Leigh Spinners Sports Surfaces

Leigh Spinners is a textiles and sports surfacing company that has been operating for decades in the UK. This Leigh Spinner sports surfaces review will explain who they are, what they can offer, and whether they are a company that customers like working with.

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Leigh Spinners Sports Surfaces Overview

Leigh Spinners have been operating since 1913 as a textile company, initially working as a cotton mill. In 1969, the company moved into the carpet market and quickly became one of the leading manufacturers of carpet tiles and fibre-bonded materials, pushing themselves further and further.

In recent years, Leigh Spinners made a heavy shift towards synthetic surfaces for both indoor and outdoor use. These surfaces can be used as a landscaping aid, a surface for sports pitches and fields, or just as a leisure option for people who prefer artificial turf in their garden.

Leigh Spinners have always had a strong appreciation for high-quality workmanship and product durability, so their work lasts a lot longer than other options. They have earned both the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditations, major marks of quality, and have made many partners since they opened.

Services Offered by Leigh Spinners

Leigh Spinners are purely focused on manufacturing flooring and surfacing materials, meaning that the majority of their services are focused on producing everything from football pitches to carpets. Leigh Spinners offer the following services:

Sports Surfaces

Sports Surfaces are one of the primary Leigh Spinners services available, and the company has a major focus on producing the best possible surfacing materials for sports use. Not only can they be installed on top of an existing construction, but they can be used for entirely new surfaces too.

There is a wide range of different surface types and colours available for each different project, all of which can be used for bespoke projects and designs at any scale. This means that each surface can be unique and tailored specifically to what the client needs, rather than being pre-set designs.

These surfaces are useful almost anywhere and can be built around whatever requirements or limitations the client has put in place. For example, these surfaces might get used for parks and public spaces or installed in schools and private health clubs.

Since these surfaces are solid and act like flat ground, they are ideal for games that can’t easily be played on thick grass. They also do not need nearly as much maintenance and can easily be adapted to suit a particular niche or need where they are being installed.

Sports Turf

Alongside the normal sports surfaces is the sports turf, which is available in multiple different varieties depending on the sport it is meant for. This means that clients can choose a grass type that is specifically designed to make football a more enjoyable, consistent experience.

This is important for any stadium or playing field that only has a single game as its focus. Instead of having to use a generic surface, the area can be designed and outfitted to accommodate one main sport, meaning that players will get the best possible results (and support) while they are playing.

Like the normal surfaces, this is all completely bespoke: no two clients will want the exact same thing, and each area is unique. This means that each customer will have their own needs and requirements, and the grass they end up choosing should be able to match that.

Play Surfaces

On top of the regular sports surfaces, Leigh Spinners have a range of play surfaces that are meant to protect children from harm if they slip or fall in playground-style areas. This could be anything from an actual playground to part of a schoolyard: the surface will still help them.

Like the normal surfaces, these come in a wide variety of colours, but they are brighter and more defined to match up with the usual bright colours of a children’s playground. All of them are handled as the customer requires since playgrounds are another project with no pre-set designs.

Contract Floorcoverings

Leigh Spinners created carpets for a long, long period of their history, and they have not stopped doing that just because they have moved into sports surfaces. The company sells a wide range of carpets in different styles, textures and colours, allowing for plenty of design flexibility indoors.

All of these carpets are usable in a range of different locations, from residential to commercial, and they can be adjusted or adapted to fit each client’s needs. This makes them ideal for office buildings, shop display floors, corridors, meeting rooms, or even regular rooms in residential homes.

The amount of experience that Leigh Spinners have had with producing carpets means that the company has a lot of skill at it. Their work is meant to be as high-quality as possible, with minimal issues or quality concerns that could make the carpets unsafe to use or hard to clean.

These floorings are all different and are not just direct copies of one another, so it might be a good idea to ask the company about any you are interested in. They can probably tell you a lot more than you will see just from their website, such as extra technical specs or cleaning information.


Leigh Spinners also offer landscaping services as part of their synthetic turf products, using the turf itself to help landscape an area that might not be able to grow regular grass properly. This can cover a huge range of different projects but refers to any case where you are not building a sports pitch.

The company also has certain types of artificial grass that are specifically designed for use in landscaping, offering a more natural look and slightly more length that would not be useful in a normal sports pitch. These can easily be layered on top of almost any surface, even stone.

Once in place, these turf sections need barely any maintenance. This means that they can be placed down and forgotten for longer periods of time, keeping your garden or outdoor area looking trimmer since the artificial grass will not grow or start to die.

Since landscaping is yet another entirely bespoke project, Leigh Spinners will be able to accommodate most client requests and questions, so customers have plenty of chances to ask for alterations or specific changes that they might need. The end result will always be high-quality.

Leigh Spinners Contact Details

  • Leigh Spinners Address – Park Lane, Leigh, Lancashire, WN7 2LB
  • Leigh Spinners Phone Number – 01942 673232
  • Leigh Spinners Email Address – [email protected]
  • Leigh Spinners Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/leighspinners
  • Leigh Spinners Twitter – https://twitter.com/LeighSpinners
  • Leigh Spinners LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/company/leigh-spinners-limited

Leigh Spinners Sports Surfaces Reviews

Leigh Spinners does not have many reviews available online, which makes it quite difficult to figure out exactly what their customers have wanted to say about them. However, all the reviews that they do have are usually five stars.

James Dooley, through Google Reviews, simply said:

“Superb artificial grass supplier based in Lancashire. The quality of the garden synthetic turf is great.”

Daniel Glab stated:

“Very friendly company, nice and friendly fork lift operator. Fast loading, you do not have to wait for papers too long.”

While there are not many reviews to look at, there also are not any negative ones floating around the obvious places that most people would post reviews. This means that the company has not been getting any real negative press or customer responses, which can be a very good sign.

Considering that most customers forget to leave reviews after positive service and only leave them if they have a notable negative experience, this is not surprising. The low number of positive reviews and lack of any negative reviews means that Leigh Spinners does very satisfying work.

It is important to note that the company does some sort of open tour or visiting option, and there are positive reviews for this tour that are not for the products themselves. If you are looking for reviews yourself, keep this in mind since they are not positive for the same reasons.

Surfaces also generally get fewer reviews than some other services since they are not as commonly used and are usually only commissioned a few times by each client unless they have multiple jobs that they need to be completed. This means that there is less chance of customers leaving reviews.


Leigh Spinners services seem to be incredibly well-thought-out, and they have completed many projects with absolutely no complaints from their clients. The company has a lot to offer and plenty of different surfaces or carpet types to choose from, all useful for different niches or purposes.

Whatever you need, feel free to use the Leigh Spinners contact details up above if you have questions that were not answered in this short Leigh Spinners review. This page can only present so much information, and you can get more direct responses through their contact page.

For people worried about whether Leigh Spinners is ‘legit’ or a good company, remember that they have been operating since 1913 and continue to expand their line of services and products. Very few companies can last that long if they are producing unsatisfactory or badly made products.

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