Liquidations (CVLs). They only undertake insolvency work at Clarke Bell, and they don’t do any corporate tax or account preparation for the company’s pre-liquidation activity. Whether you want them to be directly involved in advising your clients or just consult with them along the way, Clarke Bell has a lot of experience assessing the long-term viability of any business and the insolvency processes that can be used to avoid creditor attention and help the clients’ business survive.

Advice & Guides

  • Advice for Company Directors. Clarke Bell can help you with any questions you might have about your company’s status, as well as any additional personal counsel you might need as a director. They offer a comprehensive variety of insolvency services, and our staff is here to help you comprehend everything during what may be a stressful period for your company.
  • Advice for Partnerships. One thing to keep in mind when forming a partnership (joint and many) is that each member is accountable for their partner’s commercial and personal debts as well as their own. If an LLP is in operation, this does not apply. If a single partner or the entire relationship is having financial difficulties, each or all partners should seek help as soon as possible.
  • Purchase Ledger Help. Clarke Bell can assist you in ensuring the accuracy of your ledger. An efficient Purchase Ledger allows you to keep track of all of your business’s outgoings, how much money you owe your creditors at any one moment, and how much you spend with each of your suppliers by precisely recording all of your purchases.
  • Creditor Rights. If you are now under creditor pressure as a result of mounting financial problems, you do not have time to waste. But don’t be too concerned; you aren’t the first corporate director to face creditor pressure, and you won’t be the last. The remedy to this stress does not always have to be the worst-case scenario; in some cases, a simple reorganisation might address the problem and get your company back on track. In other circumstances, insolvency may beckon. Thus damage limitation should be your goal.
  • Insolvency Advice. At Clarke Bell, they will make sure that your alternatives are clear and that you are aware of your legal rights in your current circumstances. They can buy you some time to talk with your creditors and put off the bailiffs while they try to help you. This will enable them to postpone or completely prevent a winding-up and subsequent liquidation.
  • Compulsory Liquidation. When a creditor seeks to drive your firm out of operation in order to reclaim any debts owing to them, this is known as compulsory liquidation. The creditor(s) in question must first file a winding-up petition with the court in order for the procedure to commence. This is the most serious and complicated insolvency procedure, and it is governed by the Insolvency Act 1986’s rules and regulations.

Clarke Bell Licensed Insolvency Practitioner Contact Details

Get in touch with Clarke Bell Licensed Insolvency Practitioner through any of the following means.

Address: 3rd Floor, The Pinnacle, 73 King Street, Manchester, M2 4NG

Phone Number: 0161 956 8383


Email: [email protected]

Registration Number: 05214586

VAT Registration Number: 588 7824 66

Clarke Bell Licensed Insolvency Practitioner Reviews

Clarke Bell has done a good job of keeping their reputation good and their clients happy. Read what their clients have to say about the company in this section.

Clarke Bell were very good to deal with during the closure of a business I worked for. Although the closure of the business was complicated and slow, Clarke Bell kept me updated on everything happening and were very helpful. I would highly recommend them. – Edwina Barret

Toyah and Nicholas were brilliant in sorting the MVL our for one of my clients. They kept me updated all the way through the process, and the client was delighted with how easily it all went through. I have since referred another case to Clarke Bell – it is very reassuring to know that we are in safe hands. Many thanks. – Martyn Thacker

Clarke Bell Ltd were excellent with every aspect of our Members Voluntary Liquidation and in particular they were great value for money. Our contact, Nicholas was extremely professional, most thorough and reached all deadlines to our total satisfaction. – Steve Dawson


Clarke Bell is a good insolvency agency that understands the sensitivity and importance of its service. They keep their clients up to date on everything happening, informing them every step of the way. They also offer free no-obligation chat services for everyone who wants to receive the best professional advice they can get. By the end of this Clarke Bell Licensed Insolvency Practitioner Review, we can safely recommend their services if you are a business or just want to learn more about insolvency.

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