Link Whisper Review

After a year of updates, usage, tweaks, and more… Link Whisper just released some additional major updates that will really put them on the map.

The creator of the internal linking tool is Spencer Haws.

Here are a few of the updates on Link Whisper:

Auto-linking feature

You now have the ability to automatically link to a URL of your choice every time (or every page) that mentions a specific keyword.

Extremely powerful, and you have full control to make sure you don’t overdo it.

Watch this tutorial video to see it in action:

Broken Links Reports

Again, this is a MAJOR update. You can now get a full report that shows all broken links (both internal and external) that you have on your site.

You likely have links on your site that are leading to 404 pages or are otherwise no good.

You can now quickly see what those links are, edit them, or delete them with Link Whisper.

This alone could significantly improve the SEO of your site.

See the Broken Links Report tutorial here:

Ignore Links

Tired of getting link suggestions to a page that you know you will never want to build links to?

Now you have a quick way to “ignore” those links and link whisper will never suggest them again.

As you add these ignored pages, Link Whisper will be providing more and more accurate link suggestions!

You can add these ignored pages as you see them by clicking “Ignore Link” or you can add or edit pages directly in your settings page.

New Design

Link Whisper just took a major leap forward in how professional it looks with a new design.

Open up Link Whisper and check it out. We hope this provides you with a cleaner and overall better user experience.

Update Link Whisper

If you don’t see the update available on your website, no problem.

Simply click the “login” link on or go here:

Use your purchase email address as your username and you may need to click the “Forgot Password?” link and you will be emailed with a password reset option.

Once logged in, you can download the latest version of the plugin.


Overall, as you can see I’m excited about these updates and I hope you are as well.

The best part? I have lots more ideas and updates that will be coming soon to Link Whisper.

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