ETC Sports Surfaces

ETC Sports Surfaces is a surfacing company that is able to create all kinds of playfields, ball game courts, and other sporty areas. This ETC Sports Surfaces review will detail everything they can offer, what their services are like, and how their customers have reviewed them in the past.

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ETC Sports Surfaces Overview

As a surfacing company, ETC Sports Surfaces services are mostly based around creating pitches, courts, and any other sports surfaces that might be needed for games and exercise. They also offer a few other lesser services, but as their name suggests, playing surfaces are the main focus.

Accredited by SAPCA and marked as part of the Considerate Constructors Scheme, they have had over 25 years of experience in the field. Founded in 1989, the company has grown and managed to expand its list of services, making all of its sports surfacing options even better as a result.

Thanks to their accreditation and excellent training, they aim to create great sports surfaces for all sports at any level of play, regardless of the specific needs of their clients. Their other services also feed into this, helping to light, fence and maintain sports areas that they have constructed.

Services Offered By ETC Sports Surfaces

ETC Sports Surfaces are a surface company, but their list of services is quite large, especially if you count each type of field or pitch as a new option. ETC Sports Surfaces offer the following services:


The surfaces that give ETC Sports Surfaces its name are all available for any customer, from asphalt and polymeric designs to acrylic and 3G materials. Each one has advantages and disadvantages, but you can talk with the company directly to see what they recommend.

No matter which surfaces end up getting installed, ETC Sports Surfaces aim to do an excellent job actually installing it, which can include proper surveys and safety checks of the space it is covering. Once set up, they even have a maintenance service if a client needs to keep their sports area clean.

Sports Pitches

Regardless of the sport, ETC Sports Surfaces are more than happy to work on all-weather artificial pitches in a variety of different styles. This could be a sand-dressed football field, a 3G basketball court, or even just a generic space for multi-sport use.

This all-weather technology means that ETC Sports Surfaces can create drain-friendly outdoor spaces for almost any kind of sport, regardless of the size of the project. The artificial grass emulates real grass without the same risks of slippery mud or water retention, which is great for wet conditions.

These pitches are all created to handle whatever the client or customer needs them to handle, meaning that they can all be different. That means different designs, specific line colours, adjustments to how they are shaped and sized, or even alterations to help with drainage and rain.

Pitch Maintenance

To go along with the pitches that they create, ETC Sports Surfaces also offer the maintenance services required to help keep larger pitches clean and safe for use. This might not matter to personal residential pitches but can be important for big stadiums and public sports areas.

The maintenance plans are essentially bespoke: they are built out of what the client needs and what the staff can offer, as well as checks and surveys to see how bad the damages could actually get if the pitch is not maintained on a regular basis. 

The main aim of these maintenance packages is to be both cost-effective and reliable, even for basic routine maintenance of an area that is simply wearing out with overuse. For larger and more important artificial turfs, the available options can be tailored to schedules and requirements.

MUGAs (Multi Use Games Areas)

If a customer needs more than one pitch, ETC Sports Surfaces offer MUGAs that can accommodate multiple different spots, games or activities at once. The amount of experience behind the company’s offerings means that they know how MUGAs work and how to arrange them.

A single MUGA is able to handle roughly four sports, depending on how much room they need, which can make them a great space-saving measure. They are often used for schools, training centres, public sporting facilities and spaces, or in other places where multiple sports can happen at once.

Again, MUGA pitches are a semi-bespoke project since a client might have particular preferences or requirements for the design. ETC Sports Surfaces offer multiple surface types, layouts and a full level of customisation to make sure that every one of their MUGAs hits the right bullet points.


ETC Sports Surfaces also offers fencing as a way to line or protect certain pitches and spaces, coming in chain-link, rebound board, weldmesh and double wire varieties that all have their own specific uses. For example, chain-link fencing is good for schools and public tennis courts.

The kind of fencing you get depends on what you need, so each customer can talk with ETC Sports Surfaces to get an idea of which one suits them best. Some are better for spectator sports, while others are cheaper and serve well as barriers. It depends on how they are going to be used.

Some of this fencing – mainly the rebound board fences – can have additional PA systems, boards, and even printing services. This allows outdoor spaces to become legitimate sports arenas with their own advertisements, personalised logos and other professional-level details.


The floodlights being offered by ETC Sports Surfaces come in both Tweener and standard categories, but all of them are available for almost any kind of court. The company also offers a planning application service to get permission from local authorities and bespoke designs for each area.

These floodlights can be installed as static designs, retractable and telescopic options, or in a variety of other forms that are personally suited to the current project. Whatever your lighting needs, you can talk with ETC Sports Surfaces to see what adjustments you can make.

ETC Sports Surfaces Contact Details

If you need to contact the company about anything, please use the official ETC Sports Surfaces contact details below.

ETC Sports Surfaces Reviews

The reviews for ETC Sports Surfaces are all very positive, with almost no real negative reviews visible through all of the expected search terms. Considering that the company has been around for years and has constantly been improving, this may just be because they do excellent work.

PhilE-97 on Yell said:

“A professional company who take pride in their work and value client relationships.”

Bob A continued with:

“We are very pleased with the new facility, ETC have turned it from a tatty set of hardcourts to a state of the art 3G pitch which blends in perfectly with our rural surroundings. The guys at ETC completed the job to our satisfaction and left everything clean and tidy.”

Richbetts, on the same site, has said:

“We have enjoyed a long & fruitful relationship of over 25 years. In that time we have had all our tennis courts relaid with Playrite matchplay 2 carpet. The Project Manager Chris Headon oversees all the work & makes regular site visits & ensures that it is carried out in a timely & professional manner.”

All of these reviews are very positive and praise the work that ETC Sports Surfaces have done, with no obvious negative reviews in sight.


ETC Sports Surfaces are a surfacing company, but their expertise makes them ideal for creating almost any kind of outdoor sports location, even if you have already got some of the surface work done. The fencing and lighting options are a nice way to cap off planned projects, too.

What makes ETC Sports Surfaces seem different from other companies is that they have not changed their focus since they were founded. While they have branched out into other services, none of them moves away from sports surfacing, so they can all be used together for excellent results.

This ETC Sports Surfaces review can’t go in-depth about everything that the company offers since some of their services are meant to be discussed with clients and are very bespoke. However, no matter what you need, it seems like they will be able to provide it in the finished pitch or space.

If you want to know more about something they offer, then the ETC Sports Surfaces contact details up above can help you get in touch with them. There are a lot of options to run through, so the more you know, the easier it becomes to understand what you might want in your new sports area. 

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