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Dura Sport is a synthetic surfacing and pitch construction company based in the UK.  This Dura Sport review will tell you all the key details about what they do, what their customers have said, and some of the key services that they have on offer.

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Dura Sport Overview

Dura Sport was founded in 1995 as a synthetic grass company for sports pitches and has continued to grow and offer new services for over twenty years. While it still retains its original focus on creating pitches and fields for sports use, it also has a range of other services which it provides to clients.

All of the technicians that Dura Sport relies on are employed by the company, so they do not rely on third parties and ensure that their specialists are all well-trained. This makes it easier for them to offer consistent services to each client instead of depending on outside help.

Dura Sport is accredited by numerous professional bodies, mainly for the quality of their installation work and construction jobs. They are an approved supplier under ECB and have also become an approved installer of the DSI-pro cricket system.

Services Offered By Dura Sport

Dura Sport mostly offers different kinds of pitch work, although there are also numerous other services related to the surfaces that they create and the construction that they offer to clients. Dura Sport offers the following services:

Standard Pitches

Dura Sport has a range of different pitch options, mainly based on different sports. Football, cricket and tennis spaces are the three most popular, giving clients different ways to set up their pitches and fields so that they can be used for the sport properly.

All of these are designed in different ways, but get a similar level of care and planning to make sure that they are as good as possible. This includes keeping the customer in the loop so that they can advise Dura Sport on any changes or alterations that need to be made.

The artificial grass used for these different pitches can vary, but most of them come in similar designs that are all suited for the sport in question. Dura Sport can also replace or upgrade existing pitches with new materials to make them stronger, more suitable, or just longer-lasting.

It is worth noting that these pitches are also available indoors, meaning that they do not have to be placed outside. The company offers indoor options, as well as indoor ancillary equipment to help the pitch stay lit, create boundaries, or just make the game easier to play.

The company also allows this grass to be used for lawns and actually encourages it, having a subset of grass called Evograss that is meant for use in garden lawns or residential areas that are not necessarily always sports fields.

Golf Courses

Golf requires a slightly different type of design, and Dura Sport has been offering golf courses as an option since 1997. The Sure Step golf surfacing is a dedicated material used for these kinds of projects, installed by in-house teams that understand how the material has to be used.

These materials are designed to be versatile and blend into the natural ground but also stand out enough to mark pathways and greens clearly. They are suitable for use during winter and can even be placed on top of steps or platforms to create semi-natural-looking slopes and raised areas.

Sure Step is meant to replace normal grass in areas where it can wear down or go barren quickly, removing the problem of grass gradually turning into mud in high-traffic areas or places where water is a common problem. It can come in 2m or 4m wide sections or custom widths if needed.

Since the material is also versatile, customers can have logos, words, directional arrows or other designs built into it, meaning that separate signs are not needed. This is a great option for navigation and can also be turned into a sponsorship tool, all without making the Sure Step any weaker.

Multi-Sport Spaces

On top of the usual pitches, Multi-Use Games Areas – MUGAs – are an option as well. These are ideal pitches that can serve as multiple game pitches at any time, using linings or designs that can accommodate different games depending on who is using the space.

Dura Sport can construct any type of MUGA facility or area, as well as bespoke designs that use certain lighting setups, materials, or fencing boundaries. These can be done at a commercial level or as part of some residential work in a back garden.

Play Surfacing

The Dura Sport play surfacing options are all about keeping children (and adults) safe from harm while playing or exercising on those materials. For example, there is impact play grass that blends in with natural turf and cushions falls, as well as more conventional coloured playground surfacing.

Grass matting is a cost-effective play surface that is placed on top of regular grass, allowing it to grow while also preventing slips and falls. The shock-absorbing nature makes it good for any exercise area, regardless of age, and it does not stifle normal plant growth.

Rubber play tiles are a slightly more unusual design but make use of recycled materials to stay eco-friendly. These are often installed in wide, flat areas where there is no need to cut materials into certain shapes, making a solid but shock-absorbing surface to keep children safe from falls.

Loose-fill surfaces are the final type, being made of woodchips, gravel, sand, or anything else that is loose rather than being a solid surface. Some are softer than others, but all of them can be helpful for preventing major damage if somebody falls from the critical fall height (compared to flat ground).

All of these options have ideal situations that they work best in, but they are all good choices in their own right and can serve any playground, exercise space or back garden very well. They are also easily installed by Dura Sport’s specialists.


Dura Sport services include maintenance of existing surfaces, either as one-time jobs or long-term maintenance packages. These are highly specific to the material that is being maintained and what the client needs, but this can be anything from cleaning to colour coating or pitch rejuvenation.

This also means that trickier tasks, like the replacement or alteration of playground markings, can be done even if the client is able to manage cleaning the area themselves. These maintenance jobs are still bespoke, so the client gets to decide what is done when it is done, and so on.

Because of this, it can be worth listening to Dura Sport or looking over their site to get an idea of what each package entails. A lot of sports surface maintenance can be more complex than you would expect, so listening to the experts is a good way to make sure that you are doing the right thing.

Dura Sport Contact Details

Dura Sport Reviews

There are not that many Dura Sport reviews around, although the Facebook page for the company has a five-star rating out of seven votes. Other than that, there are not any easily available reviews online to see with the usual searches that would normally bring reviews up.

This does not mean that Dura Sport is bad, though. Reviews can be notoriously hard to get from customers, especially since many people only leave reviews if they have a negative experience – very few leave reviews for positive experiences.

Since there are so few reviews in general, there are also no real negative reviews, at least not easily visible online. This hints that there are no cases of any customers complaining about the work that Dura Sport have done, so the company is not bad, simply lacking in useful review information.

With the number of major organisations and sites that have worked with Dura Sport, it clearly has something to offer, or companies would not have been working with it for upwards of twenty years.


Dura Sport is a company that has a lot to offer and does not seem to have any bad points. While they might not have many reviews yet, even after twenty years of operation, they have worked with countless different clients and have gained multiple accreditations for their efforts.

If you are interested in knowing more about what Dura Sport offer, then use the Dura Sport contact details above to get more information. The only group that can tell you exactly what Dura Sport services are available is the company itself, and they can answer any questions that you might have.

This is definitely a company worth looking into, and Dura Sport has branched off into other services far enough to make them a versatile company. They are contractors who can do multiple steps of a larger job instead of only completing one and then requiring another contractor to take over.

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