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Are you an SME facing financial difficulty? Then look no further – here is the full low down on understanding your problems, and who you can reach out to for a solution.

Financial difficulties are a challenge to many businesses, and whilst this is a stressful time for all those involved, it does not always mean the end for the business.

Leonard Curtis Insolvency are a leading business recovery firm who have helped many businesses just like yours retain control over their finances. They solve problems by offering advice and expert recovery solutions.

Leonard Curtis Business Solutions Group specialise in helping SMEs who are facing financial pressures and challenges. They also help stakeholders and professionals involved with those experiencing debt and financial problems.

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They do so through firstly conducting a full, independent business review to identify the cause of the problem, and discuss with you the best way to proceed.

Ultimately, the experienced team will formulate a personalised recovery solution for you, and provide positive advice and support.

Debt Help Company

Leonard Curtis Business Solutions Group recognise that not only do many SMEs face financial distress at some point during their operation, but also how challenging and stressful this can be.

They operate from 19 locations across the UK, and consist of a large, experienced team.

Their aim is to provide struggling businesses with positive strategies in order for their finances to recover, no matter the root cause of the problem.

Just some of the difficulties Leonard Curtis Insolvency have successfully helped their clients with are:

  • Tax arrears
  • Underinvestment in the business
  • Loss of a significant customer
  • Delays in production
  • Mounting debts
  • Failure of a key supplier

Read on to find out the solutions that Leonard Curtis Business Solutions Group offer.

Debt Solutions

There are a number of solutions out there for struggling businesses, it is simply about proceeding with the option that is most appropriate to your needs.

Leonard Curtis Insolvency are experienced in providing and tailoring the following to many businesses:

Insolvency Avoidance

An agreement between your company and creditor(s) to repay arrears over a reasonable time period, allowing the the survival of your business.

A debt solution company negotiate this on your behalf.

Finance Raising

Lending money based on your assets, for example; property finance, grant funding, funding acquisitions and assets finance.

Equity finance may also be an option for SMEs.

Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA)

A legally binding scheme agreed with creditors that allows your company to continue trading, whilst adhering to a repayment plan.

The goal of a CVA is that the business is able to survive.


The company director(s) or shareholders conduct a legal closing down of the business, whether solvent or insolvent.

This is done in several ways; a Creditor’s or Member Voluntary Liquidation, or a Compulsory Liquidation, where a court has received a petition from a creditor or business.


The re-organisation of an insolvent business, whilst protected by an Insolvency company.

The insolvency team can assist the company whilst re-organisation and new plans are produced, assets are maximised or alternative solutions are provided.

The Law of Property Act (LPA)

Consists of a number of tools to manage debts, such as refinancing,  the sourcing of new buyers, the controlling of costs and the seeking legal advice.

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Leonard Curtis Insolvency Overview

Leonard Curtis founded Leonard Curtis Insolvency, which has been incorporated since 2001.

The company has achieved many successes since then, and has helped thousands of businesses reach financial stability.

They are registered in England and Wales. Having grown to to operate from 19 locations across the UK, Leonard Curtis Business Solutions Group can reach many clients.

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From their offices in London, Guernsey, Birmingham, Sunderland and Glasgow to their Head Office in Manchester, they will have you covered.

Just some of Leonard Curtis Insolvency’s achievements include:

  • Corporate Recovery Firm of the Year 2008 at the Insolvency and Rescue Awards
  • Business Recovery Specialist of the Year in 2010, at the Business Moneyfacts Awards
  • 98% of proposals submitted in 2019 were approved by HMRC.

Leonard Curtis Insolvency Contact Details

The team can be contacted by any of the following methods:

  • Phone: 0330 0243 999
  • Email: [email protected] 
  • Head Office Address: Riverside House, Irwell Street, Manchester, M3 5EN

  • Web: www.leonardcurtis.co.uk
  • Company number: 04200476
  • Leonard Curtis Insolvency do not currently have a social media presence.
  • Registered in England and Wales (Reg No 8582930). All Rights Reserved

Licensed by the Insolvency Practitioners’ Association to act as Insolvency Practitioners in the UK.

Final Thoughts About Leonard Curtis Insolvency

With a proven track record of success in providing financial solutions to struggling businesses, Leonard Curtis Recovery Limited demonstrate a wealth of knowledge and experience.

With a massive 98% of proposals accepted by HMRC in 2019, it is clear that Leonard Curtis Insolvency are a leading firm in business rescue & recovery.

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Specialising in providing advice and tailored solutions through insolvency avoidance, finance raising, CVAs, liquidation, administration and LPAs, Leonard Curtis Insolvency can help you secure a better future for your business.

They help many people just like you ever day, and could be the one to help you retain control of your finances.

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