Playrite Review

Playrite is a leisure and sports surfaces company that provides artificial grass and surfaces for a range of different projects. This Playrite review will go into who they are, what they offer, and why they might be worth using for your next outdoor construction or renovation project.

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Playrite Overview

Established as a standalone division of National Floorcoverings LTD in 1991, Playrite was initially created to work on manufacturing artificial surfaces for sports use. They have continued this goal for over 30 years, working hard to produce the best possible turfs and surfaces they can for customers.

Playrite has quickly grown into its own brand name, complete with a gradually expanding list of services and surface types that customers and clients can purchase. The company is accredited by multiple major bodies, including the ISO 9001 quality checks and ISO14001 environment details.

With a lot of experience across the entire Playrite team, they have been able to continue manufacturing great flooring materials and working on new designs. However, their main focus is still sports surfaces, the core of the work that they do.

Services Offered By Playrite

Initially created to make sports surfacing materials, Playrite has stuck to that goal for years and are continuing to expand their options, but have also moved into other fields more recently too. Playrite offers the following services:

Sports Surfaces

Playrite services started with sports surfaces, and the company has continuously created better and better designs as the years have gone by. Covering a wide range of sports as well as some bespoke options, Playrite is a major manufacturer of this surfacing for commercial and residential clients.

One of the most obvious options is the MUGA (Multi-Use Games Area) surfaces, which are designed to support a range of different games that all need different court sizes, markings, and layouts. These use a mixture of Playrite materials and designs to create a multi-functional space.

However, the company also has a lot of game-specific courts, pitches and spaces that they can create with their surfacing materials. All of them have specific tweaks and changes to make them suitable for whatever sport they are designed to accommodate.

Netball Courts

Playrite netball courts are designed to be safe for high-energy movement, offering a stable surface to move on while also preventing serious falls and (or harm, if a player slips over). They are meant to help provide more support during the game, especially for high-speed movement and turns.


The Playrite football pitches use artificial turf to remove the downsides of a natural football space, making wet weather and damp ground far less of a problem while also keeping the same appealing style of a natural grass football pitch. Each one has a huge range of options to choose from.

These all-weather pitches use the synthetic materials as an advantage, giving the ball the same bounce and roll as normal grass to make sure that players are not taken by surprise. This means that traction, foot stability, ball movement and other details should all be exactly the same as normal.

By keeping everything the same, even with third-generation artificial pitch designs, players are not subjected to unfair losses or injuries. The closer the artificial pitch is to the real thing, the more accurate the experience will be for the players who have to actually use it.

Tennis Courts

Playrite tennis courts are made with either needle punch or tufted surfaces, which changes how thick they are. They can be adjusted for either indoor or outdoor installation and are highly customisable to suit the needs of the owner, club or company that the court is part of.

These designs all remove most of the maintenance work from a real tennis court but can keep the same artificial grass feel that some players may be used to. This consistency allows for better results if the players have practised somewhere else and will not make them feel out of their element.

Rugby Surfaces

Like football, rugby requires a very consistent and natural-feeling surface but also has to account for player collisions. Rugby is a very high-contact sport, so Playrite offers extra shock absorption and cushioning for players that are tackled.

Thanks to the low-maintenance design, the ground will not easily wear out. Third-generation surface designs can be installed over a shock pad to help protect tackled players from unexpected injuries, but the ground will not wear away easily if a lot of tackles happen in the same general area.

Bowling Greens

Playrite bowling greens replace the need to maintain a large area of natural grass with a simple artificial surface. This surface is not only cheaper to look after but can be cheaper to install in areas that do not already have that grass in place and offers the same experience as a normal green.

Cricket Surfaces

Playrite cricket areas offer the same low-maintenance design as other Playrite surfaces but are also designed to help provide the same natural-looking tones that grassy cricket grounds would. This can be good outdoors but also creates a nice atmosphere for indoor cricket players.

Thanks to the all-weather design, cricket does not have to stop the moment it starts raining since the ground will not instantly turn to mud. Good drainage can even help keep the area dry after a rainstorm.

Hockey Pitches

Playrite hockey pitches are meant to emulate natural grass but keep the required flat and obstruction-free surface needed to play hockey properly. They are also large enough to work as multi-use sports areas and need almost no maintenance under regular conditions.

Since there are a few designs available, it is up to the client to decide what kind of hockey area they want to create. Playrite can offer the solutions, but the initial plan needs to be based on the client’s requirements.


Playrite services include the installation of shockpads before any major surface work, adding extra shock absorption and fall protection, as well as a reduced ball bounce. This can be important in games that do not rely on ball bounce, such as rugby, and can reduce injury rates.

Shockpads are not always useful since games like basketball rely on the ball bounce and can be made less reliable thanks to the extra shock absorption. It all depends on what sports or activities you intend to make the space used for.

Pitch Surrounds

The most niche of Playrite services is the artificial surround on the outside of a pitch – this can help frame the outside of the pitch with a nicer design that looks real next to the pitch surface, even though they are both artificial. These are great for keeping maintenance costs and delays down.

These surrounds are not really a fictional tool in any way, but they add a lot of aesthetic value. If used right, they can make an artificial pitch or court look even more natural, as well as provide more space for equipment and spectators to stand off to the side without being in the way.

Playrite Contact Details

Playrite Reviews

Playrite reviews are spread out across a few different sites, but many of them are very positive of the company, even if they do not always have that much to say about the products or services that the writer of the reviews received. Only one of them has text, though:

Jonny Stiles, through Google Reviews, said:

“Fantastic product and (the) service was excellent.”

The rest of the reviews are simply star ratings, and that makes it very difficult to get a clear picture of why customers liked or did not like the services Playrite was able to offer them. However, with mostly positive reviews almost everywhere that the company is reviewed, customers seem satisfied.

This might be because many customers did not leave reviews, did not want to write anything, or simply forgot to go and leave any reviews at all. Whatever the reason, most of the reviews that do exist are completely positive, and the handful of negative ones have no text to clarify the issues they have had.


Playrite does not have many regular Playrite review posts online, and that makes it hard to judge how it appears to its former customers. However, that does not make Playrite itself any less useful as a company, especially with the wide range of different products and services on offer.

If you want to know more about a specific thing that Playrite are offering, then use the Playrite contact details up above to get in contact with the company. They may be able to answer questions that this Playrite review can’t, especially in relation to any bespoke work they might do for clients.

Playrite services are varied, and the company has a lot to offer, so it is a good place to look for almost any surface work, especially sports related. Remember that surfacing is always a customer-based field, and that means that you will have plenty of options to customise and adjust the surfacing plan.

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