Flippa Review

Are you looking to sell a website or an online business for the first time? Struggling to get a great price as a seller or several websites in the past – or maybe just having trouble selling niche sites and e-commerce?

Flippa may be your best shot at reaching buyers who genuinely want to purchase your business. In this Flippa review, we will take a look at why you may wish to use Flippa to get your online businesses up and selling through their popular platform.

If you want to buy and sell websites online, one of the best ways is to look for a website broker.

The Flippa website will take you through each stage of the process, meaning that even if it is your first time buying and selling, you should find it reasonably easy to get used to the site.


Who is Flippa?

Flippa is an online business and website marketplace, offering the average seller the chance to get the money they deserve for the site they want to move on.

Offering thousands of website and online business listings at any one time, Flippa specialises in e-commerce, domains, apps, blogs and more.

Sellers may come here to get the best price on their niche stores and services, especially if they have had trouble selling websites elsewhere online.

Selling on Flippa UK is straightforward and efficient. Since their founding in 2009, Flippa has emerged as one of the top engines through which you can buy and sell websites, with four different offices set up across the globe.

They pitch to more than 120,000 buyers all over the world and have managed to sell more than double this in the way of businesses.

For a company that is just over ten years old, these are impressive statistics. Taking a look around the Flippa marketplace and site, you’ll be able to find more information on their ethos and values.

A general Flippa review might claim that they offer similar selling and buying services as a plethora of other broker websites do. Still, Flippa aims to provide a straightforward and caring difference.

If you’re reading Flippa reviews or Flippa review guides elsewhere and still aren’t sure whether or not you want to sell with the brand, it’s worth taking a closer look at the site, its rates, and of course reading the rest of our Flippa review for the full breakdown!

Is Flippa Safe?

Yes – Flippa is safe for website sellers and buyers to use.

As a marketplace, it is a site that is built to support all parties in the buying and selling experience. Therefore, while there may be other sites like Flippa out there, not all will be able to guarantee you can sell your business with the same level of confidence and protection.

There are some Flippa reviews out there which suggest that you may find a few unscrupulous sellers. However, this is sadly the case across the web.

Flippa has grown hugely in the past decade, not just in the last year, to offer a website selling service that’s clear, safe, and profitable for everyone involved.

If you are a website seller struggling to find the right price for your business or e-commerce enterprise, it is well worth taking a look at Flippa to see what a difference they could make.

What Does Flippa Offer? Can You Make Money on Flippa?

Flippa offers buying and selling support for a wide array of different online brands and standards. At present, they will help you with selling the following businesses and website staples:

  • Simple websites and blogs
  • E-commerce and web stores
  • SaaS
  • Apps and mobile programs
  • AdSense schemes
  • Simple domains

The Flippa escrow service also works to help protect anyone involved in the process of buying and selling a website through their marketplace.

Part of the Flippa appeal also lies in the fact that they have a simple valuation tool. This means that, even on a quick review, you will be able to see whether or not it is worth pursuing the sale of your website based on their industry insights.

Pricing and Rates

It’s always a good idea to consider listing fees at Flippa, and how much net profit you are likely to make when you sell your business.

Flippa offers what they refer to as a ‘success fee’ when you manage to find someone who wants to buy a site from you through their marketplace. This means that their business will take a commission depending on the value of your website sale.

If you sell a website that is less than $50,000 in the final price, for example, Flippa will take a 10% commission. This rate will get lower as the cost of your website increases.

For example, any seller who manages to flip a website for more than $100,000 will be able to harvest just 5% commission when they sell through Flippa.

There are other rates and pricing available for high-value sites, too, meaning that you may wish to take a look at selling websites through Flippa’s VIP program. The site advises that this side of the marketplace generally works well for people selling businesses for more than $2 million.

There are also listing fees. You can expect to be charged $49 if you have a website ready to go, $15 if you’re selling a starter website or blog, and $10 if you are selling a basic domain. A $15 fee also applies to app sales.

There are more upgrades and enhancements you can put in place through Flippa, too, such as non-disclosure agreements and newsletter add-ons. It’s well worth taking a look through their catalogue of products before you go ahead and sell anything!

Contact Details

Be sure to reach out to Flippa through the following details:

Does Flippa Work?

Many people use Flippa to make a real success of selling anything as simple as a domain name, or even a full business.

It is worth taking a look at Flippa review scores and making up your mind about the site and marketplace. If you’re a new seller, why not use a site like Flippa to push your business to a whole new audience?

We recommend you get a look at their pricing, packages and more – and see if you can find an excellent price for the business you built up years ago.