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Oasis Communities Runcorn is unique in that it goes beyond inpatient therapy to focus on the well-being of its residents. During the COVID-19 pandemic, their clients’ health remains a top priority, thus their doors remain open for anyone who needs help.

Oasis Rehab is a part of the UK Addiction Treatment (UKAT) rehab family. They treat alcoholism, eating disorders, and addiction to drugs, the internet, games, gambling, sex, and love in adults as a group. They also cater to a more delicate age group and require special attention and care.

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If detox and rehabilitation in Cheshire are not possible, they can satisfy your needs at one of their other UK-based rehab centres. Learn more in this Oasis Rehab review.

Oasis Rehab Overview

Oasis Runcorn is unique in that it offers two treatment programs, allowing for individualised care and client preference. A 12-step program and the Oasis Strengths program are simultaneously delivered within the therapeutic environment.

Primary and secondary treatment is provided at Oasis Runcorn and includes community process, process groups, therapeutic activities, one-on-one counselling, house meetings, workshops, groups, and worksheets. Any customer who has problems with literacy will be assisted and supported.

They have a passionate and committed staff of experienced Counsellors and Recovery Support Workers at Oasis Communities Runcorn, many of whom have conquered their issues with addiction. This gives the Oasis team a unique perspective and understanding of addiction, its causes, and how to overcome it successfully.

The expert clinical staff at Oasis Rehab combines their personal experiences attending training and their qualifications to re-inspire their clients, offer them hope, and address the underlying causes of their illness.

Services Offered By Oasis Rehab

Oasis Rehab offers the following services:


Many recovering alcoholics and addicts and their relatives believe that after a treatment program is completed, they will be free of their addiction. They return home looking and feeling considerably better, and their thinking and actions have changed life ahead significantly. However, addiction is an incurable sickness. Thus, treating it doesn’t work like that.

Oasis teaches their clients the fundamentals and assists them in addressing the leading causes of their addiction. Nonetheless, recovery, in their opinion, is a lifelong process of learning and practising new coping methods. Aftercare services aid individuals in this process and find alumni clients the best possible start to long-term recovery and sobriety growth.

Family Support Programme

Oasis recognises that addiction affects more than just the people suffering from it, which is why they provide a family rehabilitation program in their treatment plan. Addiction has far-reaching consequences, particularly for those closest to the addict. The people that suffer the most are frequently partners, parents, siblings, and children.

As the addict/destructive alcoholic’s and often selfish acts take over their lives, they typically experience fear, frustration, rage, and despair. Oasis is a firm believer in the family’s overall recovery. They hope to educate families about addiction and how they may best recover and assist their loved ones when they come home.

12-step Rehab

They strongly believe in the transforming qualities of 12-step counselling at Oasis Runcorn. This effective treatment method has been shown over time to effectively treat all types of addictions while also assisting the individual in discovering a new way of life that is both purposeful and gratifying.

Their licensed counsellors and therapists are skilled in administering the 12 steps; in fact, many are living testimonials to the process’s therapeutic abilities, having undergone a complete transformation utilising it.

Strengths Rehab

An eight-stage therapeutic model is used in this model. Clients can trace their progress from one stage to the next, which is critical in early recovery when targets and goals should be conceived of in simple, measurable, and doable ways.

Each module progresses after the previous one has been completed successfully. Although all eight modules can be completed, the curriculum has been structured to include a range of worksheets in each.

As a result, while each module must be completed in order, the worksheets and activities are flexible and adjustable to the individual’s unique therapy needs.

Oasis Rehab’s fundamental principles are:

  • When a client seeks treatment, the treatment team assumes that their denial has decreased sufficiently.
  • Denial is a coping mechanism for fear and humiliation associated with addiction.
  • Recovery necessitates a sense of hope and resilience that allows a person to embrace change.
  • The team performs a positive stock-check of a client’s strengths and assets, also known as recovery capital.
  • The group establishes precise SMART objectives (Small, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic Targets).

Art Therapy

Drawing, painting, poetry, clay modelling, and college are examples of non-threatening creative treatment modalities that allow for freedom of expression. It’s also a lot of fun and relaxing, and it has a lot of established advantages:

  • Reconnection to an individual’s creative side
  • Allows for freedom of expression via a non-threatening and safe therapy
  • It can be soothing to the person
  • Allows people to express their feelings healthily while also assisting them in digesting them
  • Aids the individual in identifying and communicating challenging feelings that they are unable to express verbally
  • A beneficial recovery tool used once you’ve returned home and are no longer in treatment
  • Assists the therapy team in better understanding the individual’s issues and how to address them appropriately
  • Enhances self-esteem and gives a sense of accomplishment

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

CBT is increasingly being used to successfully treat various mental diseases, including addiction, anxiety, PTSD, and borderline personality disorder. All of the patients at Oasis Runcorn receive Cognitive Behaviour Therapy from their skilled and licensed therapists and counsellors.

It’s a crucial part of their rehabilitation regimen. Individuals can influence their actions by showing them how to change their thoughts. This contributes to laying a solid basis for a long and successful recovery.

Dialectical Behavioural Therapy

Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) helps people with mental illnesses and mood disorders recognise problematic assumptions, attitudes, and beliefs that make life more difficult. Their minds and individual thinking drive addicts and alcoholics to continue using or relapsing even when they wish to get and stay clean.

DBT is a solution-focused treatment that emphasises recovery rather than the problem of addiction. It is highly effective at changing the foundations of an individual’s cognitive thought processes, allowing them to live a lot more pleasant and bearable existence without using alcohol, drugs, or destructive behaviours.

Group Therapy

The Oasis Recovery Communities in Runcorn provide various cutting-edge treatment options in a group setting. This is because the peer group’s combined input has a lot of power. It is usual for an addict to isolate themselves in the later phases of their addiction, leaving them alone with only their addiction for company. The individual’s isolation must be broken for them to face their issues and properly recover.

Holistic Therapy

When treating addiction and its numerous co-occurring diseases, Oasis Runcorn believes in taking a comprehensive approach. Addiction is classed as a chronic relapsing brain disease – in other words, a mental illness. It shows up in the sufferer’s obsessive and compulsive thought patterns, which are the addiction’s driving force.

To properly recover from the disease of addiction, an addict must undergo a deep shift in their thinking and the way they process their emotions and experiences. Holistic therapy does this on several levels without the use of pharmaceutical medications and chemicals, which just mask the problem rather than addressing the underlying causes and circumstances.

One-to-One Therapy

Individual therapy, often known as psychotherapy or one-on-one counselling, is a type of therapy in which a person receives one-on-one attention. It is a collaborative effort between the patient and the individual therapist. To support positive change and improve the individual’s quality of life, the counsellor will employ a variety of effective and proven, evidence-based therapeutic approaches.

Cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy, trauma therapy, and psychotherapy are all common types of therapy offered throughout the session. Many people find these sessions to be highly beneficial and healing, as they can work through past issues and improve their self-awareness with the help of their counsellor. These sessions can help patients make significant improvements, and they are offered to all Oasis patients.

Trauma Therapy

Trauma can be an underlying issue for someone addicted, so trauma therapy is necessary for many recovery stages. It can also lead to anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). If trauma is not addressed, the person may relapse later in their rehabilitation.

Oasis Runcorn understands the need of addressing trauma early in the recovery process. Trauma can alter the brain’s chemistry, leading to the development of harmful coping techniques in the victim. As the person tries to self-medicate and conceal or block the distressing feelings they are experiencing, it might lead to addiction.

Oasis offers a treatment program that focuses on the fundamental causes of each person’s addiction, including the therapy of prior trauma using established and effective treatment methods.

Healthy Eating

According to research, healthy nutrition appears to aid recovery from addiction and its prevalent co-occurring diseases. As part of their rehabilitation, Oasis Runcorn gives each patient an introduction to healthier living. Starting with the essentials, such as personal hygiene and a balanced diet, is a good place to start.


Oasis Runcorn has integrated holistic therapeutic meditation to aid in the recovery process as part of Oasis’ complete rehabilitation programme to treat addiction and its common co-occurring diseases.

The benefits of meditation have been recognised for many years, and it has been practised in its most basic form since the 1st Century BCE. Since then, numerous styles of meditation have emerged, all with the same purpose in mind: to obtain inner calm while engaging in the practice.

Mindful Fitness

All clients at Oasis Recovery Communities Runcorn can use their Mindful Fitness program. Mindfulness is a sort of meditation therapy that has been very useful in treating addiction and its prevalent co-occurring disorders.

It is very simple to learn, and because of this, anyone of any age, gender, mental or physical capacity can practice and apply its basic concepts in their daily life.

Much study has been done on mindfulness and its benefits over the years. It has been shown to help with the recovery of the cognitive thought process and addiction-related harm and create a strong and healthy mind and body.

Oasis Rehab Contact Details

You can contact Oasis Rehab or their addiction counsellors through the following:

Oasis also offers a free callback service.

Oasis Rehab Reviews

For potential clients who have various expectations, here are some reviews about Oasis Rehab:

Excellent staff, both counsellors and support. Good care and recovery program. Food below par, accommodation reasonable, amenities understandably affected by COVID. Overall, a positive experience worth the initial cost. Recommended for recovery but expect some tough love if you attend. Stuart Hall

Stayed here for four weeks when my life became totally unmanageable. Having no experience in rehabilitation centres, I didn’t know what to expect, but I really found the help I needed here through the excellent therapists and support staff. Matthew Young

This has been the most inspirational and life-changing experience. I didn’t have any preconceived ideas about rehabilitation as such, but my experience has been far more helpful than I could have imagined. It really is so much more than just a detox programme. It has been life-saving, and I have learnt so many tools that I can take with me to help keep me safe on my journey when I leave. Lucy Lewis

You can also check out other review sites for all the reviews on Oasis Rehab.


To sum up this Oasis Rehab review, customers benefit from Oasis’s welcoming, sympathetic, and nonjudgmental environment. This helps individuals form strong, trusting working connections with Oasis counsellors and therapists.

Furthermore, Oasis is a good rehab centre that provides unwavering support to their clients throughout their entire recovery journey with the team, guiding them from active addiction to treatment and back into successful clean and sober community living.

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