Cleveland Land Services

Cleveland Land Services is a leading sport, leisure, and landscape contractor in the United Kingdom. They are also a trusted name in the plant hire and sales sector for the work they do.

Based in Guisborough in the North East, this company continues to lead the way in industry innovation across their three sectors; CLS Landscape and Earthworks, CLS Sports, and CLS Selfdrive.

They are renowned for their high standards in every project they do, and you might be surprised by how much they offer and how many projects they have worked on.

To learn more about what this company does, keep reading this Cleveland Land Services review.

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Cleveland Land Services Overview

Cleveland Land Services have been in the business for over 50 years and continues to be the nation’s leading provider of sports, leisure, and landscape contractors. As well as the work they do in landscaping, this company is well regarded in the plant hire and sales sector too.

They are renowned for industry-leading innovation and are now the ‘go-to’ contractor for a range of locations across the country due to their high standards.

Cleveland Land Services offer a range of services and products from their four depots across the country. You can find this company in Guisborough, Hull, Rainford, and Melton. The company has been constructing sports facilities for over 20 years, and many of the outdoor leisure spaces in the north of the country are made by them.

They work from three divisions, CLS Landscape and Earthworks, which works on play areas, certain landscaping areas, and civil engineering; CLS Sports, where they construct various sports pitched; and CLS Selfdrive, which operates the plant hire and sales sector of the company.

The company is well regarded in the industry for its high standards, excellent customer service, and flexible financial plans to ensure it can work with a range of budgets.

Services Offered By Cleveland Land Services

Cleveland Land Services operates nationwide across its three departments. These departments divide the work of the brand and specialities into certain areas to ensure the highest standard for all of their clients.

To see what this company has on offer, we need to look into these three departments.

CLS Landscape and Earthworks

This part of the company is now considered to be the ‘go-to’ contractor across the nation for a range of agricultural, horticultural, and construction projects.

They are specialist contractors that can offer a range of professional services across the country, including bulk earthworks, civil engineering, hard and soft landscaping, land drainage, and attenuation.

This is the section of the company that also constructs play areas, car parks, and other outdoor construction.

CLS Sports

This section of the company is specialist contractors in sports facilities and pitch constructions. They have over 20 years of experience in this industry and have worked with both synthetic and natural surfacing for these facilities.

Within both their synthetic and natural construction, Cleveland Land Services offers a range of products. They can create safety surfaces for a variety of sports, including football, rugby and have created multi-game areas across the nation.

CLS Selfdrive

This is the part of the business that provides a range of modern equipment that is available for hire, which can be used for the maintenance of landscapes, as well as offering specialist ground care equipment for sale.

It is clear to see that Cleveland Land Services has a lot to offer the public, and they have worked with a variety of projects across the nation. The work of each of these sectors has gained them a great reputation in the country, and they continue to be leaders in innovative construction.

Cleveland Land Services Contact Details

If you are interested in the work that Cleveland Land Services do, you can contact them via:

  • Address: Park Farm, Dunsdale, Guisborough, TS14 6RQ
  • Telephone: 01642 488328
  • Company Number: 01390490
  • Website:
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

Cleveland Land Services Reviews

To complete this Cleveland Land Services review, we need to take a look into what customers have said about their services. This can be a great way to discover whether a company is legit and whether they are the right option for you.

Cleveland Land Services have received five-star reviews online from their customers on social media and seem to have a good reputation in the areas they serve.

“I would like to congratulate CLS on their 50th anniversary.

They are currently carrying out pitch improvement on our site to our complete satisfaction.”

  • South Hiendley Harriers JFC


Cleveland Land Services offers a range of products and services to the nation from their three departments. They are specialist contractors that have over 50 years of experience overall, with 20 years working in the construction of sports facilities like multi-games areas.

The company provides construction services across the nation as well as operating in the sales sector for the hire or sale of maintenance gear.

They have a great reputation and are renowned for offering high-standard services to their customers. They operate from the North East of England and have clients across the country, giving them a great portfolio of products they have worked on in the past.

In this Cleveland Land Services review, we have looked into various aspects of the company, and they are legit. They are a good option for those looking for specialist contractors and landscapers for a range of projects.

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