Martin Gray Racing Club Review

If you’re new to horse racing, Martin Gray Racing Club will show you all the positives of entering a horse racing club, including their amazing business relations with both current and new members.

This analysis is intended to provide you with an overview of what Martin Gray Racing Club can offer its members, as well as to provide existing racehorse owners with an unforgettable experience prior to joining the syndicate.

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Martin Gray Racing Club Overview

The Martin Gray Racing Club was formed to bring together people who are passionate about jumps racing and who want to be involved in racehorse ownership. Their main objective is to have fun while running, to celebrate their wins, and to build memories that will last a lifetime.

Services Offered By Martin Gray Racing Club

Here are the benefits of the Martin Gray Racing Club:

  • Stable visits
  • Golf Day
  • Trips abroad
  • Car park picnic

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Horses In Training

Here are some of the horses in training at Martin Gray Racing Club:

  • Casual Cavalier

Martin Gray Racing Club Contact Details

Here are the racehorse syndicates Martin Gray Racing Club contact details:

Martin Gray Racing Club Trainers

Here are the trainers at Martin Gray Racing Club:

  • Henry Oliver
  • Tristan Davidson

Martin Gray Racing Club Reviews

Here are some reviews from the members at Martin Gray Racing Club:

Dave G:

“Great racing club, informal , friendly , affordable, with success, looking forward to next season”.

Brain P:

“Winning days out racing, owners prize money retained to buy new horses, added value jumps racing information sent out by Martin on email and text and a great day out……..what more could I ask for less than 28 quid a week!”


One of the most appealing aspects of joining Martin Gray Racing Club is the low cost of its shares.

Apart from that, it is the syndicate’s work that makes each member feel respected and provides them with the most authentic racehorse ownership experience possible, from regular stable visits to frequent updates on the horses.

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Martin Gray Racing Club Alternatives

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