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Hunts Contractors are one of the nation’s leading contractors, and they have a great deal of experience in installing high-quality sports pitches. The company specialises in the construction of sports pitches, athletic tracks, recreational sites, and everything that goes into these projects to ensure first-class facilities.

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This is a principal contractor company which means they have worked on a variety of large projects for businesses, local authorities, and other companies. However, Hunts Contractors are just as passionate when working on small-scale projects, such as the installation of children’s play areas.

To learn more about this company and what they can offer, keeping reading this Hunts Contractors review.

Hunts Contractors Overview

Hunts Contractors were founded in 2005 and has since become one of the UK’s leading contractors when it comes to the installation of sports pitches. They work in a range of sectors but specialise in the construction of sports pitches, running tracks, and recreational spaces in this industry.

As well as offering the construction of these pitches, Hunts Contractors provide a complete service and work to provide all of the associated services that go into construction projects of this calibre. The company has also worked on smaller-scale projects, and many play areas across the country have been installed by their contractors.

The experience and knowledge this team has is what makes them an excellent choice when it comes to construction projects. They are renowned for working closely with their clients to ensure that all needs are met, as well as ensuring that their service is the best it can be for every client.

Hunts Contractors work to produce first-class facilities across the nation and provide a range of services within this. They will work with clients from concept to construction, providing skills and experience in various fields, including full access to the latest technology to ensure high-class facilities every time.

These leaders in sports pitch construction will work with you from the design of your project right through to the final construction to ensure the highest quality of all facilities. They have worked with some of the largest clients in the country, including football clubs, universities, and sports clubs.

Their clients include Manchester City FC, York University, the Football Association, and Wakefield Hockey Club.

Services Offered By Hunts Contractors

Hunts Contractors work through all aspects of a construction project, providing designs and concepts and continue to work until the facility is complete to a high standard.

They work in various sectors and have completed projects both on a large and small scale. To see what kind of services they offer, we need to take a look into these sectors which are:

Sports Courts and Pitches

Within this sector, Hunts Contractors can provide the construction of various pitches, including synthetic and natural turf pitches.

Athletic Tracks

Hunts Contractors can provide athletic facilities such as running tracks, and they have done so for stadiums, universities, schools, and academies.

They can provide a range of athletic tracks, including those used for sports professionals during tournaments or races, as well as standard running tracks for schools or leisure spaces.


While this company specialises in large-scale projects such as the construction of sports pitches and has clients like national football clubs, they also work on small-scale projects too.

Hunts Contractors have worked in the installation and construction of various play areas, providing a complete service that includes general amenities and playground surfacing.

Macadam Surfaces

Macadam, also known as tarmac, is a versatile surfacing that has many uses. There are also various requirements for this kind of surfacing, which can differ based on the use.

Hunts Contractors can provide a suitable and safe macadam surfacing service to a range of clients, ensuring that all needs are met. No matter what your needs or requirements are, macadam surfacing is a great option, and it is something that this company has great knowledge of.

Hunts Contractors provide a complete service within their construction projects, no matter what sector of the business is required. They work with clients from the design of their project through to the final build, ensuring the highest quality.

This is why they are renowned for their first-class sports pitches and other installations because they provide the skills and experience required for such a great job.

Hunts Contractors Contact Details

If you are interested in the services that this company provides or are interested in learning more about them, you can contract Hunts Contractors via the following details:

Hunts Contractors Reviews

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In this Hunts Contractors review, we have looked into various aspects of the company, including the services they provide. It is clear to see that Hunts Contractors are legit as they have worked with some of the largest brands in the nation, such as York University and Manchester City FC. This company specialises in the construction of sports pitches and amenities and will work closely with all their clients from concept to final installation of the project.

As well as working on large-scale projects such as football pitches and other sports facilities, Hunts Contractors also have experience in the construction of playgrounds. They have worked with various clients across the nation and provide a complete service to all.

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