Elite Racing Club Review

Have you considered joining a racehorse syndicate but are unsure which one to join?

This analysis will assist you in understanding the services provided by this club, as well as suggest some additional horse racing syndicates for you to investigate before making your decision.

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Check out our overview of Elite Racing Club, a racehorse syndicate that provides members with an excellent opportunity to participate in racehorse ownership.

Keep reading to find out more about the Elite Racing Club.

Elite Racing Club Overview

Elite Racing Club was established in 1992 when the directors of Wentrow Media decided to venture into the horseracing industry. Elite Racing Club has earned over 390 victories on the flat and over jumps, making it the most competitive in its field.

Elite Registrations, Owners Group, Elite Racing Club and Collecticus are all owned by Wentrow Media. They have 40 employees and are located in Devizes, Wiltshire.

For nearly 30 years, the Elite Racing Club has been thrilling racing fans. For a full year, membership costs less than £17 per month which is very cheap!

Services Offered By Elite Racing Club

Elite Racing offers its syndicate members the following fantastic services:

  • Share the prize money
  • Racecourse discounts
  • Occasional parade ring places
  • Stable visits
  • Racecourse hospitality

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Elite Racing Club Contact Details

Social Media:

Elite Racing Club Video

Members of the Elite Racing Club have access to exclusive regular videos that enable them to get a closer look at the horses in the Club. Videos from the racetrack and our scheduled stable visits are included. On their Member’s website, they have video updates.

Here is an example of the videos they provide:

Elite Racing Club Reviews

Check out some of these reviews of Elite Racing Club:

  • “We all had a great day. Thankyou ERC!.”
  • “Delightful videos. I am so amazed by the tremendous lengths Elite Racing Club go through to keep us all updated.”

Trainers at Elite Racing Club

Here are the names of the trainers at ERC:

  • Julie Camacho
  • Roger Charlton
  • James Fanshawe
  • Alan King
  • Emma Lavelle
  • Donald McCain
  • Paul Nicholls
  • Sir Mark Prescott

Horses in Training at ERC

Elite Racing Club syndicate have around 12 horses currently training, here are the names of a few:

  • Amalfi Bay
  • Citrus Grove
  • Constancio
  • Glenister
  • Maurice Dancer


Overall, Elite Racing Club is obviously a brilliant and well-run operation, with numerous victories under their belts and a sizable prize pool shared by members.

ERC wants all its members to have the best experience and to make plenty of memories with family and friends. We recommend this syndicate as it is very trustworthy and will guide you in the right directions.

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We enjoyed reviewing this club because of the high-quality service it provides to its members. The staff would give anybody the confidence to buy shares in a horse and the hope of becoming a racehorse owner.

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