Dark Horse Racing Club Review

Have you thought about joining a racehorse syndicate but aren’t sure which one to choose?

This review on Dark Horse Racing Club will help you understand the services offered by this syndicate and will also recommend some other horse racing clubs for you to study before making your decision.

Check out our analysis of Dark Horse Racing Club, a racehorse syndicate that gives members a great chance to own a racehorse.

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Dark Horse Racing Club Overview

Marten is well-known and respected in the racing world as the founder and author of the Dark Horse Guides series, and his new racing syndicate and racehorse partnership groups enable clients to benefit from his extensive experience.

Marten has been a racing journalist, editor, and columnist for the Sunday Times for over thirty years, having established and managed this amazing Racing Club – one of the first clubs of its kind – in the early 1980s.

Services Offered By Dark Horse Racing Club

Here are the services offered by the Dark Horse Racing Club:

  • In the parade ring, meet your horse racing trainer and jockey.
  • Visits that are consistent
  • Badges for the owners
  • Monthly payments that are affordable and have no hidden fees (e.g. vet bills)
  • Horse updates on a regular basis
  • After each race, there will be a report.
  • On race day, you have access to all fields.

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Horses In Training

Here are some horses in training from the Dark Horse Racing Club:

  • Cloudwalker
  • Rekindle
  • Timelee
  • King Of The Clouds
  • Suas Leat
  • Faithful Don
  • Majestic Lad
  • Hand Of Straw
  • Joe Begley
  • Another Comedy
  • Pretty In Pink
  • Quiet Moments
  • Waterpistol
  • Northern Lad
  • Mastership
  • Nisaal
  • Empress Leizu
  • Cappadocia
  • Compton Place Colt (un-named)

Dark Horse Racing Club Contact Details

Here are the racehorse syndicates Dark Horse Racing Club contact details:


This syndicate stands out because of its huge variety of horses. Due to the number of horses this club has in training, this means you will get plenty of opportunities to go to the races and most likely to experience a win.

We believe the racing club values its members, as shown by their syndicate membership association, which provides benefits such as access to the parade ring when a horse wins.

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Dark Horse Racing Club Alternatives

If you feel Dark Horse Racing Club are not the right horse racing club to meet your standards, check out the Dark horse racing Alternatives: