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Cocaine Addiction Help Centre is a rehab facility that specialises in cocaine addiction treatment for those that struggle with cocaine abuse.

They are one of the best cocaine treatment centres in the UK and they have 15 clinics nationwide, every one of them having a high recovery success rate.

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Cocaine is most commonly snorted. Crack cocaine is a crystallised form of the drug; this is usually heated and smoked.

In our Cocaine Addiction Help Centre review, we provide all the information from therapies and facilities offered to the latest reviews in March 2024.

Cocaine Addiction Help Overview

Cocaine Addiction Help Centre has been in operation for over 10 years and they have successfully helped thousands of people across the UK overcome cocaine addiction.

They have gained enough specialist knowledge to be able to properly treat cocaine addiction and also provide treatment for any withdrawal symptoms the client may experience.

Depending on personal circumstances Cocaine Addiction Help Centre also offer inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment to ensure that patients that have a cocaine dependence are able to be treated from anywhere.

Services Offered By Cocaine Addiction Help Centre

Here are the treatment services offered by Cocaine Addiction Help Centre:

Addiction Treatment

The addiction specialists ensure that clients struggling with severe cocaine addiction are put on a treatment journey that best suits their needs.

Drug addiction treatment includes things such as therapy sessions, CBT (Cognitive behavioural therapy), and drug detox.

Their residential rehabilitation centres help those who seek treatment for drug addictions and ensure that the addiction recovery process is as smooth as possible.

Aftercare Services

Once you have overcome your cocaine or crack cocaine addiction, Cocaine Addiction Help Centre offer a free 12-month aftercare over weekly zoom videos to ensure you are staying on track with your at-home treatment.

Cocaine use can be highly addictive compared to other drugs but with the right treatment and aftercare, you will be able to go back to living a more productive and fulfilling life.

Holistic Therapies

Holistic therapies are designed to relax your mind some of the therapies include: yoga, meditation, art therapy, and music therapy.

They are specifically designed to take your mind off the thought of cocaine use and to prove to yourself that you don’t need the drug to function.

Private Gym

During the addiction treatment, the team at Cocaine Addiction Help Centre will encourage you to use their excellent private gym.

The gym is equipped with great equipment, trainers, and exercise classes to keep your mind stimulated during the recovery process.

Dedicated Spa

Some of the facilities at the Cocaine Addiction Help Centres have an onsite spa where patients can have complimentary spa and beauty treatments,

They have facilities such as a sauna, steam room and pool, so patients can feel relaxed.

In House Chefs

Cocaine Addiction Help Centre has in-house chefs for the patients to provide them with nutritious food to help improve overall health as well as their mental health.

Having nutritious meals whilst you are going through addiction treatment can help with the way you deal with withdrawal symptoms.

Cocaine Addiction Help Centre Contact Details

Here are all the contact details for Cocaine Addiction Help Centre.

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Cocaine Addiction Help Centre Reviews

 I checked into Cocaine Addiction Help Centre to seek treatment for my drug use specifically cocaine use. Their specialist team were very understanding and gave me a lot of support during my treatment. I have now been 5 months sober and it’s all thanks to them.

-Former Client

My Son needed help with his cocaine abuse and the team at Cocaine Addiction Help Centre were extremely helpful and gave my son a second chance at life I cannot recommend them enough for addiction treatment.

-Father of a former patient

I had a big problem with being addicted to crack cocaine use and I thought there was no way I could recover without relapse, the team at Cocaine Addiction Help Centre made what I thought was impossible, possible and they truly saved my life.

-Former Patient


After reviewing Cocaine Addiction Help Centre they have proved themselves to be one of the best rehab clinics for cocaine addiction and crack cocaine addiction treatment.

They pride themselves in offering patients a fresh start in life and ensuring that the ultimate goal is that they live a drug-free life for themselves and their loved ones.

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