Classic Affiliates Program

When looking for a casino affiliate program, it makes sense to sign up with a brand that oversees a few big sites. The Classic Affiliate program offers up several great sites for you to share with your visitors. They also have a competitive sliding scale for revenue.

You can sign up to the program by clicking here to join the program.

This means that you can be confident in expecting to convert visitors to your partnered sites.  But, as with all affiliate schemes and programs, there is never any guarantee of the money you stand to make.  So, always be ready to keep an open mind.

But, what is it about the Classic scheme that makes it so popular with affiliates and online experts?  It gets consistently high ratings on industry sites and guides. This gives the impression that it is well worth checking out!  Let’s take a closer look.

Who Are Classic Affiliates?

Classic Affiliates is a program which oversees four specific gaming sites. Blog owners can promote and share with their site and blog visitors.  This scheme also comes with a huge array of marketing support. This means you can rely on the team and the program in general to assist you while you get set up for the first time.

This scheme will allow you to make a certain amount of money, on a sliding scale. This comes from the deposits that your referees put into the sites on offer.  This means that the more people you encourage to visit and deposit, the more money you will stand to make.

So, it makes sense to promote and market these brands as much as you can. Although, make sure that you do it on an organic and engaging basis.

Sites Offered

It’s a good idea to check which sites a brand is offering before you get started.  The Classic Affiliate marketing program currently oversees the following casinos. You can pick from these to promote:

  • Fortune Jackpots
  • Bright Star Casino
  • Sparkle Slots
  • Bluefox Casino

You may not have heard of all these casinos, but they do still have a solid, core following. What’s more, they partner with a variety of gaming brands that many people will already be well-acquainted with.

This is always going to be a good thing when it comes to converting visitors into depositors.  So, you should have plenty of confidence heading into an affiliate program of this nature. There are plenty of affiliate programs around for you to promote the best bingo sites and top online slots brands as well.

What Commission Can You Get?

The commission and revenue side of things is very important.  Without it, how would you know how much you could earn?  The Classic affiliate program leads with a competitive sliding scale.

This means even those who have registered with other programs before will likely find things quite lucrative.  There is a revenue share here of anywhere between 20% to 40% from the day you get started. You will be able to work your way up to 40% the more people you refer.

But, as stated, the revenue you make is going to rely on how much money your depositors put into the sites you promote.  This is a variable that’s never guaranteed, so do make sure to try out a few strategies to engage with your visitors.

Software Providers

Do make sure to check out the games and software providers supported by the online casinos you promote. These should give you more confidence when promoting to visitors, and what’s more, they may even appeal to you!

Casinos overseen by the brand such as Bright Star make use of leading names in the industry. Some of these include Thunderkick, NetEnt, NYX, IGT and Microgaming. So, you’re in good hands, and you can use these big names to your advantage when you start setting up your referrals.  Great news!

Further Details

There will be further terms and conditions that you should peruse before you join the Classic Affiliate program.  On the whole, the revenue scale is competitive and the games and sites will appeal to many players.

So, there’s little reason why you should be too worried about getting started.  Do take a look at what’s available and take your time filling out online forms. Be sure to check out other gambling affiliate programs as well, like those for the top online betting brands.

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