Loans2Go Loans Review

Are you looking for payday loan companies who can offer flexible-term loans to those looking for an alternative to more traditional types of finance? Then Loans2go is the way to go. They’re a trustworthy, transparent, and easy to understand continuous payment authority who bring fantastic service to people no matter their financial situation, credit rating, or needs.

Find out more about the loan application, total interest to pay for late repayment, what loan your credit score makes you eligible for, and more details about payday loans in this Loans2go review.

Loans2Go is a company that’s been providing alternative, inexpensive personal loans for over 20 years. They’re still coming up with new ideas for loans, customer service, and account management. They treat all clients equally & give them the information & help required during the term of their loan.

The team at Loans2Go want to make sure each customer is comfortable with all the terms and agreements before signing any offer logbook loans, personal finance loans or secured loan papers. They want to be as transparent as possible so that you understand everything they have to offer and everything you need to pay when the repayment date comes. They cater to your budget and your needs so you can always ask them for the best offers of June 2022 that you qualify for, no matter what your credit file or credit rating may be.

Loans2go Overview

Loans2Go is definitely a great option for anyone looking for fast personal loans online. Their primary loan option available online is the unsecured loan. This gives customers money within 15 minutes once the application is accepted. Customers can loan amounts varying from £250 – £3,000 which has a pay period of up to 24 months!

The best part of the Loans2Go offer is that, even if these loans can be paid within 24 months, you can choose to have the loans before the date agreed upon so that you end up with less interest paid. You need only to settle interest for the time you keep the loan so you don’t incur more debts.

The team at Loans2Go understand each customer’s financial issues such as bad credit and money problems. So, they give different payment options that allow yo to pay weekly or monthly. The Financial Conduct Authority has fully authorised and regulated Loans2Go, and they’re members of the CCTA, according to their Bills of Sale Code of Practice. They also have a Compliance team that works hard to guarantee that the Loans 2 Go product is tailored to our customers’ needs. They conduct an extensive credit check before giving a loan so each customer gets the best loan that gives them more money for the time they can afford.

Loans2Go are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Their company information registration number or FCA register number is FRN 679836.

Services Offered By Loans2go

  • Personal Loan
  • Unsecured loan

The total amount of available loans ranges from £250 to £1,000. First-time consumers, on the other hand, are only eligible for a maximum of £500. If payments are made according to the agreed-upon timetable, a bigger amount may be granted if a second loan is needed.

Loans2Go has a typical APR rate of 1013.3 percent for their unsecured offering. Only an 18-month repayment plan is available for loans. For unsecured loans, there isn’t any alternative option. You will have the opportunity to pay off your loan early in part or in full if you so desire. Loans2Go will provide you with a written settlement amount that may contain additional fees.

There are no late fees, but if you do not keep up with your payments, Loans2Go may charge you for court fines or repossession costs. They claim that once everything is agreed upon and signed, the money will be transferred to your bank account in approximately 15 minutes. The webpage does not explain how weekday and weekend cut-off times affect this.

Loans 2 Go offers personal loans for up to 24 months. Perhaps you have an unexpected payment to pay, or a project that needs to be completed as quickly as possible. You may acquire a rapid loan from £250 to £3,000 with a Loans 2 Go Personal Loan. We evaluate each application on its own merits, taking into account eligibility and financial requirements. Whether you have a bad credit history or a CCJ, Loans 2 Go will evaluate you for a loan. Within 15 minutes of acceptance, your money will be in your bank account.

Loans2go Contact Details

For any questions regarding loans, missed payments, or your current credit standing, you can reach someone from the Loans 2 Go team using the following options:


Onsite Contact Page


[email protected]

Registered Address

Bridge Studios, 34a Deodar Road, London SW15 2NN.


0330 400 6000


07741 903 315



Loans2go Reviews

People need to speak to the customer service team to understand the terms of the loan before they jump to conclusions. They are dead easy to speak to and very helpful. Highly recommend. – Tom

I had mistake regarding the sum of the loan and after a decision on my part, I decided to change the contract. The call handler, Mohammed, handled my call with great care and attention and he was very understanding of the problem. Very clear voice and the perfect phone operative. Thank you L2Go and thank you, Mohammed (staff). – Roberti

I had very good experience. Very nice customer service if you are talking nice to them. I know a lot people had a problem with them but what are you expecting when you are getting short term loan and you do not pay in time. Thank you for your understanding. – Slavs Entertainment

Very quick and responsive to gaining a loan I wanted . But the the pay back of 35pounds a week for 72 weeks is daylight robbery too greedy For a company. I will pay back what I owe always have with companies . Unless they get more affordable like leading stream they are really good and professional. – Nathan

I have had an affordability claim in with loans 2 go, all I can say is they were very efficient, polite, helpful and sort my issue before the 8 week time limit. Thank you loans 2 go. – Julia B


Unlike a lot of other lenders, you’ll never feel alone during the whole process as their dedicated team makes sure you understand everything about the loan and what you’re paying and even the details on the small print.

When you apply for a loan, we make certain that all of the terms of your agreement are clearly shown. We’ll also make sure you can afford and pay your monthly payments. Before you sign the loan agreement, you can also contact us with any inquiries.

If you require financial assistance, you can be assured that at Loans 2 Go, we place a premium on treating clients fairly, and we will continue to grow our company culture around this attitude.

In this Loans 2 go reviews, we highlight how you can better settle paying your debt by going into business with lenders who qualify your needs and budget. Our extensive search has shown where you may get a flexible personal loan in England, Wales, or Scotland. Their team can assist you with a logbook loan or a personal loan since their team at Loans2Go are committed to providing the best loan solution for you and your situation. So, visit them in any of their 60 branches around the UK today to see what their company can offer you today!

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