IQ Playgrounds Review

IQ Playgrounds is a playground equipment and surfacing specialist in the UK, offering the highest quality materials for play areas across the country. This company provides playground markings that can be used to create innovative and inspiring play areas for children of all ages. They are renowned for their excellent customer service and work with brands across the country, from schools to local authorities and holiday parks.

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This company aims to work closely with their clients to allow them to create bright, fun, and attractive play areas for children simply by providing playground markings that transform tarmac into something greater. IQ Playgrounds is a leading name in the play industry, and can work with clients across sectors.

To learn more about the work of this company and how they can help you, keep reading this IQ Playgrounds review.

IQ Playground Overview

IQ Playground is a leading name in the UK’s play sector and provides playground markings to clients across the country as a way to brighten up play spaces for children. Playground markings are a great and cost-effective way to brighten up playgrounds as they can transform standard tarmac into something much more attractive that is more suitable for children.

The company works to improve on-site facilities and works with schools, local authorities, and other brands across the country to provide children with safe and inspiring play spaces. Not only can the playground markings offered by IQ Playground make play areas more inspiring and attractive, but they can also be a great curriculum tool for teachers to use during outdoor learning.

With playground markings, IQ Playgrounds can help create focused areas in a playground and provide stimulating games that children of all ages can enjoy. They offer a cost-effective solution to play spaces, allowing schools and other sectors to use what they already have on the site by making some small adjustments to create a more inspiring space for children.

IQ Playgrounds play an important role in the development of children, as their playground markings can create better spaces for physical activity as well as enhancing the social interaction between children of all ages, which improves their cognitive skills.

By promoting cooperative play, IQ Playgrounds markings can help children connect regardless of age, gender, and other differences that may separate them. These focused play areas also allow for safer break times, as children are protected and know where it is safe for them to play within the perimeters of the playground.

This company provides bright, multi-sports targets and other markings that can allow for the practice of sports in playgrounds allowing children to learn new skills and get their regular exercise in a safe environment. Markings provided by IQ Playgrounds can transform any outdoor space and offer a much-needed upgrade to schoolyards without breaking the budget.

It is this innovative approach to children’s play spaces that has made IQ Playgrounds one of the leading names in the industry.

Services Offered By IQ Playgrounds

IQ Playgrounds specialises in playground markings and can work in a range of sectors to transform outdoor play areas to make them more exciting, safe, and educational for children of all ages. They provide non-toxic and durable playground markings to schools and other sectors across the country, allowing them to transform their worn tarmac playground into something more inspiring and educational.

To learn more about the services offered by IQ Playgrounds, we need to look into the departments of the business. IQ Playgrounds works in:


IQ Playgrounds works with schools to transform their old playgrounds into something that can be used for play, outdoor learning, and physical activity by providing bright markings. The company can provide:

  • Maths activities
  • Letters and phonics
  • Geography and maps
  • Compasses
  • Clocks
  • Weather and solar

These designs can be used in outdoor learning and as a tool for young children to develop cognitive skills outside.

Fun and Games

Playgrounds can be transformed with the use of non-toxic markings as IQ Playgrounds creates:

  • Mazes
  • Targets
  • Hopscotch
  • Games and grids
  • Shapes and characters
  • Road and cycle tracks

This can help create designated, safe spaces for children to play and develop social skills. IQ Playgrounds offers a cost-effective solution to play equipment using bright colours and non-toxic materials for their markings, ensuring they will last.


Physical activity is a vital aspect of children’s health, and the easiest way to incorporate exercise into their routine is by getting them outside.

IQ Playgrounds creates markings on various surfaces in the playground that can be used for sports and other activities, such as dance, which is a great way to ensure that children get their daily requirement of exercise throughout the day.

IQ Playgrounds Contact Details

If you are interested in the services on offer at IQ Playgrounds or want to learn more about the company, you can contact them through the following details:

Address: 16 Silk House, Park Green, Macclesfield, England, SK11 7QJ

Telephone: 0333 242 2860

Email: [email protected]


Company Number: 07059042


IQ Playgrounds is a leading name in the play industry, and they offer playground markings to various sectors. The company provides a sustainable and cost-effective solution to schools and playgrounds by allowing them to upgrade their existing play facilities through bright, non-toxic markings.

The company works to create play and sports markings in playgrounds that can be used to offer safe spaces for children to exercise and develop their social skills. From this IQ Playgrounds review, it is clear that this is a legit company that can offer viable solutions to play areas that are in need of an upgrade.

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