Project Playgrounds Review

Project Playgrounds is a UK-based thermoplastic graphics company that specialises in playground markings, as well as other smaller services and tasks. Their work has gradually improved over the years, and now they can offer reliable bespoke services to their clients.

This Project Playgrounds review will go into who the company is, what they do, and how their clients have responded to their past work with review posts. You might find some of their offerings helpful, especially if you plan to create a unique, one-of-a-kind playground space yourself.

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Project Playgrounds Overview

Project Playgrounds is a division of Thermapply and use their thermoplastic materials to create the best possible graphics and markings that they can manage. A lot of their work is bespoke – since all playgrounds and outdoor spaces are different, clients always need different designs and logos.

Their team has been trained to a high level of skill, but they also offer their clients a lot of flexibility with how the designs are created and applied. A large part of the company’s focus is on their guarantees and post-installation help, something that they feel other businesses do not do.

Project Playgrounds has worked with over 1,500 different schools across both the UK and the wider scope of Europe, each one requiring different things. In its attempts to accommodate individual schools, the company has been able to improve its techniques and offer even better results.

Services Offered By Project Playgrounds

Project Playgrounds is mostly focused on playgrounds, as the name suggests. They have a massive range of pre-prepared ideas and can perform all kinds of bespoke work as the client requests, meaning that no two schools or parks get exactly the same design.

Project Playgrounds offers the following services:


One of the most notable Project Playgrounds services is the design service. Through this, clients can have their sites surveyed, checked for feasibility, and then get a custom playground design that is based on their own requirements and input. This allows for completely bespoke playground areas.

The free site survey takes place before anything else, leading to a bespoke design and an estimate quote, along with a full visit from the survey team. This allows Project Playgrounds to get an idea of the kind of site they are working with, then apply that to their design work.

Through this design service, spaces that can’t take normal playgrounds (such as cramped yards or parks that are mostly sloping) can get something that will suit them. Even in normal flat areas, it can lead to far more interesting and creative spaces, rather than just generic copycat playgrounds.

Since this is all bespoke, the client gets full say in the actual design itself. This can lead to things like children getting involved in the design, playgrounds being adjusted to commemorate a passed teacher or almost anything else that the school or park might need created with markings.

Game Markings

One of the most common kinds of marking that Project Playgrounds offers is the board games and grids, places that children can use to engage in larger-scale versions of existing board games. This does not stop children from coming up with their own unique takes on those games, either.

While some are fairly well-known classics, such as Snakes & Ladders or chess, others are more generic. Clients can have a coordinate grid installed that can be used for countless different games but is not specifically meant for any particular type of game or any existing set of rules.

This can be a good way to add more entertainment value to a space while also offering room for creativity, letting children flex their own imagination as they create special games. The exact location and number of these boards are up to the client, so they can be placed anywhere you need them.

The number grids are similar, offering grids of varying number amounts and in multiple different sizes and patterns. These are not tied to any specific activity either and can be repurposed for almost anything by either the children or the staff and parents teaching them.

Exercise and Dexterity

Sports and physical exercise are important, and Project Playgrounds offers a wide range of different options for keeping children active. These include ball lines, dancing areas with coloured points to mimic other dancer’s movements, large adventure trails and even small cricket pitches.

These are all great for mixed exercise and general health, creating spaces that might prompt children to get involved in physical activity when it normally would not pop into their heads. You could mark out areas where children can exercise out of the way, rather than in the middle of other games areas.

The adventure trails and exercise lines are a big feature, providing a mixture of different exercise options that are meant to keep children active and provide a mixture of physical challenges. They are more structured but do not have any physical barriers, meaning that they are still very freeform.

There are also dedicated designs for games like skittles, twister, and piggy in the middle. This can be a useful way to keep those activities out of harm’s way while also offering a much less equipment-intensive way to play the games (as they do not need to be specially marked out with mats or cones).

Educational Markings

Alongside the games is a long list of educational options, ranging from basic numeracy and clock-reading to science and geography. All of the educational options are suitable for nearly any playground, and they can be used in a multitude of ways.

For example, a map of the British Isles or a full world map can be used educationally, but it also provides plenty of play options. A human sundial and clock can help teach time-reading skills, and an alphabet spiral might help even younger children learn particular word combinations.

There are also sets of phenomes to help with word pronunciation, calculator markings to aid with addition, and various times-table ladders to help build essential multiplication skills. All of these can be an active part of a teaching schedule or just used on the playground as another play element.

Other Markings

Alongside the activities and learning, options are some more generic inclusions, such as animal-themed targets with point values in different areas or road tracks meant for role play. These are simple additions, but they can bring out plenty of creativity and offer new ways to learn.

Some other interesting inclusions are lining-up markers to make sure that children are lining up in the right place in schoolyards, which also act as decorations and themed elements. Other generic visual additions, like animal or human feet and tiny shapes, are equally handy to include.

Project Playgrounds Contact Details

Project Playgrounds Reviews

Project Playgrounds have received quite a lot of positive reviews for their work, with few to no negative reviews at all – especially recently. Most of these positive reviews are a full five stars, and the ones with text included have a lot to say about the company.

Joe Blaney, through Google’s reviews, says:

“We found the partnership with Project Playgrounds to transform our playground a very slick and professional experience. The team were very adaptable to our needs and the end product is outstanding. I would not hesitate to recommend this company to other primary schools”

Roz Hermansen said:

“We chose Project Playgrounds to complete the work for new markings at our primary school. I couldn’t recommend Project Playgrounds more highly. From the initial enquiry right through to installation, the service has been second to none.”

Jay Zee added:

“Our Experience of working with Project Playgrounds has been excellent. The team were extremely helpful in the planning stages, advising and supporting us in ensuring that there was a wide range of activities made available on the playground that was not only colourful and attractive but that supported both physical and cognitive skills.”

A user simply named C F praised the quality of their work:

“An excellent experience! All the team were friendly and helpful, and nothing was too much trouble for them. And our playground now looks amazing!”

Julie Read summed the company up with one line:

“High-quality product, wonderful end result, personal and professional service. Highly recommended.”


Are Project Playgrounds legit? Absolutely. Is Project Playgrounds a good company to choose when working on a playground? Definitely, if you are struggling with working out how to use all of the available space and do not know how to keep children active or engaged instead of sitting around.

If you want to know more about Project Playgrounds services, then use the Project Playgrounds contact details up above. This Project Playgrounds review can only go into so much detail, but they will be able to answer any questions you have far more effectively than this article can.

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