McArdle Sport

McArdle Sport is a leading sports surface construction company that specialises in the installation of synthetic turf surfaces. With this specialist construction, this company has worked with a range of clients across the nation and has developed a great reputation for their work.

They have worked on a range of projects, including football pitches and rugby pitches, offering a safe and attractive space for practice or tournaments to take place. The company has also worked on hockey pitches, athletics tracks, and multi-game spaces.

To learn more about what this company does and how they could help, continue reading this McArdle Sport review.

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McArdle Sport Overview

McArdle Sport was established in 1999, and over the decades, it has developed a great reputation for being an expert in sports surface construction.

They specialise in innovative design and pioneering construction methods for their sports pitches. They have worked with clients across the nation and continue to provide safe, reliable spaces for leisure and sports practice.

The company is highly accredited and holds certificates in FIH Field Builder, CHAS (SSIP), Construction Line Gold, Acclaim (SSIP), SAPCA, and also ISO Quality, Environmental, and Health & Safety accreditations.

This ensures that McArdle Sports work to a high standard and operate as safely as possible no matter what project they are working on. The team is experienced in handling all aspects of the construction project, ensuring that all needs are met when you hire McArdle Sport.

They can cover all aspects of sports facility installation, including drainage, shock pad, artificial turf installation, and macadam base, to name but a few.

With decades of experience and a whole host of certifications, it is clear to see why McArdle Sport is trusted with so many of the leisure spaces and sports facilities across the country.

Services Offered By McArdle Sport

McArdle Sport is one of the nation’s leading companies in the construction and installation of sports facilities. They provide a range of services within this specialist sector, including:

Site Surveys

Before their projects begin, McArdle Sport offers full site surveys, which include an assessment of the proposed location for the project to ensure it is suitable, as well as an assessment of construction traffic to ensure the environment can handle the project taking place.

These surveys also include standard health and safety assessments to ensure the safety of all involved.

Design and Planning

As well as being able to handle the installation and construction of sports facilities, McArdle Sport also offers assistance with the design of your space.

This includes technical drawings and blueprints to plan out the project and working to achieve project specification requirements so it can run smoothly. This part of their service also includes getting planning permission for any project.

Earthworks And Drainage

This company also handles the preparation of the landscape before they can offer installation of sports facilities. This includes stabilising the ground, drainage calculations, and expert solutions to ensure a great start to your project.

Foundation Sub-Base and Engineered Sub-Base

This service is something that is only used for artificial pitches. For these kinds of projects, McArdle offers a macadam layer which will ensure the pitch is stable before additional layers are installed.

Artificial Turfs and Tracks

The company offers a range of artificial surfaces which can be used for sports facilities.

McArdle Sport relies on materials that meet the requirements of major sporting industries, including FIFA, FIH, and World Rugby Reg 22.

As well as these services, McArdle Sport can also provide a range of ancillary equipment, including assorted landscape, line marking tools, goal posts, and other finishing touches that can be installed into your sports facility.

This means that McArdle Sport covers everything required for the installation of sports facilities. They can be a one-stop shop for everything you need to start and complete this kind of project.

McArdle Sport Contact Details

If you are interested in the services that are offered by McArdle Sport, then you can contact them via:


McArdle Sport is an excellent company for all things related to the installation of sports facilities. They operate in every aspect of the installation, including preparing the landscaping, obtaining planning permission, and even offering finishing touches through their sales sector.

The company operates in three divisions, and each is an expert in their own field. The company is split into areas for sports facilities, playgrounds, and landscaping, and a sales sector that offers tools and equipment for the maintenance of these spaces.

McArdle Sport has been in the industry for over two decades, and they have developed a great reputation in their various fields.

It is a legit company, and in this McArdle Sport review, we have looked into the various ways that this company can help take your project off the ground.

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