Maxi Affiliate Program

The Maxi affiliate program is a competitive casino promotion scheme. It is very popular with industry experts and casino promoters alike. Affiliate programs give you the chance to make passive money off the back of simple casino promotion.

This could lead to regular money rolling into your bank or e-wallet each month without you having to do much to inspire it!

You can join the program yourself here if you want to find out more about the many commission opportunities.

The Maxi program is one of many affiliate schemes; however, it remains very popular with people who have experience of this type of venture. Let’s take a look into why.

Why Join the Program?

The scheme uses Wynta software to process affiliate earnings, and it offers a range of sites and brands for you to promote across the web.  Some of the most appealing points of the scheme are the competitive commission rates. But, we will cover those in a little more detail further down.

If you are already running a gaming website or blog, you could benefit from joining this program and promoting online casino sites. You’ll be able to claim cash back from anyone who clicks on your links and goes on to make regular deposits. There’s never any guarantee that the people who click will pay and play regularly with the casino brands. So it makes sense to post and promote on a regular basis.

It’s worth comparing other programs and schemes, too, to see if other commission rates match up with what you’re looking for.

How Does The Program Work?

The program works very simply – every month, you’ll get a minimum payment into your bank or e-wallet. The amount depends on how successful your links have been in a given period.

If people click through and regularly deposit a lot of money into a slot website or bingo site, you stand to take away a nice slice of the profits.  It is a program which pays well if you continue to promote and put time into your posts.  An affiliate scheme will not work for you if you’re unable to regularly write and promote.

However, if this sounds like the sort of scheme you can regularly attend to, there’s no reason why you can’t make serious money. It’s the sort of program which will continue to roll on for months on end.

Maxi Sites

Of course, it is always a good idea to check out sites supported by the Maxi Affiliates scheme before you get started. While the scheme may not oversee the biggest brands on the market, there is still plenty of potential cash to be had. What’s more, it seems that this is a scheme many people ‘in the know’ are happy to get involved with.

These sites are well-positioned to appeal to casual and seasoned players alike. This means you have a good chance for solid conversions to be frequent.

Maxi Affiliates Commission

The Maxi Affiliates commission rate will allow you to claim up to 45% of revenue from those players who click through and pay into the sites you promote.  Commission starts at 35% for any turnover up to £5,000, 40% for anything up to £15,000, and 45% beyond that.  These are very competitive rates!

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Payment Options

Do make sure to take note of payment options and associated terms. You can receive money through bank and instant transfers, BACs, Neteller, Envoy and cheque.

Payments can be a little slow to process, but you only need to make £20 minimum to pay out to an e-wallet each month.  This rises to £500 for bank transfers, so it may be worth setting up a Neteller account.

Setting Up

As with most casino affiliate schemes, you’ll need to provide a minimum of information to get started.  However, do be sure to read all the essential details and terms before you get set up!

The Maxi affiliates program is a great way to make extra money from time to time. But make sure to stick to the rules set by the brand.

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