Polytan Sports Surfaces Ltd

Polytan Sports Surfaces Ltd has been developing sports surfaces for over 50 years and, over this time, has grown to become a global player in the industry. They work to provide the best sports surfaces to ensure every team and athlete gets off on the right foot and can strive for success. They work to provide sustainable and long-lasting sports surfaces, and it is this quality that has made them a global player in the field.

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The company specialises in research and development to ensure its products are the best quality they can be, and this has become a cornerstone of the business. Polytan Sports Surfaces is a sports partner that prides itself on working sustainably to ensure a solid future of all kinds of sports, and they have worked with thousands of clients across the world.

To learn more about this company and what they can offer you, keep reading this Polytan Sports Surfaces (UK) Ltd review.

Polytan Sports Surfaces Ltd Overview 

Polytan Sports Surfaces (UK) Ltd has been in the business for over 50 years and, over this time, has become a global player in the industry of sports surfacing. They are now a developed industry leader and have a constant-growing portfolio of products that can improve sports facilities across the world. 

The company started with the development of synthetic surfaces but has since grown to include all-weather courts, racing tracks, and shock-absorbent surfacing suitable for a range of sports. Polytan Sports Surfaces (UK) Ltd has created synthetic turf systems for football, rugby, hockey, tennis, and multi-game spaces to give people access to all kinds of physical activity.

Since the early days in the business, Polytan Sports Surfaces (UK) Ltd has worked to meet strict environmental standards with their products. They work to provide sustainable sports surfaces and have a recycling programme making them a reliable partner for all clients who are looking for high-quality but low impact sports surfaces. 

Polytan Sports Surfaces produces low-maintenance, non-resource intensive sports surfaces that have a lot of benefits to sportspeople as well as the environment. 

Services Offered By Polytan Sports Surfaces

Polytan Sports Surfaces offers high-quality and sustainable sports surfaces that have been specially developed to meet client’s individual needs. They work to not only provide high standard sports surfacing, which can be used in a range of leisure spaces, but they also operate as a partner to their clients to provide ongoing support.

This company is a one-stop provider of everything you could need when it comes to the development and installation of sports surfaces. Polytan Sports Surfaces works with trained specialists within the team and have over 50 years of experience to ensure the smoothest process possible.

Not only is the team made up of experts in the field of sports surfaces, but the company also has access to the latest tools and technology to help the process. As well as offering the development and installation of sports surfaces, Polytan Sports Surfaces (UK) Ltd also offers an extensive range of accessories that can complete leisure spaces, making them a great all-rounder for all kinds of sports or leisure spaces.

The company works closely with their products to ensure the highest quality, which is why they also offer maintenance services. These include:

  • Maintenance of sports surfaces
  • Maintenance of turf surfaces
  • Repairs to sports surfaces
  • Accessories to complete leisure spaces

The company operates sustainably and provides a complete maintenance service to sports surfaces and safety surfaces like turf or artificial grass. These maintenance programs offered by Polytan Sports Surfaces (UK) Ltd can help prolong the life of sports facilities, keeping them safe and in good condition for years to come, which can be beneficial not only to communities but also to the budget of their clients.

Polytan Sports Surfaces (UK) Ltd Contact Details

If you are interested in learning more about Polytan Sports Surfaces (UK) Ltd and the services they offer, you can contact them through the following details:

Polytan Sports Surfaces (UK) Ltd Reviews

A great way to learn more about a company like Polytan Sports Surfaces (UK) Ltd is to look into reviews left by customers and clients. This can be a great source of information and can help you decide whether a company is a good choice for you.

On the company’s Facebook page, Polytan Sports Surfaces has received countless five-star reviews from customers across the world. This is a global provider of sports surfaces and their maintenance, so many of the reviews come from locations across Europe as well as in the UK.

“Recommend service. Golden supplier”

“Polytan is top. Only quality for production and installation sports surfaces!!!!”

“Anything is possible at Polytan. The all-round package from a single source! Just great!”

Comments are taken from the company’s Facebook page.


Polytan Sports Surfaces is a global leader in the sports surfacing industry and offers a range of services within this field. They can provide sports surfaces for all kinds of facilities and have offered sustainable options for sports like football, rugby, tennis, and even multi-game spaces. The company prides itself on offering sustainable services and have a recycling program within the business to ensure that they continue to make the right decisions for both their clients and the environment.

This company is a legit brand when it comes to sports surfacing, and they not only offer innovative products that are made sustainably, but they also operate maintenance programmes to ensure the longevity of these facilities. Working with the latest technology and experts on the team, this company can provide a great all-around service to their clients, and this is why they continue to be a global leader.

Polytan Sports Surfaces has over 50 years of experience in the industry and has been developing synthetic surfaces since the brand was established. They are continually working to improve their techniques and services to ensure the highest standards for their clients.

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