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FlexiBooks has taken the UK market by storm.

The online slick accountancy practice is a modern forward-thinking accountants firm who utilise all the latest software and technology.

Are you getting the most from your accountant?

Is your accountancy firm saving you time, money and tax planning for the future?

“Choosing the Best Innovative Accountants is NOT an Expense – But it is an amazing INVESTMENT”

Don’t be stuck in the last century and look at FlexiBooks innovative systems to grow with your company.

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Don’t Be Stuck In The Last Century

We live in the 21st Century and yet so many companies are hiring management accountants who use accounting software established well before the middle of the 20th Century.

The clunky old accounting software is expensive to maintain, time-intensive and costs you more money, in the long run, to be using these out of date software providers.

Using a modern-day accountant firm like FlexiBooks understand the importance of using the best accounting software available like Xero which can half your bookkeeping staff time.

Why Modern-Day Accountants Are A Great Investment?

In the 21st Century, it is very clear if you do not adapt to online and digital products you are going to be left in the wake.

We regularly hear business owners frustrated they were with their accountant, who was “never proactive” and “never helps our business the way we really need.”

Modern-Day Accountants are saving so much staff time with up to date slick software and being able to be competitive in price with online systems now in place.

The investment into a slick innovative accountant company will return you return on investment with complex tax planning, staff time and slick processes implemented.

Is Your Accountant Stuck in the Past?

I am certainly NOT saying your existing accountant is lazy or shirking their duty.

An accountant’s main duties involve looking backwards – to the way your business has performed in the past. And that’s where their entire focus is.

Here is the real reason why most accountant firms aren’t “proactive” and don’t help you with your business planning.

But a modern-day accountant doubles up into a business advisor for complex tax planning, business strategies and innovative bookkeeping processes.

All accountants produce those same annual accounts and tax returns, but the innovative accountants are looking to the future on how the business can grow or become more profitable.


FlexiBooks Accountants offer the following services in a modernised setup:

  • Online Business Setup
  • Bookkeeping & Accounting
  • Business Planning
  • Company Secretarial
  • Modern Version Cloud Accounting
  • Corporate Finance Deals
  • Corporate Recovery
  • Corporate Tax Planning
  • Remote Human Resources
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Slick Payroll Systems
  • Online Digital VAT Returns
  • Innovative Annual Accounts
  • Enterprise Investment Scheme

Who Are FlexiBooks Accountants?

FlexiBooks Accountants work nationwide throughout the United Kingdom.

With online slick systems in place, you no longer need a local accountants firm as the 21st Century has embraced the digital era.

Why Choose FlexiBooks Accountants?

FlexiBooks understand essential accounting skills like the ability to crunch numbers, complete expense sheets and depreciate fixed assets are only a small piece of the accounting work involved to be successful.

In addition to traditional accounting knowledge, there are a number of hard and soft skills that every accounting professional needs, whether they are working in an office or remotely.

Business Knowledge

As FlexiBooks works with thousands of businesses in the UK then business sector knowledge is great for the practice.

The better you understand the overall workings of the business, and how you and your team fit into the “big picture,” the more productive your relationships outside your department will be.


Now in March 2024 more and more staff are working remotely or from home so communication skills are paramount.

At FlexiBooks they have a WhatsApp group that is active 24/7.

The ability to relay information clearly and concisely is essential. With slick online training videos to answer most questions then FlexiBooks feel they are the masters when it comes to customer support and communication.

Up-to-date technology expertise

Training and developing to upskill your team on the latest technology and software in accounting is very important.

At FlexiBooks they take regular training courses on:

  • XERO Accounting Software
  • IRIS Software
  • Business intelligence software (e.g. IBM Cognos)
  • SAGE Accounting Software
  • Kashflow
  • Quickbooks Accounting Software
  • Advanced Excel Training
  • Big data analysis, advanced modelling techniques and SQL
  • Freshbooks


With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) as a critical business tool then flexibility is key.

Technological change needs to be embraced and the ability to develop and grow with new technology changes is an absolute must.

Always look for opportunities to get training that will make you more valuable as a team member is the core mindset at FlexiBooks Accountants.


If you want an innovative accountants firm who are hungry to become the best UK accountants you have found the right company in FkexiBooks.

Modern-day society needs to embrace working remotely, digital products and innovation if they want to survive the world we live in today.

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FlexiBooks Accountants make the complexity of accounting clearer.

Their goals are to be the most forward-thinking, slick, innovative and flexible accounting company based in the UK.

Investing in a quality accountant is one of the best investments your company can make. The time, resources and tax saved from a great accountant make the investment of hiring an amazing accountant all worthwhile.


Businesses have many questions surrounding new innovative accountants so we try to cover all queries here in March 2024.

Can I sign up to FlexiBooks online or do I need to make an appointment?

You need to speak with a financial advisor within Flexibooks before signing up.

Once you have spoken to a professional within FlexiBooks Accountants company you can sign up online.

There is the ability to have a face to face meeting if you prefer but nowadays with zoom, google meet and Microsoft teams you can have video chats easily.

What accountancy experience does FlexiBooks have?

The FlexiBooks team have over a century experience collectively within the team.

The Flexi Books accountancy practice has been around since 1890, so rest assured, your business is in good hands.

Is there a minimum term or contract with FlexiBooks?

At FlexiBooks there is zero minimum term agreements or contracts required.

This is great because some accountants try to lock you into 24-month contracts.

It is simply a pay monthly setup where you can leave whenever you please.

How easy is it to switch services to FlexiBooks?

Switching your services to Flexibooks Accountants is really easy and FlexiBooks can handle it all in the background, while you grow your business.

Your existing accountant will have to release the data for your company and once Flexibooks have permission they take it from there.

I’m not very computer literate, is the software provided by FlexiBooks difficult to use?

FlexiBooks free training guides you through the process and the accounting software is super easy to use.

The speed in replying to questions and ease of following the video tutorials is one of the amazing benefits of signing up with FlexiBooks.

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