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Civil engineering and construction are complex processes, and it can be much harder to set up a new sports pitch than you might expect. As such, the support of a dedicated, professional company with a strong focus on delivering high-quality sporting facilities can be a valuable part of any project. Prestige Sports Pitches is a UK based company with a dedicated focus on constructing the highest quality sports pitches for clients without ever compromising on materials or design.

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With promises that big, can Prestige Sports Pitches deliver? Finding information about companies like this can be difficult, but we have put all of the information you need together into a single Prestige Sports Pitches review in order to make your life as straightforward as possible.

Our Prestige Sports Pitches review will bring you all the answers you need for any questions you may have about this sports facility construction company. Read on below for all of the information you need about Prestige Sports Pitches in our Prestige Sports Pitches review!

Prestige Sports Pitches Overview

Prestige Sports Pitches is a civil engineering and construction company based in Northamptonshire but operating across the entirety of the UK. They operate as a main contractor and a subcontractor for all-weather sports pitch contracts and bring their own workforce and plant to the projects.

With over 25 years of experience in the sports pitch construction contracting industry, Prestige Sports Pitches promise a high level of expertise and skill in every aspect of their work and faultless attention to detail. Rather than a one size fits all approach, Prestige Sports Pitches tailor their reliable, well-tested construction methods to the specific ground conditions of your individual project and will never compromise on quality or safety. The workforce is well trained, and only the highest quality materials are used. All methods and materials are chosen with a strong focus on the environmental impact of every step of the process, with the goal of performing all work in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Prestige Sports Pitches are fully certified with CHAS, Constructionline, and Guild of Mastercraftsmen. They pass regular audits for both health and safety and quality to ensure constant compliance with the most up to date regulations and requirements and meet the standards of the most exacting governing bodies in sport, such as England Hockey, FIH, the FA, FIFA, and Sport England. All staff are also fully trained in both first aid and asbestos awareness, as well as holding NVQ level 2 qualifications, CSCS and CPCS cards. They hold full insurance for every project undertaken and are committed to transparency and legitimacy. This means that copies of all Prestige Sports Pitches accounts are made available for clients in order to reassure prospective clients of the financial stability and honesty of the company.

Services Offered By Prestige Sports Pitches

As a major company in the fields of both civil engineering and construction, Prestige Sports Pitches offers a range of different services for clients, many of which can easily be combined for a single project or purchased individually for smaller, simpler sports facility projects.

Football Pitches

Prestige Sports Pitches design and build advanced 3G synthetic Astroturf football pitches, taking advantage of current developments in artificial grass design and technology. They can also install smaller 5 aside football pitches surfaced with long pile or sand-based synthetic grass, tarmac, or polymeric pitch surfaces. This service also includes fencing and lighting for the pitch. In most cases, clients prefer a 60mm pile Astroturf carpet laid on a free draining sub-base made of stone or a 40mm pile carpet on a shockpad over a stabilising base layer on a free draining stone sub base.

Hockey Pitches

Just like with the football pitches offered by the company, Prestige Sports Pitches design and build hockey pitches using the most advanced modern artificial grass technology. All pitches, both sand filled and sand dressed, are designed to meet FIH and English Hockey standards. There are also options available for Astroturf 3G hockey pitch surfaces and water-based hockey pitches, including an advanced water irrigation system. This service also includes fencing and lighting for the pitch. Most clients like to choose sand-filled hockey pitches with a low-density carpet of around 20mm pile height, with sand infill added in to a little below the pile. Also popular is a 20mm pile height sand dressed carpet with just enough sand to keep the fibres vertical. Water-based pitches are more complex, using a high-density carpet with no sand fill, using water irrigation to maintain a thin layer of water over the pitch for stability.

Rugby Pitches

All-weather rugby pitches are a more recent development, and Prestige Sports Pitches are staying ahead of the curve here with both 3G and 4G rugby pitches, built using the most advanced modern artificial turf technology. All rugby pitches are installed in accordance with current regulations and stringently tested to ensure that they hold up to the strict standards of RFU IRB Regulation 22. Fencing and lighting can also be included with this service, although these options are less essential with rugby than they are with other sports. Most clients like a 60-65mm pile carpet laid over a shockpad over a dynamic base of tarmac and stone. Rugby carpets are made from polyethylene fibres, infilled with sand and rubber for safety.

Tennis Courts

Prestige Sports Pitches install tennis courts as either independent facilities or as part of a Multi Use Games Area (MUGA). These can be surfaced with artificial grass, tarmac, or polymeric materials, depending on budget and ability needs. Fencing and lighting can also be added as part of this service. Prestige Sports Pitches artificial grass tennis courts are sand filled or sand dressed and designed to meet Lawn Tennis Association requirements. Tarmac courts are built with a free-draining stone sub base and a tarmac surface, which can optionally be painted to improve the appearance and slip resistance. The polymeric courts are made from high-quality SBR and/or EPDM rubber materials with a slip-resistant polyurethane resin binder. This is one of the best options for play characteristics in modern tennis court design!

Multi-Use Games Areas

Multi-Use Games Areas, or MUGAs, are popular, versatile pitches designed to be used for a wide range of sports. Prestige Sports Pitches offer 5 different categories of MUGA, each designed to meet the requirements of governing bodies, including the FA, FIH, EH, FIFA, and Sport England for different sports. Type 1 and 2 MUGAs are tarmac pitches, with type 1 designed for tennis and basketball and type 2 designed for netball. Type 3 and 4 MUGAS are made from polymeric, synthetic rubber, with type 3 designed for netball and athletics and type 4 for football and basketball. Type 5 MUGAs use Astroturf or artificial grass, built on either a 3G carpet base or a sand-based surface. All of these MUGAs can be built with appropriate fencing and lighting for the sports to be played, and Prestige Sports Pitches can offer recommendations to meet the needs of the specific project.

Prestige Sports Pitches are a versatile company with a high level of professional expertise in every area of their business. Their strongest speciality, however, is in making sure that appropriate high-quality materials are chosen for each project, tailoring every build to the specific environment and needs of the sports facility and its location.

Prestige Sports Pitches Contact Details

Prestige Sports Pitches can be found at They do not appear to have any social media presence at all, but their main website is a comprehensive online hub for all aspects of their business. They can be contacted as follows:


Field Burcote Farm




NN12 8AL

Prestige Sports Pitches also have an enquiry form on their website that can be used to ask for a free quote or simply to reach out and start a conversation about some other aspect of their business.

 Prestige Sports Pitches Reviews

There are not many Prestige Sports Pitches reviews available, as this is a relatively small company with no presence on social media such as Facebook. However, there are a few available with a bit of research, and we have pulled them together to get you the best sense of how good this company is.

Reviews of Prestige Sports Pitches are generally positive, with an average of 4.5 stars out of 5. Unfortunately, none of these reviews includes any detail or text – only the star rating! That makes it difficult to determine any nuance about the company, but the high star rating of these reviews suggests that customers are broadly very satisfied with the services on offer from Prestige Sports Pitches – there are no reviews of this sports pitch contracting company that rate it anywhere below 4 stars at all!


Prestige Sports Pitches is an easy recommendation, thanks to their incredible attention to detail and custom development of projects to fit the client’s needs. Their range of services is impressive, and the choice of materials available for every type of sports facility allows each design to be customised to fit its intended purpose perfectly. They might not be one of the largest companies out there, but they certainly offer a good service, with a strong focus on ensuring that the best results are achieved every single time without exception!

Hopefully, our Prestige Sports Pitches review has helped you to determine if this company suits your needs and provided you with all of the information you need to make a fully informed, confident decision.

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