Gamesys Affiliates

Gamesys is one of the best-known and best-loved online games providers online.

Popular for providing online casino and slots games to UK players, the brand also has its own affiliates scheme, where you can make money passively by promoting their services.

Gamesys Affiliate program provide a great service with some fantastic deals to its partners. Do you want to get involved and see what Gamesys Group Affiliates has to offer? Keep on reading…

About Gamesys Affiliate

Affiliate schemes allow you to promote casinos and slot sites through your own website or social media.

This scheme will allow you to not only promote games and sites but will also let you track your commission and payments through standalone software.

Affiliate schemes could earn you a nice profit depending on how much players deposit into a site, on the back of your links.

Gamesys Affiliates is a very popular casino affiliates program.  For one thing, it allows you to promote some of the best-loved online gaming sites.

It demands no admin fees, and works through Income Access, one of the most popular engines for casino affiliate schemes on the web.

Here are a few more details about Gamesys Group Partners which are well worth looking into before signing up.  Don’t go anywhere until you’ve read our full review!

Gamesys Commission

Of course, before you join any kind of casino affiliate program, you should check how much commission you could make and receive.

This will help you set expectations, at least, for months of promotions moving forward.  Gamesys commission is very competitive, meaning that it may appeal even to those people who are registered under other schemes.

Gamesys Affiliates allow you to take home income based on revenue share.  This means that you can expect to receive a specific portion of money from revenue that your referees generate for a Gamesys Group Partners site.

However, the amount you could receive in any given period may vary depending on the sites you choose to promote.

Therefore, it is always worth looking closely at the available platforms and to ensure you make a choice that’s going to sustain you.

Commission through Gamesys Affiliates may start from 5% and run all the way up to 40%, depending on how many full time depositors, or FTDs, are active during the period.

Please note that you can only achieve the maximum 40% revenue share, for example, if you have more than 81 FTDs paying into Starspins Casino or Virgin Games.

A 35% revenue share is available if you have more than 21 FTDs signing up at the following:

  • Jackpot Joy
  • Heart Bingo
  • Caesars Casino

Available Sites

With the likes of Heart Bingo, Virgin Games and Virgin Casino, you can be sure that Gamesys Group Partners has plenty to offer.

The Gamesys Affiliates scheme will allow you to claim commission from revenue made at up to five different online gaming spaces.  These include:

  • Jackpot Joy
  • Virgin Games
  • Starspins Casino
  • Caesars Casino
  • Heart Bingo

Therefore, you’ll find that there are some big name bingo sites and casino gaming brands available for you to claim passive income from.  This is one of the major appeals of signing up to Gamesys Affiliates in the first place!

What’s more, as you can see, these sites are perhaps likely to appeal to a casual, fun-loving audience.

Therefore, you may already have a good idea of how you’d like to pitch the sites through your blogs and online reviews.

It’s worth taking a close look at the scheme’s content agreement, too, as you will need to make sure that your promotions don’t overstep any specific rules or guidelines. Get in touch with the brand affiliate manager to find out more about Gamesys Group Partners.

Payment Options

The Gamesys Affiliates scheme pays out on a 16-day basis, though this will kick into effect from the end of the month.

You can use payment options such as bank transfer, Neteller, Skrill, or wire transfer.  Many people prefer to receive payments through Skrill or Neteller as it is quick and easy to receive cash.

However, bank and wire transfers might actually be preferential to those looking to keep things simple.

However, keep in mind that, depending on the payment method you choose, the threshold for receiving income will vary.

For example, if you use a service such as Skrill or Neteller, you will only need to have made £25 to be able to cash out.

The same applies to standard bank transfers.  However, keep in mind the difference between bank and wire transferring, as wire transfer requests will require you to have at least £200 in your cash pots.

Again, the lack of an admin fee here is likely to be very appealing to a lot of prospective affiliates!

Sub Affiliation

Sub affiliation is possible through Gamesys Affiliates, which means that you can defer some of the promotional responsibility down to two tiers.

What’s appealing about this system through Gamesys is the fact that you are paid on a flat basis.  This means you’ll get paid a flat rate that’s on par with your sub affiliate links.

Referrals and sub affiliates are great if you want to increase your passive income further.  Great news, then, that Gamesys Affiliates is so open to such flexibility!


It’s always worth checking which software an affiliate scheme uses before you get started.  That’s because you are going to need to use it to monitor your progress and your earnings while on the scheme.

Gamesys uses Income Access, which is a tried-and-tested platform that many people enjoy using.

It’s a pretty comprehensive affiliate dashboard, giving you complete access to the commission you’re likely to get, and what you might need to do to change things up a little.

Using affiliate software is fantastic when it comes to fine-tuning your campaigns.  Income Access is a smooth program which is likely to appeal to even the newest of affiliate program partners.

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Get Started

It’s easy to get started with Gamesys Affiliates.  Why not take a look over at their website to learn more about how the scheme works in practice?

It’s a very popular program which could generate money for you, passively, for months to come.  Therefore, be sure to look carefully at the rules in place, and to ensure you know how the program works in the long run.

Affiliate marketing is an intriguing passive earner, and with Gamesys, you already know that you are in good hands.

Why not take a closer look and see how much you could earn?