FieldTurf Artificial Grass Review

FieldTurf is a UK-based artificial turf manufacturer that has been operating for well over two decades. This FieldTurf Artificial Grass Review will break down who they are, what services they sell, and whether they are a company that you should work with.

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FieldTurf Artificial Grass Overview

Founded in 1994, FieldTurf immediately launched its first turf system soon after being established. While the technology involved in turf creation has gotten much better over the years, FieldTurf artificial grass services have expanded to make sure that they are always moving forward.

The company was initially set up with just one turf system, but as of writing this, they have worked with over twenty thousand different projects across a range of schools, local governments and independent businesses. Their list of services has also kept improving with new technologies.

FieldTurf is recognized by the International Sports Federation, making them one of the few turf businesses to ever reach that status. They are also a Preferred Producer for FIFA, World Rugby and FIH, meaning that their products have been officially used by all three organizations.

Services Offered By FieldTurf 

FieldTurf is primarily a turf company. While they have expanded into some other related areas, all of their products and services focus on creating better turf playing fields, courts and sports spaces, so most of their products and services are directly related to turf installation or replacement.

FieldTurf offers the following services handled on a bespoke level for clients that need specific work done:

Football Pitches

Football pitches are close to the ‘main’ FieldTurf services on offer. These turfs are all bespoke and are meant to hit the high-quality standards set by the FIFA Preferred Producer Program, meaning that all of the materials and installation methods have to be done expertly.

To make this easier, FieldTurf’s site says that they have a team of experts that have finely tuned the entire production system of their football pitches. Instead of using a general type of turf and building a pitch out of it, they instead make a turf that is specifically designed for football players to use.

According to the details on their website, the turf used in FieldTurf pitches is designed to minimize total injuries as well as reducing the severity of injuries when they happen. This means that falls are less likely to cause concussions or injuries lasting longer than a week, at least in theory.

The same turf is also designed to last longer than most alternatives, massively reducing the chances of an injury once the turf gets older than eight years. This can be very important for larger sports venues, where there is not always free time to replace turf due to busy schedules and big games.

Rugby Fields

Like football pitches, FieldTurf has rugby field turf that aims for a similar standard of safety and performance. As a Word Rugby Preferred Producer, there are strict obligations and limits that FieldTurf has to meet, and that means very specific improvements to their rugby turf.

Unlike the football-specific turf, this design is for rugby players and aims for a serious reduction in injury risk while also increasing the overall shock absorption and energy return provided to moving players. This is meant to keep the game’s momentum going compared to a conventional surface.

On top of that, there are the reduced injury rates. Since rugby can involve a lot of contact that often results in collisions with other players and/or the field, it is important that players are not put in danger while playing. This turf lessens the damage with a softer, shock-absorbing surface.

As with all FieldTurf turfs, they are designed to look like real grass, meaning that they can blend into existing grassy areas and make it seem like the game is being played on a well-trimmed natural surface. It also boasts much higher durability compared to a natural grass and dirt playing field.

Field Hockey Grounds

Field hockey demands very specific kinds of surfaces to play the game properly, meaning that standard FieldTurf artificial grass would not necessarily work. FieldTurf has instead created a hockey-specific kind of turf that is meant to make the game fully playable while still keeping all of the same benefits.

As with the other types, FieldTurf is a Preferred Supplier of a major authority in this sport (the International Hockey Federation, or FIH), and that means that they have standards to follow. All of their hockey turf is made to this standard, giving clients a professional-level hockey field.

These turf areas have many of the same benefits as football and rugby options. Not only are injuries much less likely due to the shock-absorbing surfaces, but they are also able to return more energy, which can help in a fast and sudden-movement-based sport like hockey.

This turf is suitable for any level of hockey, from the largest professional events to the smallest after-school clubs. While it offers an improvement over natural grass, it does not give players any extra advantages and simply makes the basic game a bit easier to play under almost all circumstances.

MultiSport Fields/MUGAs

Multi-use game areas are a common option for areas with limited space (or a limited budget), providing a simple field that can be used for multiple different games. These are ideal for any area that is meant to be used for various purposes, like part of a school field or a public park.

While these fields do not have the highly specific design of turfs based on one individual sport, they can be much better for community use. They are a completely bespoke project, so clients will need to decide which sports, markings and other details they want in their particular field.

Additional Options

Each turf area can be built out of a wide range of turf types, all of which are detailed on the FieldTurf site. Some of these are better for certain uses over others, but they all have their own overview and technical specs to help each client decide which option best suits their needs.

Customers can also choose from a range of infills, which dramatically alter the performance of the turf and how it feels underfoot. This can be important when designing an area meant for children or certain sports that need a lot of extra padding, movement support or some other benefit.

If that is not enough, a client can also look into the shockpad systems on offer: additional layers that can boost shock absorption and provide more protection for whoever is currently on the field. There are multiple shockpad layers, but some are better for one sport over another.

FieldTurf Contact Details

  • FieldTurf Address – Varies, the website has a location finder for different areas of the country at
  • FieldTurf Phone Number – 800-724-2969
  • FieldTurf Email[email protected]
  • FieldTurf Twitter –
  • FieldTurf Facebook –
  • FieldTurf LinkedIn –

FieldTurf Artificial Grass Reviews

While there are not that many FieldTurf artificial grass reviews available online (likely because FieldTurf has worked directly with major organizations more often than individual customers), there are still some testimonials from their larger projects that are worth mentioning.

Matthew Paul left one saying: 

“I have 4 grand children; I wanted a surface where they can play to full extent without getting hurt or spoiling their clothes. I’ve been very satisfied with FieldTurf in this regard. Maintenance is very easy and children really enjoy playing on it.”

“Even with heavy rainfall, we have our FieldTurf lawn all ready to play as soon as we want to. With natural lawns it used to be wet, not in position to use.”

  1. Sreedhar, from the Bangalore Gold Club, said:

“A great job has been done by FieldTurf and the Green has come out beautifully. At the club we are very happy with the work done and the members have greatly appreciated the innovative set up.”

Dr. Pillai, director of the Global Education Academy, has said:

“We have top-class buildings and labs, and we did not want our playground to be any less. We were so happy with the FieldTurf installation.”

There are many more positive testimonials from all over the world, but it is clear that even commercial customers have had great results with FieldTurf. While it might be designed for professional events, that does not make it any less useful for various other projects too.


This FieldTurf review could only go into so much detail. If there is something you want to ask the company about, use the FieldTurf contact details up above to get in touch with them – they will be able to answer any specific questions that you can’t find answers for online.

FieldTurf surfaces are not limited to one specific use, and like most artificial turf companies, nearly everything is bespoke. This means that clients will always have control over what their turf is like, where it is used, and countless other small details that can make a huge difference once installed.

Remember that artificial turf can come in many different forms, and FieldTurf have a wide range of options. Take your time and look at what is available since there might be a perfect combination for the kind of outdoor turf or field you are trying to create for sport, play or personal use.

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