Onyx Affiliate Program

The Onyx affiliate program is a modern casino affiliate scheme. It aims to generate passive income for casino and gaming fans across the UK.

Representing a strong core of popular casino and gaming sites, Onyx is also popular with many people thanks to its strong rates of commission. It also has flexible affiliate tools which you can use on your own website or blog, as well as on social media.

But what is it that makes the Onyx affiliate program stand out from other popular casino programs and schemes out there? Let’s take a look.

Who Are Onyx Affiliates?

Onyx Affiliates represent a group of casinos and gaming sites that are popular with more than a few online players. In fact, the Onyx brand is popular not just for its affiliations and affiliate schemes, but also for its gaming standards. The affiliate program is continuing to garner interest and praise from the wider casino and online bingo playing community.

Onyx offers what they refer to as lifetime commission on all revenue you help them to generate. This means that you can expect to keep making money from players you promote to Onyx sites, regardless of what happens.

With some schemes cutting affiliates off after a period, this is likely to be very appealing to a lot of people. There is also no negative carryover on this scheme, which means you can expect to make some serious money from month to month, starting afresh.

Commission Details

As with any kind of casino or gaming affiliate scheme, it’s worth checking out what you could make in terms of commission revenue. For example, you can expect to claim up to 50% revenue in any given period. This depends on how much money your referees make the online casinos you promote to.

To get access to this lucrative level of commission, you will need to generate at least £20,000 for the brand in any set period. This means you are going to need to seriously work at promoting their sites and games to claim back stacks of cash.

Affiliate programs take a lot of work. You are going to need to promote sites and games online, regularly, if you want to stand a chance of making any money back. However, an opening rate of 25% on anything up to £2,500 is a very good starting point.  If anything, this should likely introduce you into the affiliate scheme pretty gently.

As mentioned, the presence of no negative carryover and a feature allowing for lifetime earnings will appeal to plenty of people. In fact, it may even draw people in from other schemes, who are used to lower rates of commission or less flexible terms.

Sites They Promote

As always, it’s well worth looking at the sites promoted through an affiliate campaign or scheme before you go any further. Onyx Affiliates offers a nice selection of sites, mainly from the Jumpman Gaming stable, including some of the best online slots. Many of these are still quite new and offer a lot of games from big-name developers.

You may already be registered with one or more of these sites. Regardless, they all benefit from solid development and games catalogues. This is bolstered by the likes of NetEnt, NextGen and Microgaming.

Therefore, you should be able to confidently promote these sites and their bonuses to your visitors.  Why not take a closer look and see how much money you could make?

Become a Partner with Onyx Affiliates

If you’d like to become a partner with Onyx Affiliates, getting started is more than simple. All you need to do is head to the main website, fill in a few details, and you can get started promoting the site in any way you wish.

But, do be aware that the scheme may require you to keep up to their own style and promotions standards. Therefore, do always be willing to check the fine print, and be ready to promote Onyx’s sites regularly through any means they support. This is always going to be the best way for you to make regular, passive income!

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