NetHive Affiliate Program

The NetHive affiliate program is a popular scheme through which you can generate extra cash. Affiliates do this by referring people to specific casinos and gaming sites. If you run a popular gaming blog or website, offering affiliate links can be a great way for you to make some amazing passive income.

The best place to sign up for the NetHive platform is HERE.

The NetHive program is one of the most popular schemes of its kind online.  The brand looks after many very popular casino sites.  This means you stand all the more chance of making some big money in your spare time!

What is it that makes the NetHive program so appealing?  Let’s take a closer look.

What is the NetHive Affiliate Program?

The NetHive affiliate program is an award-winning marketing platform. It allows you to refer website visitors to a variety of casinos and gaming sites. NetHive is well-known for its enthusiastic approach to affiliate marketing. They employ several account managers offering advice and support to any affiliate marketers who may need it.

Getting started in affiliate marketing can seem easy enough, but generating some serious money can take time and effort. To be able to earn a good amount from the NetHive scheme, you are going to need to post regularly and to keep plugging the brands they expect from you.

One of the major plus points of joining the NetHive program is the flexibility in payment. They will wire transfer cash to you each month via bank transfer, cheque, Qiwi, WebMoney, Neteller, Skrill or Intercash. For most affiliates, this should be nice and easy to set up and manage.

What Sites Are Included?

Before signing up for the NetHive program, do make a point of checking out the sites they operate.  One of the major draws of this scheme is the fact that there are so many big-name sites they are responsible for!  Chances are you’ve heard of, or may even have played at, some of the following:

  • Fabulous Bingo
  • The Sun Bingo

Many of these casinos are top brands and are aimed at seasoned casino and online gaming players.  Others, such as The Sun Bingo, are leading bingo sites that should appeal to most players. They also promote some of the top online slots sites. Take your pick of what you’d like to promote!

Why Join NetHive Affiliates?

There are plenty of great reasons to join NetHive affiliates.  For one thing, they are currently offering 100% revenue on your first month of the program.  This is a deal for new joiners, so it’s worth getting into fast.  Following this, the percentage of revenue share you receive will stack up.

You’ll also want to join for the speedy payment times.  You should see cash within 15 days.  There’s no negative carryover, either, which will appeal to long-term affiliate marketers.

How Does NetHive Affiliates Work?

Affiliate schemes can seem tricky on the surface, but ultimately, they work through how many people click through on your links.

Depending on the number of people who click through and for a certain amount of money or time, you’ll get the commission back.

Minimum activity terms may apply, so do make sure you take a look at these conditions before you get started.

Commission Information

NetHive affiliate commission is fairly competitive.  Once you’ve used your first month at 100% commission, you’ll get 25% if you refer up to nine regular players. Then you get 30% up to 49 players, 35% up to 99 players, 40% up to 499 players, and 45% on over 500.  That’s almost 50% commission, which, if you really drive things, will mean a nice return for you each month.

Getting Started

The NetHive brand offers you nice and easy ways to get started.  Simply take a look at their online form and consider how much time you can put into the scheme. Remember, you will need to post on your blog or website regularly, and will need to adhere to compliance terms.

Do make sure you read all the fine print before you start, as you may find yourself in a sticky spot if you don’t!  Who knows?  You could be making bank from NetHive in no time.

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