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Gain the freedom you have always craved with Freedom Finance Loans!

Freedom Finance is a leading company with over 40 lending partners. They pre-approve their borrowers and provide enhanced offers for them to choose from. The loans from Freedom Finance do not affect the borrower’s credit scored and the loaning decisions are made quick.

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Learn more about the options available to you in this Freedom Finance Review.

Freedom Finance Loans Overview

Freedom Finance was started in 20087 and has since expanded to over 7 countries, managing over 1.5 billion dollars in customer funds. Freedom Finance provides a simple platform for its 150,000+ global users.

Freedom Finance is part of the Freedom Finance Group, a leading lending platform in the United Kingdom. The Freedom Group promotes entrepreneurship and innovation in the loan industry, ensuring that all of its companies are at the forefront of their respective sectors.

The company has the right to refuse service to anyone who does not meet the firm’s customer requirements or to whom the supply of such services is forbidden or restricted by European Union legislation.

Services Offered By Freedom Finance Loans

Before you commit to a loan, it is critical to carefully examine the major aspects offered by the loaning company. Here are the important elements about the type of secured and unsecured loans you might be able to get from Freedom Finance.

Secured Loans

  • Home Improvement Loans. A home renovation loan is a type of loan that can be used to make improvements to a home with the purpose of enhancing its value. It has become popular as an alternative to moving. Some people elect to use the equity in their property to pay for home upgrades. This is accomplished by increasing the mortgage’s borrowing capacity and then reinvesting the extra funds in the home. After you’ve identified and approved the best home improvement loan for you, you can start looking for tradespeople to assist you with the project.
  • Purchase Freehold Loans. Purchasing a freehold property entails purchasing both the building and the land. Both are yours entirely, and you are responsible for them. There is no time limit on how long you can keep the property. The differences between freehold and leasehold are listed below.
  • Additional Property Loans. Buy-to-let mortgages are only for those looking to invest in houses and apartments. Investing in real estate is hazardous, therefore if you can’t afford to take that risk, you shouldn’t take out a BTL mortgage. If you don’t already own a property, whether outright or with a mortgage, you’ll have a hard time getting a buy-to-let mortgage. You must have a strong credit history and not be overextended on other debts, such as your current mortgage and credit cards. Lenders will set their own upper age limits, which are usually between 70 and 75 years old. This is the maximum age you can be when the mortgage is paid off, not when it is first paid off.

Personal Loans/ Unsecured Loans

  • Debt Consolidation Loan. A consolidation loan is used to pay off a number of previous loans, credit cards, or store cards so that you only have to pay one lender each month. This consolidates debt, putting everything in one location and potentially making it easier to handle. If you’re considering combining your loans, credit cards, and store cards into one, keep in mind that it may mean extending your debt’s term (measured in months) and raising the overall amount you owe.
  • Home Improvement Loan. If you are looking for a home renovation loan to help fund a project, you have two options: an unsecured loan or a secured loan. An unsecured home renovation loan is one that is not backed up by your home. The lender will lend you a set sum for a set period of time, which you must repay in monthly instalments plus interest. A secured home improvement loan is one that is backed by the value of your home. This gives the lender more security because they can seize your property to repay the loan if you don’t make your monthly payments. As a result, a secured home improvement loan usually allows you to borrow bigger amounts.
  • Car Loans. Unlike some other types of car financing, a car loan allows you to keep your vehicle once you’ve paid it off completely. A car loan is typically an unsecured personal loan. This indicates that the loan is not secured by your home. Instead, the lender will allow you to borrow money to purchase a new car, which you would repay in monthly instalments (with interest) over the loan term.
  • Holiday Loan. A holiday loan can be an unsecured or secured personal loan intended to fund a vacation. The lender will grant you a predetermined amount of money over a set period of time using unsecured personal holiday loans. After that, you’ll have to pay it back in monthly instalments, with interest. The loan will be secured against your property with secured holiday loans. Secured loans allow you to borrow more money and usually have longer payback terms. If you are unable to repay your loan, your home may be repossessed to settle the debt.
  • Wedding Loan. Wedding loans come in a variety of sizes and styles. Our lenders at Freedom Finance can provide personal unsecured loans up to £25,000. Secured loans can be a possibility for you if you’re a homeowner. This form of loan often allows borrowers to borrow a larger sum of money over a longer period of time.
  • Caravan Loan. Caravan loans are a technique to obtaining the funds needed to purchase a caravan or motorhome. (There are no surprises here.) There are a few different sorts of caravan or motorhome loans to consider, just as there are with other cars.
  • Home Furnishing Loan. A home furnishing loan is a type of unsecured personal loan that is used to purchase new furniture, such as a sofa or a washing machine. You’ll borrow a certain sum over a specified period of time with an unsecured home furnishing loan, then pay it back in monthly payments + interest.
  • Medical Loan. Medical loans are available as unsecured or secured loans. An unsecured medical loan is one in which a preset amount is obtained for a specified period of time and repaid in monthly instalments plus interest. A secured medical loan is one that is backed by an asset, most commonly a home. As a result, secured loans are only available to homeowners. Secured loans are frequently used to borrow greater sums, but the lender might use the asset to cover the loan’s cost if the borrower is unable to repay the debt.

How to Apply for a Loan at Freedom Finance

Borrowers can apply for a loan online through the Freedom Finance website. The borrowers can see the possible loan amount. Their preferred borrowing option is also accessible on this site. When you apply, the company will consider your personal circumstances. Freedom Finance will also review your credit score when you are applying.

Borrowers can always expect excellent service from Freedom Finance because it is authorised and regulated by governing bodies all around the UK.

Freedom Finance Loans Contact Details

Get in touch with Freedom Finance Loans and talk to a credit broker. They can guide you to understand your financial history, credit rating, and more, so you can choose the right loan for you. Freedom Finance complaints can also be directed here.

Address: Atlantic House Atlas Business Park, Simonsway, Manchester, M22 5PR

Telephone Number: 06297533


Email: [email protected]

FCA Registration Number: 662079

Data Protection Registration Number: Z120757X


The company has the address Atlantic House, Atlas Park, Simonsway, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M22 5PR registered as the Freedom Finance Limited registered office. The number is registered in England-Wales, 06297533 FCA listed.

A client who is a UK resident can contact Freedom Finance to discuss monthly repayments and ask for advice about late monthly repayments and missed payments. They can also inquire about the trading style of Freedom Finance.

Please note that calls, emails, chats and all forms of correspondence with Freedom Finance may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes to ensure that good service is always being provided.

Freedom Finance Reviews

Read what our customers say about the services offered by Freedom Finance. These honest reviews from real customers show that Freedom Finance is a representative example of an excellent service provider. From our assessment, we can safely say Freedom Finance is a great site, as described by Trustpilot;”the leading collector of honest reviews” from its positive score from Trustpilot.

Here are some of the reviews:

First class service. User friendly. Almost instant decision and the money was in my account in less than an hour. Highly recommended. -Ivan Bolt

Fast and reliable. No hassle. – Mark Lynch

Superb service from start to finish I can’t fault the service I’ve had. A big thumbs up from me – Petros Chackarou


We safely conclude this Freedom Finance review on a positive note. The company is flexible and customer-centred, as well as offering a large choice of lending options. Based on the data we discovered, we have presented a rather rosy picture of Freedom Finance, but it is up to you to do your own research to make the best financial decisions for your individual situation. At the end of the day, you must have faith in and feel at ease with any company from which you borrow money.

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